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Pierre Urges The Media, Saint Lucia To Pay Attention To Climate Change

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has called on the local media and Saint Lucia to pay close attention to climate change, disproportionately impacting Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

Asserting that the climate change threat is real, he declared that Caribbean people must be prepared.

“It is something I am surprised that the press has not paid any attention to, the idea of climate change. There is a threat of climate change. Not a matter of if; it’s when,” Pierre told reporters Monday.

“And whereas we seem to be doing all sorts of things, we are not paying attention to the threat of climate change, and we’re not saying to people they must take mitigation measures – mitigation and adaptation,” the Saint Lucia Prime Minister stated.

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Pierre is the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Lead Head for Sustainable Development and Climate Change.

He recently met with Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaher, the President-Designate of COP28 in Barbados, as the region advances preparation for COP28, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, in the United Arab Emirates in November.

Pierre noted that SIDS are highlighting loss and damage as they are the least polluters yet suffer the most.

As a result, he said the Caribbean expects COP28 to make a definitive statement regarding a promised one hundred billion dollars to the region to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

“When are we going to be collecting that money- if ever?” Pierre said.

He explained that Islands, including those in the Indian Ocean, are vulnerable.

Pierre pointed out that some of the Islands are below sea level.

In this regard, he told reporters that climate change is an issue that the press and the country should have on their agenda.

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  1. No I urges them to scrutinized every shot you do because you have become very dishonest and untrustworthy. Simple

  2. chewps stop fooling people with these worldly agendas. there is no such thing as climate change. We humans are the ones that have to stop harming the earth with all these types of pollution. Yall making it seem like as if this so called climate change is something naturally but rather is the consequences of mankind. Look how when there was covid and the entire world had to stay in doors how the earth was healing it self. There was less pollution and even animals that never used to be seen in certain places were being seen.

  3. “Pay attention to climate change.” I disagree. Let’s focus our attention on something more immediate. I say pay attention to those bad roads that are destroying motor vehicles. This has to be Tuesday’s joke

  4. I tell you people already that no one can escape the climate change agenda but you all just don’t listen. it will be worst than covid19 but you all cannot hear. the Pope is the main man championing that agenda there is no escape from it .those who know the prophecy we know its coming and the is no escape . so forget about the politics people because its beyond that its BIG BIG BIG

  5. Climate change. The old con global warming repackaged. Coming soon more taxes to tackly climate change.

  6. Well, come to the Environmental Awareness Club. Dr James Fletcher was the first Minister of Government to speak out on climate change. Brother Philip, climate change phenomenal is real and it is here to stay. As such, adaptation and mitigation management plans are key strategies that every St. Lucian should be hanging on to. Mr. Prime Minister, if possible request for Dr Fletcher to make that trip with you. Forget the politics, put the country first.
    Recommendation: Please try to have two national consultations on climate change, one in the north, and the second in the south. The output will be very useful to you and can be used during discussions/debates at the COP. Thanks for this opportunity given to me, so I could express myself and give my humble advice on environmental issues affecting SIDS.

  7. Another scam. For Pierreā€™s information, climate change has always been there and is here to stay. Our environment is dynamic and as such, has always gone through some sort of change. This is why in certain countries, some parts have been completely submerged, this is why some species have completely disappeared. I am sure he has heard of dinosaurs – they along with many other species existed at some time but have disappeared, never to return. So Mr. PM there will always e some form of climate change and there is hardly anything man can do to stop it. I think the best advice will be to redirect the billions the cabal wants to spend on climate change to eradicating global poverty. This will definitely have a more profound impact on the world.


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