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Saint Lucia Close To Announcing ‘Livable Minimum Wage’

Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has disclosed that his administration will soon announce a ‘livable minimum wage’ for workers.

“We have got the report on the livable minimum wage for the workers of this country. We have that report. That report was shared with me by the Minister for Labour,” he disclosed.

In declaring that the announcement of the livable minimum wage would soon come, Pierre explained it would mean that people should not work for less.

He told a Town Hall meeting of his ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) on Tuesday that the timing was due to the need to discuss with the Chamber of Commerce, the Manufacturers Association, and others before coming up with a wage to benefit everyone.

He recalled that the government gave pensioners a one-time $500 payment and would disburse another one in the sum of $600.

Pierre, responsible for Finance and Economic Development, also said there would be an adjustment in pensioners’ salaries.

“I want to tell pensioners of this country that the Cabinet has decided there is going to be adjustment in the cost of living. When the cost of living is adjusted their salaries will increase,” he stated.

The Saint Lucia Prime Minister also spoke about civil servants’ salaries.

“We have instructed that negotiations for changes in the salary structure begin immediately so that civil servants can give a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay,” Pierre said.

“Let us negotiate based on the reality of the country so that everybody can benefit,” he told the SLP Town Hall meeting.

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  1. It’s high time they do this. Lots of companies underpaying staff and groceries and cost of living are getting higher each day.. it’s ridiculous.. I hope it’s not all talk because everyone is suffering..some people their salaries can’t even pay their rent far less buy groceries it’s a shame.. and those companies are making millions..

  2. Please do not say that we should not work for less..It is a minimum wage so nobody works for less.It has to be mandtory .Not your choice.

  3. He he he he he Most Honorable I like how you chip away at their bitter soils daily ( they know themselves). The best PM ever a real son of this soil, a black Bway from Marchand trying to rise to the needs of the working poor of this nation. Now Foreign hoteliers/politician and his Business Cliques must be foaming at the mouth they will have to pay their staff A LIVABLE WAGE after years of paying them peanuts and having certain monopoly for decades, while building their empire on the working poor of this nation TRUST ME THEY DON’T LIKE THIS. However much or little it’s a start to a better quality of life for the working poor.

  4. I totally get the fact that people should have a minimum wage in SLU. This has been on the waiting list for much too long – about time. However, after the minimum wage is implemented you must also be prepared to see a spike groceries, food etc. Any adjustment of prices will have to be cuffed by the consumer. If you think the price of groceries at expensive at the supermarkets wait until the minimum wage is implemented.

    I hope PJP and his government can be the referee in that tug of war between the consumers and the Merchants.

  5. Man stop playing political football with a minimum wage for hotel workers , construction, security, and other sectors . How soon is soon . We are not sleeping . How can you have people with cxc and degrees working for 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour when the same big businesses are growing take for example Massy with the huge profits that they are enjoying…

  6. It’s about time, let’s see how leavable it will be good luck my people God’s not sleeping

  7. Re Article..I am very happy to know that people are reading my comments.
    P M you should eradicate the slave wages immediately.. The overworked and underpaid workers of St Lucia, all inclusive..
    We deserve $10+ per hour worked as a fair living wage system..
    All business should pay their fair share of the wealth with their workers..
    Security workers
    Etc.. Everyone must be paid a fair living wage.
    Keep the wages conversation alive..
    Thank everyone for discussion of the slave wages issues… keep the pressure on.
    I endorse my thoughts and observations and suggestions for a better tomorrow..

  8. Chastanet well quiet because he is one of the culprits who has paid peanuts to St Lucians for decades while building his empire. Business owners don’t want to hear you have to pay St Lucians a livable wage HELL NO YOU ARE NOT SPEAKING THEIR LANGUAGE Red or Yellow they like every fourth night this is what you get take it or leave it.

  9. Anonymous them politicians are just playing games with the slave workers that voted for them The politicians are just puppets . How can a prime Minster tell the hoteliers to treat the workers fair , when all he has to do is enact a wage rate for certain sectors that employ more than 10 people

  10. people need to understand that this move is not for the private sector. Because the current MOW guidelines is not enforced across the board so this is another sh@it to absorb from a nomad minister. Investor and private sector can pay what they wanted either you accepted it or not or go commit more crime. The tourism industry continue to rape this Island and these clowns knows it very well but refusing to do anything. One hotel chain already have them by their nuts so we can bark all we wanted and accept these fake shait stuff they spew from their mouth

  11. mr. pm define livable wage….to me i really hearing about civil servants and salary hike e….happiest set of workers

  12. Way to go honorable pm. It does not matter if the big wheelers don’t like you for this. You are doing what your conscience knows is best. You are not alone in your fair and just cause for your people. Do it all in truth and honesty. This is the man I know u to be. Honest and just. God is with u let him guide you and he will help u make the best decisions. I know that u do not always agree to the plans of some of yr greedy and malicious collegues but pray about the causes that god may help u do it the right way and overcome their evil intentions. In everything u do do it to the glory of god for as much as u do it to yr brothers and sisters u do it unto me sayest the lord. We the people say Thank you. Peace and love

  13. We talk about livable minimum wage but is all talk. As usual the SLP will enact something for optics but because of their incompetence at management will not follow up, get feedback and respond. Will make a marginal difference to the standard of living. Happens everytime and even this is about trying to share the same pie that has not increased under their mismanagement.
    Secondly: With rampant inflation and massive food price rises in the past 2 years, even a wage change is closing the barn door after the horse has bolted. Too little too late as wages have been so eroded and there is not sufficient economic activity to gain back parity.
    Thirdly: What about productivity. We have very poor productivity, work ethic and theft in the workplace. That has to be address also aside from wages, to improve the overall economy. As usual the SLP cannot operate holistically, everything is piecemeal and the bottom line is that they have no plans to improve our economic prospects.

    You also have to address management in this country. They are moribund and very few think about the welfare of the workers, training them properly and paying them properly. They will find ways to go around the minimum wage. Someone has to bell that cat and call them out on archaic practices.
    It is a team effort and all the SLP know how to do is divide us as a people. We have to bring management, workers, government and civil organisations together and that is the opposite of SLP’s ” protect the victory “

  14. My comment was between the one@Bipolar and@Anonoymous ,it entered and suddenly it disapears,so I would like to know the reason ‼️


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