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Two People Injured After Accidents At Bexon


Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) ambulances responded to reports of two accidents at Bexon on Sunday.

At about 1:38 pm, emergency responders from the SLFS Castries Headquarters rushed to Sarrot, Bexon, in response to a report that a vehicle had plunged down a precipice.

The responding crew transported a man said to be in his sixties, who had been ejected from the vehicle.

He was unresponsive.

Later, at about 4:06 pm, a Dennery fire station crew received a call for assistance after a collision between a motorcycle and a car at Ravine Poisson, Bexon.

The responders treated the motorcyclist, immobilised, and transported him to the OKEU Hospital.

Last week, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) urged citizens to prioritise road safety and drive responsibly after a fatal accident at Dennery.

An RSLPF release reminded drivers that their actions behind the wheel could directly impact other people’s lives.

“By following traffic rules, maintaining safe speeds, and avoiding distractions, you can help create a safer environment for everyone,” the release said.

It encouraged motorists to stay safe and drive responsibly.




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  1. Warnings or reminders won’t cut it. Fines or other penalties will get the message across. All these reckless driving occur because of the lack off traffic control by the authorities. Penalties and the presence of traffic police will serve as a reminder to obey traffic laws.

  2. 3 strikes and their license should be revoked and after 3 years you repeat driving school to get it back. depending on how reckless you are found to be if you cause death or serious bodily harm to someone else revoke immediately and band from driving

  3. Everyone but policy makers and road transport officials know that the only way to curb this is to PENALIZE reckless drivers/riders by revoking licenses. Some of them only have a license as a form of ID..imagine you take that away from them…imagine.

  4. Re Article.. installation of Barriers, Mainly Concrete Barriers..
    Folks! Too many lives have been taken from the very same area.. Save lives and use commonsense..
    I can solve all the issues that we are facing in St Lucia currently..
    I endorse my thoughts and observations to all..

  5. I don’t know but something about the Bexon area roads something I can’t quite put my finger on but the authorities need to focus on this bexon area roadway before its too late

  6. Interesting the orientation of the car. Was the car entering the main road. If not how does it end up across the lane. Anyways. If someone had died u would’ve heard the one in charge transport say – SPEED. Years now we do the same thing. Blame speed and erect speed bumps. Guess what Accidents hv increased and road fatalities not gone down, so obviously those measures hv not worked. Is there anyone at the Dept of Transport with any knowledge of transport of road safety? Minister, PS, DPS, Chief, Line staff. Am asking for a friend.

  7. Not BEXON again; is it bad Road or bad driving practicing or both?
    Will the Minister wake up and make a visit to BEXON, checking reasons for these accidents? and not just a visit, but do something to avoid the occurrence of these accidents.

  8. It’s interetsing that someone asked that the ‘Minister who has no training no certificate no Nothing in Transport or Road Safety to go Bexon and do analysis and come up with solutions. That is EXACTLY the problem we have Minsters making decisions for us without any basis or form of analysis or recommendation from qualified persons. They instead rely on what fellow friends and supporters say and that’s it. A child decided to run across the road to as he saw he saw his mom and got killed. the rxn form the minister was to put 2 speed bumps to show face. Did that help solve the problem. No. Not that am saying the speed bumps are not good there near the school but…. furthr analysis would hv shown that there needs to be Road Safety Education in the schools and Policing of our roads. Anyways.

  9. When we had 5,000 vehicles on the road, we may have had 20 traffic officers in the rslpf, today we must have 100,000 vehicles and maybe 21 officers. We know officers can’t be every where but they also remind us that they are absolutely no where, we simply don’t see them unless the accident has already occured. They don’t conduct, direct, guide nothing. We are slowly losing the battle and the ground under our feet.

  10. these so called bike man always doing shate on the road cutting across people with high speeds pushing themselves between you and the vehicle in front of you riding everywhere with their hazard lights on that way you don’t even know if they turning left or right then they will say drivers dont have respect for bikers on the road

  11. There’s nothing wrong with the Bexon road, am from Bexon. Too many drivers’ speeding and over taking.


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