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Pierre Fingers UWP In New Warning Against Attempts To Destabilise The RSLPF


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has reiterated a warning against attempts to destabilise the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF), telling reporters that such destabilising would not help any political party.

Pierre, responsible for National Security, described the RSLPF as a neutral, apolitical body.

“It is wrong for the United Workers Party to be deliberately attempting to stir discord in the Saint Lucia police force,” the Castries East MP declared on the sidelines of Monday’s Cabinet meeting.

According to Pierre, that’s not good politics.

He explained that in the final analysis, the police force must protect all Saint Lucia citizens.

“A criminal doesn’t know a UWP. A criminal is a criminal. So if you believe that you can score political points on Philip J. Pierre by creating instability in the police services or the correctional, you’re not going anywhere with that because criminals do not know any party,” the Saint Lucia Prime Minister asserted.

“I want to tell them that elections are due in 2026. The Prime Minister can call it whenever he wants. So let us raise the level of debate. Let’s debate issues,” Pierre said.


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  1. Honestly Mr.PM I really don’t understand your point. When you were in the same position you were constantly calling out the UWP on every opportunity you got whether it was true or false and now you are basically saying it’s a crime to call out your administration ? So just for your information it’s not only about RSLPF. Also if you were smart enough you should not bark at a flying bird only foolish dogs does that because the last I checked St Lucia is still a democratic island everyone has the right to express their opinions.

  2. I am none the wiser. What did he just say? How are they destabilizing the country? Such grave accusations deserve explanations.
    Oh, well! In keeping with his past outbursts, it looks like he is against the ropes and trying a “lil ting.”

  3. A drowning man will cling to a straw……most Honorable PJP their desperation is sickening they have tried and will just about anything. When a party degenerates are willing to engage or write foreign bodies to degrade the land of their birth, when the leader of the opposition will leach a fear mongering campaign to undermine the country and stir chaos for political gains then there is nothing they won’t stoop to. Stay focus most Honorable, stay focus.

  4. You come out looking like the Haitian ton ton macoute and as someone said, attacking the same acts that you committed numerous times throughout your tenure as opposition leader AND during a pandemic that killed so many Lucians and millions worldwide.
    So you forget already because, because , because , ” dey attacking the likkle black bouy from Marchand”

    But how yu so brazen! As opposition leader You politicize everything including crime, today you refuse to accept the issues that plague the RSLPF then condemn those who speaks out.
    It is comical the absurdity of your tenure as PM and the behaviour of your ministers like hillaire king and fredericks.

    When will Helen have this yoke lifted off their shoulders?????

  5. Philip you need a brain scan you becomes so stupid and annoying talking crap talk man govern the country the malayway are dying with hunger under your watch..

  6. If the UWP is trying to destabilize the RSLPF and by extend your governance then arrest and charge the UWP. Why you fools like to pin shit at people when you are so incompetent? Why blame other for your fault to harbor criminal in your political arena? Come on fool!

  7. Folks, our country has been lost since 1997 when PM Kenny Davis Anthony took over from the late Sir John George Melvin Compton. The shocking fact which most people do not realize is that the homicide rate in 1996 was 8 per year and that increased to 40 per year by 2002. This represents a 400% increase. Similarly the Debt to GBP Ratio increased astronomically in that same period to little benefit for the country. The SLP government has be in power for 4 of the last 6 terms, they are responsible. You can find these facts with a simple google search, please go make yourself wiser.

  8. Why do they print these comments from the PM? Everytime it’s some nonsensical comment. Enough already!

  9. Imagine that, Pierre now sees “RSLPF as a neutral, apolitical body.’ Only now Pierre. You remember, your first order of business in the RSLPF upon winning the elections was to attempt to transfer Charlery for allegedly ordering that a note be placed in the Richfond Police diary. You remember!! Do you remember bypassing all promotion protocols and promoting your henchmen, qualified or not with no advertising of posts of interviews. And you have the audacity to say the RSLPF should be neutral. The SLP in 1997 destroyed the RSLPF and nothing has changed since. BY the way, I am a bit lost – are you saying that the UWP’s call to investigate the rape allegations against a senior SLP police officer is unjust and an attempt to destabilize the force? Mr. PM you have every right in the world to display such levels of insensitivity towards women and arrogance generally, for you are not fit to be prime minister, never was and never will. We will wrong the right in due course when you and all the rape sympathizers in cabinet will be taught a valuable lesson. And for your information, the police force cannot be more destabilized than is is now, all to your credit.

  10. PJP ya’ll destabilize the citizens of this country by lying to us you really think it will work again

  11. @O Really Jackass what’s your point ??? So your UWPEE’S didn’t add to anything over the last 20 plus years ?? They had power for five miserable years what was their claim to fame ?? What was /is Allan Chastanet Hallmark over those five years….. Reduction of crime ?? NO Reduction in the cost of living NO ?? Better health care ?? Hell No, increased GDP ??? NO, Reduction in the debt ceiling ?? Hello No…..he hit the ball out of the park when it came to that . I am not even going to touch St Jude’s all Lucians from every walk of life knows of that failure . SO WHAT WAS IT MEISTRO??? Absolutely nothing…….If you want to claim that White elephant in VF go ahead yeahhhhh we are so worthy.

  12. @Most Honorable Fool, you can say whatever you want but the facts still stand. Whatever the SLP did between 1997 and 2002 has put the country into the dark ages and I am not saying the UWP did any better so stop putting words in my mouth.


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