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Micoud North MP Concerned Over Gruesome Video Sharing On Social Media

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Micoud North MP Jeremiah Norbert has expressed concern over sharing gruesome videos on social media amid a police probe into a fatal chopping in Micoud.

Norbert expressed condolences to the deceased’s relatives and told reporters Tuesday that he intended to meet the family the following day.

“I know both parties – both the deceased and the alleged perpetrator,” the MP disclosed.

“Just to think of it, to think how horrific that would have been to even persons who would have witnessed what would have happened. And I think this went viral over social media. We know it can also have some sort of psychological effects,” Norbert explained.

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“Even that, we ask especially when we go viral – we go spreading these kinds of graphic images, take into consideration that you may not want to see your brother or your sister like that. So we have to be a bit cautious when we decide to publisise or publish these pictures that can be very gruesome,” the MP stated.

Norbert spoke of the need to consider the family’s feelings.

He also pointed to the need for better conflict resolution, noting that violent crime does the community and Saint Lucia no good.

According to the police, at about 4:30 pm on Friday, 8 September 2023, a male individual walked into the Micoud Police Station, armed with a cutlass.

Based on what he said, officers arrested him, took him into custody on suspicion of murder, and confiscated the cutlass.

Investigators later proceeded to a bus shelter near the police station, where they found the motionless body of 48-year-old Vern Joseph of Dugard, Micoud.

A medical practitioner later pronounced Joseph, who had sustained lacerations to the neck, dead.

A police release said a suspect was in custody.

Headline photo: Police at the scene of the Micoud fatal chopping.

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  1. Is this guy existing. Thought he was lost. Well since you have ended hibernation, let me welcome you to the real world where social media is now the reality – like it or not. You should accept the fact that video sharing has both good and bad sides. Sometimes they serve as valuable evidence for law enforcement. So cave man it’s not all bad. And who says that I or other persons who were not present wouldn’t want to see exactly what transpired.

  2. We always see the victims and their grief stricken families how is it that we don’t see the perpetrators and their families? I will not watch the video

  3. The criminals are well protected ,should anyone worry about that ? The criminal lawyer is on point . Don’t play with the criminals .

  4. I don’t know but Every week a minister/ parliamentarian is “Concerned”
    Remember Kenson concerned about noise in R bay
    KDA concerned about gun violence in Vfort
    King concerned about road accidents
    PJP concerned about almost everything that’s a topic for the day (climate change, hurricanes)
    Nw Jeremiah concerned about …………
    Just wait next week for the next concern they have. A bunch of ppl concerned and talking on a mike. Like

  5. We are also concerned about the state of the Micoud Bay
    We are concerned about the fishermen’s health and wellbeing
    We are concerned about the youth in Micoud North
    We are concerned that the farmers in Micoud North do not have a voice and get very little assistance even if millions were donated to help the industry after Hurricane Brett!
    We are concerned that people in Micoud North continue to squat and nothing is being done to regularize them so they can be given a option to buy.
    We are concerned that you the MP do not have the maturity to understand that your team i.e the council etc should be persons who have some sort of track record and can make value added contributions to the social and economic development of our dear Micoud North
    We have a hell of a lot of concerns that are way more urgent than yours! So start minding your business by addressing the concerns of the people who put you there!

  6. We also have concerns that mentally ill persons are out on the streets and nothing is being done to address it.
    We are concerned that the Police response to reports from the public are not being addressed in a timely manner.

    Say nou qu nee concerns!


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