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Kenson Casimir Denounces UWP ‘Smear Campaigns’

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Gros Islet MP Kenson Casimir has denounced what he described as the ‘smear campaigns’ of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP), declaring that the attacks would not deter him.

“They want to detract from the good work that we are accomplishing in Gros Islet, but together, we press on,” Casimir wrote on Facebook.

The Youth Development and Sports Minister explained that he has owned his home for seven years.

He said the residence still has a mortgage.

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The MP also disclosed that a further loan from the credit union would facilitate renovations so he could rent downstairs to generate income.

He revealed that the investment in his home started seven years ago when he was a sportscaster and owner of St. Lucia Sports Online.

Casimir pointed out that his family knows his sacrifices, working two and sometimes three jobs to get where he is today.

He recalled growing up in a single-parent home, seeing his mother walk to Cap Estate to clean houses and sell cakes on Gros Islet’s streets and vowing not to let his upbringing decide his life course.

“Of course, the UWP does not believe in personal growth and creating a self-sufficient nation, and that is why they will continue to attack me,” he asserted.

Unlike former UWP Ministers, I did not “get rich” or switch. I didn’t acquire million-dollar villas, orchards, or property,” the MP said.

“Unlike them, I will continue to work hard for the people of Gros Islet and promote the work of my government, which seeks to benefit all Saint Lucians,” Casimir stated.

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  1. Dear UWP…..please stop! This one is outside of your reach to drag down to your level. Just quite already.

  2. Dirty stinking politics these fools playing , I have never seen it so .these people are extremely desperate 😭😭😭😭

  3. messy as much as I don’t favour slp being in power you see Casimir I have big respect for him cause he has something genuinely different about him you can see he is for the people and really working for the people and i wish he continues to hold that seat forever so guys leave the guy alone and have some respect for him please

  4. Casimir dont tell them your business cause thats how all these saint lucians think not just a uwp. Lucians are nothing but a set of badmind jealous people all these kinds of people will see you make it big and you have house and ting but they will never ever say wah mate was working hard in two or three jobs or his mother was working hard selling cakes like you said but have all the negative things to say about people. Casimir you see right now there you deserve everything you have there now and more to come. They find that you too good and have no dirt on your name

  5. Guess what ppl like me eh know what the ‘smear’ campaign is, Anyways next time u go to parliament push for the Declaration of Funds and Properties by ALL Politicians before the next elections. When that happens then and then will I vote. We wanna know how and when Spider, You, RF, Guy, KDA, PJP etc. got all dem land and houses and vehicles that all u have. Imagine a few months ago a man show me a house in Corinth and tell me that’s PJP house I freaked out. Anyways. KC am waitintg.

  6. OK – where is the news in that topic. There are more important things to report than just that pure nonsense about a Politician. If you live in a glass house don’t throw stones – this is culture in St. Lucia. SLU and UWP have made themselves not just political rivals but a life style in slu. StLuciatimes, please do not post nonsense like this and call it news. I want to read things which are worthy to be called news.

  7. Boo hoo Casimir. Now that you’re on the other side of the fence, you call it “smear campaign”. I make no excuses for cheap polital tactics, whether it’s SLP or UWP, but get a taste of your own medicine. For years the SLP sullied Guy Joseph’s name, without a shred of evidence; wasn’t that a smear campaign too?

    It’s all noble and inspirational for you to come from humble beginnings and be where you are today but the “bus driver” couldn’t do the same without be called every name under the sun.

  8. SMLH! If PJP’s wife purchased her own house many years ago as a single woman, with her own money is this also considered his house? Or are you implying that she can’t possibly have any of her own money?

  9. No Kenson you don’t deserve it. I am sure that you are trying your best. However the SLP has an attack mongrel that has a terrible past and who thinks nothing of cursing, brandishing his firearm, threatening the free press, insulting everyone and bending the truth. There are bodies rolling in their graves thinking of this uncouth terror in power. Similarly some of your footsoldiers on facebook insult everyone and are untruthful and unpleasant. So I suggest that having felt this unpleasantness yourself you should try to reign in the dirty, violent, lying mouths in your own SLP party. Lead by example.

  10. The United Worthless Party does not favor progress for poor people of this nation you don’t have post how you obtain your riches YOU DID NOT EARN /INHERIT IT OFF THE BACKS Of POOR ST LUCIANS you work hard for all you have bad mind is alive and well they even want to know how the PM have house and land as if to say he shouldn’t. Keep doing what you are doing and bring service to the people who voted for you. Your humble beginnings remind me of my own, I too use to accompany my mother to clean People’s house in the 70s she did this to take care of us and send us to school and never ask for any handouts. You are a rising star just like The Honorable PJP you were not born with a gold spoon up your rectum so you understand the ways and needs of the average St Lucian and the notion that this country is not for a choosen few and their Cliques. Some trying to equate your acclaim to fame to that of Collie Yellow Bus driver, Judas at the pompet the audacity by some to undermine your demeanor to that level . They can’t stop progress St Lucians all over are so proud of you I have read so many positive comments, /. don’t switch and keep doing the good work for your constituency you will always prevail.

  11. Keep laying down on the roads you said you foster, remember to go back there same position 6 years from now. You fools needs to change your tactics its too childish.



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