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Former Police Commissioner Sees No Need To Seek A Top Cop From Outside


Asserting that Saint Lucia has the resources, former Police Commissioner Severin Moncherry has declared that there is no need now to go beyond Saint Lucia to appoint a top cop.

“I think we have the resources here and I don’t think we need to go beyond right now,” Moncherry told the radio call-in programme Newsspin Tuesday.

“We have sufficient resources within the organisation and within Saint Lucia,” he asserted.

“We have sufficiently qualified and trained people. There may be some polishing needed,” Moncherry he stated.

Moncherry became the prime minister’s Special Advisor on Matters of National Security in February 2021.

He disclosed that he had prepared a succession plan for the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) and the accompanying training needs.

But Moncherry said he would not say that the former administration did not implement the plan.

“By the time it was prepared it was close to election time. And the administration changed,” the former police commissioner explained.

He spoke following the reappointment of Cruscita Descartes-Pelius as police commissioner for one year, effective September 1, 2023.

Descartes-Pelius retired in June of this year after becoming Saint Lucia’s first female Top Cop in 2022 and serving over thirty years in the RSLPF.

“I don’t know the circumstances. I don’t know what would have caused it. So I would prefer not to comment on that,” Moncherry said regarding her recall.

Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre Monday welcomed Cruscita Descartes-Pelius as Police Commissioner.

He explained that her tenure would pave the way for leadership training and a younger cadre of individuals at the helm of the force.

“She is there for one year, and after this year, the force is going to be under new, younger leadership,” Pierre told reporters.

He said the RSLPF had capable young officers.

“But we needed some time so that they could get the necessary training – they would get the necessary experience,” the National Security Minister stated.

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  1. Only one new younger leader I can see there n that’s Desir right hand man …..the asp that was training school .forgot his name

  2. have corruption in the force need outsiders to root out corruption example with the help of outsiders v. Fort was under control

  3. Sadly the good young cops won’t get promoted. So yea let’s get someone from outside. I propose Gary Griffith, former top Cop of Trinidad. I’d feel safe knowing this man is in charge.

  4. St. Lucia security service right now reflects that we do not have the qualified leadership available presently. What the news is referring to with regards to Mr. Moncherry he somehow doesn’t even know what he’s about. Your very own simple explanation and he doesn’t know this and doesn’t know that justify the log ahead with his own collogue. what he don’t know about the new appointee who according to the statement said she served in the force for over 30yrs instead he come out and say he would advise and support her it is like be believe he’s a one man army. Further more he is exposing his incompetency now knowing he is security advisor to our country’s PM .. bro like seriously? So doesn’t moncherry know of the sexual harassment his female counter parts are suffering, who is he trying to fool? BS mun.

  5. Judging from the genuinely honest statements/misstatements made by the Prime Minister’s Special Advisor on matters of national Security it seem most clear that the Prime Minister needs someone who understands National Security. His outlook and interpretation of our current situation does not inspire confidence.

  6. How do you clean corruption from within? Can someone please inform me? Further the definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over but yet expect a different result.

  7. It is high time you all do things right in the police force. Until you do it In An honest manner that department will never be functioning right. Promote those cops that needs to be promoted because you know honestly they need to be. They attending interviews doing exams passing with gluing colours yet the job is not given to them but to undeserving cops that does not deserve it. It’s who you know in higher ups and the government leaders are more curript because they go with recommendations they know that is not appropriate. How many police in the Vieux fort, Soufriere stations that are damn good cops working their butts off honestly. Who loves what they are doing yet every time a promotion comes up they are sidelined for others that are not deserving of it somply because the other is friend to the inspector or minister or brother Inlaw. It’s high time these things stop. Stop the unbiasness in the police force. I speak because I know what I am speaking about. I have people that are close to me that is in the force that are being treated badly. So prayer goes a long way in the force being these way because god sees and knows what is happening. If it takes an outsider without biasness to come straighten up that force I welcome it. Right now it is not Stlucia has men that is competent to do the job it is that do we have men and women in the force that is honest not bias and who cannot be bought. I welcome women in position who will be true and honest to the cause but I do not think that lady that is brought back is the right choice. My opinion of her is that she falls in the biasness category and it looks like she can easily be manipulated by others as to what we want you to do as oppose to what I know is right to do. Prayer prayer prayer is what we need and remember. Every unjust deed will have consequences later on in life. Peace and love

  8. It is rather comical that Mr Monchery and former National Security Minister Mr Francis feel they have the moral authority to comment on police matters after failing to address the problem while they were in charge. Mr Monchery accepted a demotion to advisor Instead of dealing with the management of the RSLPF. SHAME SHAME

  9. Best thing ever would be top cop from outside. With ExPats on fixed contracts in my opinion, you get the benefit of the following:

    1. Succession planning. They know they are only there for a short time and so they will most likely groom a successor to take over from them.

    2. They generally are straightforward sharpshooters who hold no loyalty to anyone outside of getting the job done. They would tell both political directorate and hierarchy exactly how they feel things should be.

    3. They would come in with fresh ears and not tolerate the indiscipline and corruption that exists in our RSLPF.

    Ofcourse there are exceptions but compared to what our local ACPs, ACPs and Top Cops bring, I think a top cop outside of Saint Lucia on contract is the shakeup that is needed.

  10. @Mind’s Eye. Thank you very much. My sentiments exactly.
    It takes an outsider to smash the cabal and networks of bad actors. There will be resistance to an outsider, just the same as with the Englishmen. Every attempt will be made to sabotage their work. Crooked cops don’t want to hear laying up with jabals and being tipsy during duty is unacceptable. Once those rotten fruits in the force are separated, then and only then, will the force be on firm footing and ready for local leadership.
    I remember during the last elections, contestants from Vieux Fort were airing each other’s dirty laundry…along with their own. The public learned that an unworthy appointment was made at a top leadership position. Politicians must avoid those practices, because such activities negatively impact the competence of the force and sap morale.


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