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COVID: Freedom Coalition Urges CMO To ‘Stop The Vaccine Campaign’


Saint Lucia’s Freedom Coalition has reiterated a call to Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sharon Belmar-George to halt a campaign encouraging people to take the COVID vaccine.

The Coalition renewed its call in a September 22, 2023 letter to Belmar-George.

Dr. Gilbertha St. Rose wrote the letter, copied to the Minister of Health and the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, on Freedom Coalition SLU’s behalf.

The letter declared that promotional billboards nationwide were ‘deceptively false’.

It said the billboards imply that ‘these poisonous injections’ are safe, effective, and necessary.

“The evidence regarding the health risks of this injection against the biolab engineered covid coronavirus pathogen infection, as cited by several distinguished doctors and scientists around the world, including data captured in Centers for Disease Control (CDC’s) Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), is irrefutable, overwhelming, and conclusive,” the Freedom Coalition document stated.

It said the significant number of ‘excess deaths’ reported in Saint Lucia and worldwide since the advent of the COVID injections was staggering and alarming.   

The letter said the World Health Organization (WHO) had declared that the ‘financially lucrative’ pandemic is over.   

The letter also stated that there is no longer a health emergency or crisis on the island of Saint Lucia or anywhere in the Caribbean.

“It is not too late for introspection and doing the right thing. We can still save lives by stopping these COVID injections now,” the Freedom Coalition said.


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  1. What the people want to know is who’s paying for these billboards, while hospitals don’t have meds, hospital personnel putting down tools for money, long wait at OKEU. Yet the ones who profit from these billboards are the ones making profit on the vaccines. This is not health care, this is profit or lives!

  2. to me in a way I would not call the vaccine poisonous i would say it worked for some and it did not work for others. and to think the doctors who created this so called vaccine was awarded Nobel prizes.
    By the way Doctor St. Rose how is your case going with the medical association?

  3. I support the question. Who has paid for these billboards. I wouldn’t be surprised if the MOH and the govt did pay for them whiles there is a lack of medication at hospitals and polyclinics. What do u expect from a minister, ps and dps who hv no medical training expertise etc. They will sanction the payment of such billboards. Are these bill boards necessary? Is that expenditure warranted. I guess It’s for the people.

  4. It’s about time people finally woke up and realized that the whole “pandemic” and vaccines were created to paralyze the world and control people and population. We are now seeing the deadly results of the vaccines. Don’t fall for it when they do it again!

  5. These quacks should let the health officials do their work. The government is not mandating vaccination. It is their role to educate the public, You have the right to advocate against the vaccine. Stay in your lane.

  6. I must applaud the vast majority of people in this country for not falling for this scam. Also applaud the freedom coalition for keeping this in focus and not allowing those branch covidians to gaslight the terrible con they have wrought upon humanity.

    Isn’t it amazing how masks were dropped, social distancing was dropped and all this other tomfoolery yet life went on just as normal? Suddenly people stopped dying from covid. Case counts disappeared. And nobody cared anymore. The question now is: why such intense pressure to get everyone to take these shots and throw all good sense and science out the window? Even natural immunity was scorned. Why? Now they’re even trying to put this mRNA into vegetables and meat to force vaccines into people. Why? People who have made no secret of having issues with the trajectory of population growth are now so benevolent and putting so much effort into making us all well. Huh? What happened to old school vaccine technology? Didn’t it work so well in the past? Why the mad dash to mRNA? You people who took those shots have a ticking time bomb inside you, that’s why.

    And for the likes of those drug pushers like that Clarke lady and CMO. More than 80 years ago a crazy evil bunch swept over Europe subjected humans to the most terrible medical experiments. They thought they would reign over for 1,000 years. It barely last 10. Those vile doctors and other collaborators are still being rounded up today. Wheelchairs, hearing aids, oxygen tanks and all.

    Never forget: Never forget:

  7. It’s understood that those billboards cost us $6000.00 per month, per location and there are more than one. Tax payers pay for private individuals to profit.

  8. In my opinion the members of the freedom coalition are physically strong today simply because their parents ensured that they were vaccinated when they were children. If such is not the case they need to prove to the public that they have never received any vaccines in the past.

  9. St.Lucian October 4, 2023 At 3:55 pm There is evidence to suggest the improvement in human health and lifespan had more to do with improved sanitation and hygiene and not as much to do with vaccines as the pharmaceutical industry would have yo u believe. Imagine living in a sanitised environment vs squalour. Which outcomes you think would be better. Moses and these guys lived for hundreds of years. No vaccines then. How do you explain their strength and longevity?


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