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WATCH: The Department Of Finance Says The Health & Security Levy Is Not A VAT

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The Department of Finance has sought to clear up the misconception that the 2.5% Health and Security Levy implemented by the Government of Saint Lucia is not a VAT and that government’s tax policy forms part of prudent financial management in balancing the country’s budget.

More in this report from Glen Simon:

SOURCE: National Competitiveness and Productivity Council

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  1. Of course it is a VAT. Value added tax: you buy something, and you pay more for it based on its price. 2.5% health and securities “levy” added to the the 12.5% VAT we already have brings it back to the 15% VAT that they put on us before. Same effect, and does not take a maths genius to figure that out.

    I know we are St Lucians and they pulled the passport thing on us by first reducing the period of validity from 10 to 5 years while calling it a “machine readable passport”, then kept it at this non-functional duration while increasing its price from $80 to $250 while calling it a “biometric passport”, not even at least restoring the period of validity.

    You can call it whatever you want, but it is the same thing. A pig is still a pig even if you put lipstick on it. A crap-cake is still Sugar Honey Iced Tea regardless of how much icing you cover it with. Same effect.

    You think all of us in St Lucia are stupid? Zot moun pansé nou tout couyon?

    Don’t answer that. Of course you do.

  2. Well stated I love the way it was played out for even the dumbest amongst us could comprehend, but then again most of these Yellow Clowns and Premium Hacks are worst than Patrick on SpongeBob. Did you FOOLS heard where they talk and used the words “FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY”. Huh Duh huh ??? What is that the Clowns ask, my God Allan NEVER spoke of it, what does it mean…..I will have to look it up or ask somebody. Did you FOOLS hear “to prevent the government and county from falling in to hands of foreign debtors” ??? REWIND THE VIDEO CLOWNS. Huh ??? Duh huh ???? What foreign tounge do they speak……our country falling in the hand of other governments oh my what does that mean O Great White Hope ??? Well Mr Pierre high five boss continue to steer the ship well thinking Lucians who really give a damn about this country are standing right behind you. The notion of fiscal responsibility by a government to ensure we maintain our dignity as a country WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY THINKING.

  3. This tax is brilliant, if the VAT is removed from building materials immediately and the consumer benefits immediately. That is No VAT is charged on the sale of good to the consumer, it also means that the companies that paid VAT on their existing stock can now claim it all back in their return.

  4. Taxed to death to pay for the thieving, corruption and incompetence of politicians. That’s our reward. St. Lucia will never become a better place if we keep electing the same clowns that got us in this mess.

  5. once those red devils in power just know there is a new tax that is going to be implemented and regardless how they label it and not call it vat they just removed on the vat and put it elsewhere and gave it a new name.

  6. No one should listen to what that Most Honorable Fool has to say because it is obvious he/she has something to gain from the SLP Party whether it maybe financial or otherwise, this person is blindly biased.

  7. The pjp administration thinks all Lucian’s are jackasses.Maysay people are we a laughing cow in the CARRIBBEAN

  8. Why is it that all fiscal policies only deal with top line and raising revenue. No policies around reducing the bottom line/ expenditure. $41 million budgeted for “consultancies”


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