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Student Wounded During Attack In Castries


A fourteen-year-old student attending a secondary school in Castries sustained multiple injuries Wednesday in the capital during an attack.

The circumstances surrounding the incident were not immediately apparent.

However, the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) Headquarters in Castries received an emergency call at 4:11 p.m.

The responders found the teenager near the Castries Market, complaining of pain in his right arm and buttocks.

He had two puncture wounds to his buttocks and abrasions to his right arm and was transported to the OKEU Hospital in stable condition.

Police have confirmed receiving a report regarding the incident and have launched an investigation.

Headline photo: Screen grab from social media video.

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  1. We breeding criminals from home. Parents are clueless. Some parents are bad examples to our children.


  3. Breath of God,breath on ๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡จ St Lucia,on us,O LORD โ—
    Help us to live with your words โ—
    Show your powers O LORD, this is Who you are,light in the darkness,here and there…
    Break every chains, destroy evil and unclean sprits where it lies…

    Many are asking, “Who can show us any good ?
    Let the light of your face ๐ŸŒžshine upon us O LORD…
    Arise,O LORD โ—
    Deliver ๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡จ St Lucia,our God, strike all the enemies on the jaws,break the teeth of the wicked…
    From the LORD comes deliverence…
    May your blessing be upon your people

  4. My word this is too much! This thing has gone to far. Lord God, Miighty God build a hedge of protection around our children. Do not allow the devil to destroy them , they are the future of this nation.

  5. im a stepmom and nt every parent wants their child to be corrected….Lord put a hand or else we finish

  6. @jax you have a point there … look what we have to endure, adults have to be scared of talking to kids rather than the other way around. But realistically we have a lot of sexual predators amongst us and mother can’t care shit about their girlchild too. I witness a mother pimp her own daughter to a gentle man in Castries all for the sake of what drinking desperado beers. And bragged how good and talented her daughter is while the man took her to get KFC and return about and hr later. Mommy if you see the line that was deh, now men we know ourself… calmdown when we release our pressure..lmao

  7. speaking of children wounded that is why I will always say this that the only time when there is police around is when something happens, after that NO POLICE. yesterday afternoon around five pm two gangs of boys between the ages of 16 to 20 fighting and throwing missiles at each other on the Chausseau road. they were sending objects back and forth so much that vehicles had to space out themselves from by the Castries health center all the way past the gas station after courts for fear of their vehicles being damaged. Drivers had actually just stopped. No police presence on the chausseau but when something happens they coming with their big GONS like GorGors.


  9. I believe with more support from the police officers issues like this can be prevented. Before police officers ensured that students wear their uniform properly (eg. pull up your pants or remove the extra studs) and ensured that students in uniform do not linger on bus stands before and after school. There is too much loitering in town and they are flooding near business places like Fortune Mart, KFC and Blue Coral. We have to be realistic here the lack of parental control is causing this issue and so this little assistance from law enforcement can help correct issues such as these to prevent incidents like this.

  10. I hate when people use the excuse that bad people are everywhere so what is happening in the country is ok. Yes there are bad people everywhere but what is different is justice, is crime detection and conviction. If criminals are not brought to justice then they will feel emboldened to continue doing bad things. Now who is responsible to put systems in place to catch criminals ? Who is responsible to put things in place to make us feel safer ?

  11. This is not compounded to St Lucia alone. It’s the same thing in Antigua, St Vincent, Grenada..all our islands. Children nowadays aren’t being sent or taken to church so, the devil has a good chance of corrupting their young minds. Some parents don’t know what their children are doing on their phones and laptops and, that’s where all the informations are. They’re being recruited into gangs and our older folks and young professionals, politicians who we entrust to run out states, are joining the lodges… worshiping satan. The devil๐Ÿ‘ฟ has a hand in running the land. Parents, get back to praying for our children, ourselves, our land.

  12. All I can ask for is LORD JESUS put a hand if you can’t put a hand put a foot, if not a foot then a finger we need help desperately… The parents are unable to control their kids and yet still they keep making more, how can you explain any of this? What is going on in this place?


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