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Chastanet Says Opposition Concerned, Not Seeking Political Mileage From Crime


United Workers Party (UWP) leader Allen Chastanet declared in an interview Thursday with Good Morning Saint Lucia that the opposition is concerned about and not seeking political mileage from crime.

He also said he wants to continue supporting the government and especially the police, social workers, and others who are working hard to address the crime problem.

The former Prime Minister’s comments came one day after he resubmitted anti-crime proposals to the government.

Chastanet had initially sent the proposals to Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre in a December 8, 2022 open letter.

But the UWP, in a statement Wednesday, noted that ‘regrettably’ the ‘well-intentioned suggestions’ met with rejection.

“As an opposition, we don’t look to make any kind of political mileage on the situation,” Chastanet told Good Morning Saint Lucia regarding Saint Lucia’s crime spike.

“Sadly, anytime you give any commentary, some people would want to interpret it as being political. It’s not,” the Micoud South MP asserted.

“It’s really coming from a place of concern,” the UWP leader told programme Host, Shannon Lebourne.

Chastanet explained that as a former Prime Minister, he knows how difficult it is to deal with crime.

But, he spoke of the need for a holistic approach that requires tackling multiple issues.

“Our criticism of this government is that you wanted the job. You said you were ready from day one, and clearly, all the evidence is to the contrary,” the former Prime Minister stated.

“We are all paying that price for their incompetence,” Chastanet lamented.




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  1. It doesn’t matter which ever way you try to justify your statement if it was the opposite the UWP supporters would have had the same reaction so this why the St Lucian people need to put aside their political affiliation and do what’s right for the country especially in a time like this

  2. Ti Chas is coming off as a little child who has fooled a parent with his/her first lie to get out of a spanking; and is so self-satisfied in the belief that he/she is the inventor of lies.

    What ti Chas does not know is that most adults (those not mentally deficient) already know that it is very easy to catch a politician in a lie: You just have to watch to see if his/her lips are moving! (Unless the politician has had advanced training as a ventriloquist)

  3. I, live to see the day our media houses will not air anything coming out of the mouth of, Chastanet.

  4. Suddenly, Chas is loaded with solutions for solving the crime problem. This is someone who stayed in office for five years, and pretended all was well. Between Hermangild and him, they only compounded the problem by doing nothing. I wouldn’t even trust those guys protect my chicken coop.

  5. @senior the last time i checked demographic status of St Lucia none of the following exist in the country authoritarianism, autocracy, totalitarianism, tyranny, coercion, and despotism. so why would you want the media to stop reporting any news whether its about him or anyone else???

  6. He he he he he he he he my belly he he he he “Chastanet explained that as a former Prime Minister, he knows how difficult it is to deal with crime” HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA O God this dude is too funny AFTER YOU LEFT OFFICE THAT WAS THE FIRST YOU MENTIONED THE WORD CRIME MUCH LESS but here is the sweetest part “Our criticism of this government is that you wanted the job. You said you were ready from day one, and clearly all the evidence is to the contrary”. THE #@&$ audacity Clown…..THE PEOPLE WANTED YOU OUT That’s why the election just like the next one will be a LANDSLIDE and I predict picking up an additional seat (by Felix). The guy needs to shut up or have someone speak on his behalf…….Arron, O Really it’s fourth night pal as RuPaul would say to those on the runway “you better work’.

  7. Everything is a joke for us Lucian’s or if not a joke we take it politically. Crime is not a joke and what we are experiencing is serious. Forget about who is in government or
    In opposition. The prime minister ask anyone with recommendations to help fight crime. Hon Chas gave his recommendations. Is it that we are so uneducated while we proclaim to be educated that we make such jokes or politicized his recommendations. Whst the government aught to do is come together with the people discuss the recommendations made by the opposition as well as anyone else and let us work together in deciding which we accept and which we reject and frankly I do not believe all of his recommendations are to be discarded. If the prime minister have to reject those he knows should be implemented just because it came from the ppposition then he is not the right one to lead the stlucians flock. And he has no love for us our our beautiful Stlucia. Let us all put politics aside and work as one to help curb our crime situation. It has nothing to do with slp or uwp. And I have said it before it starts with we parents at home. Start showing our kids tough love in letting them know we love them instead of covering their faults to show them we love them when we don’t. I don’t mean beating kids as I don’t believe In that but there are other means of discipline our kids at a young age and teach them to pray and know god. Pray with them when they get up on mornings and before they go to bed at nights. Teach them to develop a personal relationship with gods. Start it from baby with them and I guarantee you we will have a better generation. Peace and love

  8. Haven’t you SLPs realise that under an SLP government, there is always an escalation in crime especially during their last 3 years in government? This escalation would continue during the 1st and just maybe the 2nd years when a UWP government takes over. During a UWP last 3 years in government there would be a decline. Besides the hard work of a UWP government, which would increase employment, especially for the youth, the politicizing of crime by an SLP government, which would appear like an outcry may be a factor in a decrease in cry. I think we definitely need that outcry right now from the UWP. Isn’t it unfortunate that the uwp doesn’t politicize crime? Let it be an outcry. They will say it is politicizing crime.

  9. @United Worthless Party Cry is needed……
    Were their cries echoed during their raine of terror ??? NO. Did your White God address Crime as he is doing now ?? NO…..why did it take (2) months (fact) after the agony of defeat did he began to address Crime ??? During the yellow jaundice did your government equipped the police……to what extent ??? NO. During the rain of yellow jaundice did your White God seek the help of regional forces to help fight crime ?? NO. During the years of Yellow Jaundice their was an influx of high powered weapons, much of the findings made headlines right here did your White God address it ?? No During the years of Yellow fever/ jaundice your White God met with our international partners, he was invited to their private residence by selected personal invite; did your God cease that opprrtuned moment to address Crime as did in the case of his predecessor when given the same opportunity ?? NO. When your White God gave the impression he cared about the upsurge in VF and seized the photo opp to visit VF was it not after PJP showed distinct leadership by visiting the garrisons, spoke to the residents and addressed their concerns ?? Now in earnest O simpleton, why should the present government heed to the recommendations on reducing crime by the opposition ?? Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  10. You all better get ready for the change that is on your doorstep I dare you to not see or hear or know … start dreaming


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