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Bordelais Correctional Facility Cites Collaboration As Key In Recapture Of Escaped Prisoner


The recapture of inmate Elwin Lansiquot has been described by Deputy Director of the Bordelais Correctional Facility Mr. Leonard Terrance as the direct result of a collaborative effort expended by multiple agencies.

Commenting on the circumstances leading to the return of the fugitive to state custody the Deputy Director issued the following statement;

“ On Monday 18th September at approximately 10: 30 pm, inmate Elwin Lansiquot was captured in the Praslin area.  The inmate was subsequently taken to the Dennery Police Station where he will be processed and charged for escaping lawful custody.  At the time of his arrest, the inmate was spotted on foot in civilian wear, near the Praslin area.

The search and eventful capture of the inmate was a joint operation with the RSLPF, the members of the Fire Department, and likewise the Special Operations Response Team search parties of the Bordelais Correctional Facility. “

According to Mr. Terrance, the action of members of the Praslin community proved invaluable, and ensured the eventual discovery of Lansiquot.

“ For the thirty six ( 36) hours that the inmate was on the run, the Bordelais Correctional Facility received several tips and leads from members of the Praslin community. Those tips proved to be very credible, and allowed us to concentrate all our resources and efforts in that community for several hours.

The management of the Bordelais Correctional Facility would like to extend special thanks to all those in the Praslin community who provided the leads, who provided the tips and the encouragement for the capture and safe return of the inmate. “

Noting the supportive role of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force and Fire Service in search efforts, the Deputy Director also lauded the work of the Special Operations Response Team (SORT) at the Bordelais Correctional Facility.

Additional support was also provided by the National Emergency Response Organization (NEMO) through the use of drones in search efforts.

“ Bordelais Correctional Facility would also like to thank the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, as well as the members of the Fire Department. We’d like to thank the members of the Special Operations Response Team search parties of the Bordelais Correctional Facility for their relentless efforts both day and night   in securing and assuring the capture of the inmate.  Their efforts will not go unnoticed.

They provided support and they did so in very thick forested areas, as well as snake infested areas, but their efforts were successful and now the members of the community of Praslin, and especially Elwin Lansiquot’s victims can rest a little bit easy tonight, knowing that he is in safe custody. “

Elwin Lansiquot escaped custody on Sunday September 17th, 2023 and was returned to custody unharmed, on Monday September 18th, 2023.

SOURCE: Department of Home Affairs

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  1. Congratulating yourselves for a job well done on his recapture is bitter-sweet. He shouldn’t have been able to escape in the first place. Let US raise our standards in all that we do and become better St.Lucia

  2. So why cant there be this same corporation to bring the bad boys that have guns and drugs and do murders to swift justice?

  3. I can’t believe such a Micky Mouse operation spending so much time and energy in the capture of an idiot; it means you guys have nothing else to do; let me make one simple suggestion – since this guy saw fit to take off, he was/is still dangerous to women:
    To make sure he wont do it again – HAVE HIM SURGICALLY CASTRATED.

  4. Good job! successful recapture of inmate Elwin Lansiquot showcases the potential of cross-agency collaboration in ensuring public safety – I agree!!

    Deputy Director Leonard Terrance’s emphasis on the joint operation involving the RSLPF, Fire Department, and the Special Operations Response Team of the Bordelais Correctional Facility underscores that unity in action can yield remarkable results.

    I like that he highlited in the press release that, the active involvement of the Praslin community in providing crucial tips reinforces the idea that community and authorities can, and should, work hand-in-hand for collective security.

    However, while the capture is praiseworthy, it raises critical questions: Why and how was the prisoner able to escape in the first place?

    The Bordelais Correctional Facility, as a public institution, has an obligation to maintain transparency. Ensuring the community’s trust and understanding means readily conveying necessary information, especially regarding potential lapses in security that could jeopardize public safety. Only through transparency can the facility work towards preventing future incidents and continuously earning the trust of the public it serves.


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