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Fowl Play – Man Charged With Stealing Chickens And Eggs From Vieux Fort Farmer


A man charged with stealing chickens and eggs on more than one occasion from a farm at Augier, Vieux Fort, is at Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) awaiting another court appearance on Thursday.

Praedial Larceny Unit officers cracked the case after advising the farm owner to install security cameras in response to repeated disappearances of his chickens and eggs.

Days after the farmer installed the cameras, they recorded the thief, and officers arrested him.

The Praedial Larceny Unit has been advising farmers to organise farmer watch groups and invest in security cameras to address the theft of their produce.

The Unit issued the advice amid a spike in praedial larceny reports, including the theft of cattle and goats.

This week Plant Grow Eat farm offered a $10,000 reward for returning solar panels stolen from its Des Barras, Babonneau operation.

Thieves made off with over sixty panels from the farm’s 25-kilowatt solar field, which had facilitated mushroom production.

The intruders also broke into a container and took several items, including wheelbarrows and garden forks.

The police are investigating.

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  1. Things are getting out of hand quickly. I understand that people are hungry and hunger drives desperation but on the other hand, the hungry must learn to live within their means. Here are a few things that one can live without: cell phone, liqueur, sex and cars (use public transportation) and fast food. It cost to keep up with the times, so slow down a bit. Be productive. Grow a seed !

  2. John Snow, please! If I were the farmer I would have shot the thief in his left leg so he can remember that for the rest of his pathetic life.

  3. Some great news of the farmer. Shame the chicken bone didn’t choke the thief while enjoying eating it. What goes around comes around.
    Stealing is a nasty habit and they keep on coming for more if they get away with it.
    Not only strangers steal, the worse culprits are family members. The ones who do not ask, they just help themselves to your things. I can’t stand a thief. Especially when you live overseas, you think you can trust them. Always, they get their nasty, sticky hands on your things from your property. And they swear blind they don’t know. I will disown them. We maybe linked by DNA blood but that does not entitle you to steal from me. Have you thought of asking first before you steal? You give them help yet it’s never enough. I make no hesitation to drop those thieves, so call family members like dead wood. Stop taking other people’s things and taking it in your home. Don’t you feel any guilty? When you are using these things in your home every day?
    Nasty sticky hands and you praying and going to church. Quick to judge and point fingers. Yes I know you, I see you…..Hipocrite.
    So when you don’t hear from me, know I done with you. Family or not no one should tolerate this dishonest behaviour.

  4. @shock horror you are correct …there are some wicked folk in St. Lucia masquerading in the name of family (par bon) and friendneemee (so called friends)..the more they have and the more you give them they never have enough…they will leave it all here.
    They live in mansions and yet still trying to get more and more and more by any means necessary…trust me GOD will deal with these thieves and malvatayes …because of their WICKEDNESS…why do you want other people stuff ….WHY WHY WHY???


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