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Pierre To Raise Climate Change Concerns At UN General Assembly

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The Government of Saint Lucia, led by Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre, will participate in the 78th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). The UNGA 78 convenes from September 18 to September 26, 2023.

The Prime Minister’s address to the UNGA will lay bare the life-altering and potentially life-threatening realities Saint Lucia and Small Island Developing States (SIDS) face as the global climate further destabilises.

Prime Minister Pierre will reiterate at the high-level General Debate,  the urgent need for the world’s biggest carbon emitters to keep their commitments on Loss and Damage financing and debt forgiveness policies to better enable SIDS to transition to climate-resilient development.

The Prime Minister is scheduled to address the UNGA on September 22, 2023.

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The Prime Minister’s New York mission also includes “An Afternoon with the Diaspora” facilitated by the Consulate General of Saint Lucia in New York on September 17, 2023.

On September 20, Hon. Pierre will deliver the CARICOM statement at the Climate Ambition Summit, reiterating the urgency of now for SIDS.

Prime Minister Pierre will also attend several bilateral engagements as he seeks to strengthen Saint Lucia’s diplomatic relations and cooperation with friendly countries.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Tourism, Investment, and the Creative Industries, Hon. Dr. Ernest Hilaire, will act as Prime Minister until September 23, 2023.

SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister. Headline photo: Stock image.

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  1. Why does he want to talk about something he knows nothing about? Because his master has paid him for reciting verbatim, the talking points written out for him.

    Shouldn’t he be raising the issue of the impending invasion of Haiti by his master (the most pressing issue in the Caribbean region)? Will never come out his mouth, which is stuffed full of US dollar bills!

  2. padna ive been walking along the Castries waterfront for my entire life. Sea level there is the same level it as ever been. The heat. Yea it is hot but… my mother of 60 says she remember the ground cracking from heat when she was a child. I couldn’t find the temperature records for then because they don’t exist. So stop the BS.

  3. This is a farce, the new Covid 19. The climate has always changed and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. But the idiots want to blame it on gas stoves, cow farts, farmers etc., yet you hear nothing about the 50 million or so tyres being burnt in the Kuwait Tyre graveyard. Anything you hear from politicians and the so-called elites of this world these days, you know to believe the opposite. Read this article and stay informed:

  4. SMH. One can swear is some new topic, some genuine concerns. The same ppl that came up with the term Climate Change and causing it, if it even happen you wanna go tell them about it. Every article written about climate change was written by them so……..Btw I wish the OPM would post the entire msg for us to read. Let me decipher it to see if it even hv relevance.

  5. Our PM seems to be paddling a different canoe in this era. Not focusing on St. Lucia and its economy, reduce unemployment, create a agri/Manufactuing economy doesn’t seems to be a genuine focus for these guys at all. All we get is narratives. Now you are joining the flock sheep and this will lead to your demise. You spoke about one Caribbean, why not pick it up and partner with another sister island to prove you know what you are about. You only wasting tax payers money senselessly which bring zero back to its people, we want reduce in electricity and water, subsidized staple food items, promote manufacturing to secure our food, pay attention to our education sector… you operate as if you’re at MGM La Vagas.

  6. I was hoping to spark debate about the most pressing issues facing the region, since PM Pipsqueak is only focused on preparing for his recitation of the speech sanctioned for delivery at the UNGA, by his putative, imperial master, Biden. So far, no one, including the chief SLP propaganda officer, has dared to take the bait!

    Why was there not a single word, even via GIS St. Lucia, about the G77 meeting in Cuba? For those who don’t know, the G77 was originally called the Non-Aligned Movement (77 nations at its inception). Its mission was to counteract the imperialist dictates of the G7 (US & its 6 satraps – Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom). It now has 57 more members, including St. Lucia, which were encouraged to join by their former colonial masters, for the unspoken purpose of blunting the resistance to the US empire in the UNGA.

    Don’t you think that Pipsqueak, as the designated spokesperson from CARICOM, would have had no better an opportunity to present the Haitian ‘challenges’ (impending invasion by the US & US-sponsored ‘gangs’), uncovered by Kenny, to the world?

    And what about our biggest local issue – violent crimes with guns flooded in from the US? The only viable exports from the US are now war & arms used to fight them. Here was a golden opportunity for Pipsqueak to speak up and grow a pair of balls, but it will not happen! Such a speech by Pipsqueak would cast the US in poor light (hundreds of billions of dollars for war, but none for homelessness & drug addiction in the US).

    In checking our local media, Earl was the only one to herald the G77 meeting in Cuba; but he was only allowed to do so in the Letters & Opinion section of the Voice: Nevertheless, his opinion piece was muted in its message. Despite its headline, ‘BIG WEEKEND…’, it deferred to Pip’s ‘climate’ speech (tacit protection of Pip?), and his pet project, reparations, while ignoring the role of the US in placing stumbling blocks to successful resolution of both.

    Just now, while seeking corroboration of my assertions in this commentary, I found an article that provides broader, yet detailed & expert reasoning for the G77 (it corrects my assertion, above, about the mission of the G77):
    Global rebellion against the neocolonial financial system: ‘We must change the rules of the game’

  7. “Prime Minister Pierre will reiterate at the high-level Genet in tral Debate, the urgent need for the world’s biggest carbon emitters to keep their commitments on Loss and Damage financing and debt forgiveness policies to better enable SIDS to transition to climate-resilient development.”

    I sincerely hope the PM takes into account the following:
    1. Bringing SLU into the wind and solar energy age – instead of fostering LUCELEC in fossil fuel energy. Doing this would surely alleviate a lot of expenses on the population.
    2. Taking into account SLU’s endemic flora and fauna when INVITING the modern colonialists in the guise of “investors” who are bent on destroying our natural environments: think “Cabot” and their destruction of the N.E. part of SLU – an *environmental tragedy* in the guise of a “world class golf link”
    3. That the PM pronounces words with “th” sound as such, and not replace those words with “f” … if you fink!!


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