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Police Lay Charges In Separate Cases Of Causing Death By Dangerous Driving

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The Traffic Department initiated investigations into fatal road collisions that took place earlier in 2023. These separate incidents resulted in the tragic loss of four lives:

  • Peter St. Juste of Bocage, Castries.
  • Lucus Lesporis of Marc Bexon.
  • Joel Nelson of Morne Fortune, Castries.
  • Ericka Franklyn of Darling Road, Castries.

Investigations into these matters have resulted in the gathering of probative evidence that substantiate charges of Causing Death by Dangerous Driving. As a result, the vehicle operators involved in these tragic collisions have been charged:

  • Twenty-nine [29] year-old Solomon Clarke of Rose Hill, Castries, was formally Charged for Causing the Death of Peter St Juste by Dangerous Driving, including the following Offences: Taking Motor Vehicle without the Consent of the owner and Driving without insurance. This collision occurred on Saturday, February 18, 2023. He was presented before a Magistrate’s Court, where bail was set at:
  1. Six thousand [XCD6000.00] dollars cash or suitable surety for Causing Death by Dangerous Driving.
  2. One thousand [XCD1000.00] dollars cash or suitable surety each, for Driving without Insurance, and Taking Motor Vehicle without the Consent of the Owner.
  • Forty-seven [47] year-old Irvin Changoo of Bexon, Castries, was charged with Causing the Death of Lucus Lesporis by Dangerous Driving. This collision occurred on the Sunday March 5, 2023 on the Bexon Highway. Irvin Changoo subsequently received bail by the Magistrate’s Court in the sum of eight thousand [XCD8000.00] dollars, cash or suitable surety.
  • Forty [40] year-old Melanius Mason of Cedar Heights, Vieux-Fort, was charged with the offence of Causing the Death of Joel Nelson by Dangerous Driving. This collision occurred on Monday April 24, 2023 along the Bexon Main Road. The Magistrate’s Court set bail in the sum of five thousand [XCD5000.00] dollars cash or suitable surety.
  • Sixty-one [61] year-old Paul Jn Baptiste of Marisule Gros-Islet, was charged with the offence of Causing the Death of Ericka Franklyn. This collision occurred on Sunday, April 30, 2023 at Barnad Hill, Castries. He was presented before the Magistrate’s Court for bail, which was set at fifty thousand [XCD50000.00] dollars, cash or suitable surety.

Road usage benefits every citizen, as roads connect us and facilitate our commutes and leisure activities. Therefore, drivers and vehicle owners, it is crucial that you operate your vehicle within the parameters outlined by our laws.

Failure to do so may lead to conflicts with law enforcement and could potentially result in tragic consequences for you or other road users.

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The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force urges everyone to prioritize safety and use our roads responsibly.

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force

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  1. Good start, charge them and lock them up. These ppl does drive like they have no consequences for their actions

  2. I do understand that people must be responsible and bear the consequences but why were 3 persons charged under 10,000 and the fourth was charged for bail for 50,000? Are persons acquised and given bail are categorized based on status of the person they killed?? Its been said that justice is blind but the law has become so unreliable in so many instances!!

  3. The amazing thing is death by the usage of guns does not attract these bail amounts. Most times it is merely an accident. No intent to kill…..$50000.00 bail?

  4. Black Widow, I think that you should have just asked the question rather than go on to offer such an asinine answer to your own question.

  5. I rather suspect that the bail was 5,000 and 50,000. Must be a typo. The other 3 were all By Dangerous Driving, the last one if am not mistaken was mechanical failure, brakes gv way. There’s no way that can be 10 x more. Btw with them low bail amt. Who cares about causing death by dangerous driving. Guess that’s what the law placed by thos eparliamentarians say should be the bail amount. So be it,

  6. Watcher I agree with you and Black Widow to apart of your points. But the question still stands why such difference in charges. Particularly I am familiar with some of the incidents or accidents. A simple comparison is the charge of taking a vehicle without the owners consent and causing death against owning a vehicle and causing death. No excuses but charging a 61 year old with a bail sum of $50,000.00 Wow.

  7. Ok, there are various factors which can influence the amount of bail imposed on an individual, for example if the person is considered to be a potential flight risk, he may either be denied bail or depending on the degree of risk, be awarded a higher bail amount in order to ensure his attendance at his trial. In such circumstances 50,000 dollars for bail might be quite possible.

  8. Black widow I hope you are.a.driver, becareful on the road, mind your business and.wait your turn.

  9. good job now they will learn but why did they charge Sixty-one [61] year-old Paul Jn Baptiste and put his bail so high though, that the same bus driver whos brakes failed and it lost control and hit the lady on the wall to me that one yes the lady died but it was due to the malfunction of the vehicle and not him driving to fast or reckless.

  10. Better late than never !
    So very 😭 sad to say that no one can replace the lost of a love one,who has died accidentaly for reckless and not having a driver’s licence legitimate !!


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