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CARICOM Issues Statement On Developments In Israel


The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) abhors the attacks in Israel and the counterattacks in the Palestinian territory of Gaza. Further, the savage nature of the attacks and counterattacks is the antithesis of civilised life and living.

Innocent lives are being lost amidst the fervour and violence of the actual combatants.

CARICOM thus joins the responsible members of the international community in calling for an immediate ceasefire and end of hostilities by all parties.

The recent round of hostilities reflects the pain and suffering of ancient quarrels.

The ongoing harsh conditions under which the Palestinians live in veritable colonialism and Israel’s sense of insecurity will contribute to a cycle of violence until those realities are definitively addressed.

Accordingly, CARICOM continues to support the United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 and the ongoing efforts of the United Nations towards a two-state solution as the best way to achieve  comprehensive peace, security and tranquillity between Israel and Palestine.


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  1. and you stay silent like a moose regarding your very own Haiti.. you fools what the eff we have to worry about the israelights and hamas… they enjoy killing and you enjoy talking shit.

  2. I do agree they need to stop it but why is it people always believe when they say countries should stop fighting that they actually listen? Not now people are condemning the war with Russia and Ukraine and all they can do is talk talk talk.

  3. You know what all this violence and killing is based on ? Ancient Beliefs. Muslims, Christian/Jews living on a piece of highly contested land which was promised to them by their gods and prophets. So there will continue to be violence and death in the promised land until something unimaginable and unexplainable happens. Events like this continues to show me how dangerous and violent ancient beliefs and superstitions are.

  4. If you see two fish fighting in the water, you can be assured an Englishman passed there earlier.

  5. HAMAS WE STAND WITH YOU UNANIMOUSLY. That is what they should say…… EVERYONE IS AFRAID TO CONDEM ISRAEL FOR YEARS. What they are experiencing NOW, the Palestinians when thru this same war almost 100,yrs ago and THEIR LANDS WERE TAKEN BY FORCE so many Palestinians were slaughtered during this Annex it was brutal but back then there were no CNN ABC NBC or Internet to SHOW ONE-SIDED VIEWS and twist the Narrative to their liking. The Palestinians has been living in filth in Gaza a tiny stretch of land in substandard conditions for decades, the Haiti of the Middle East. Now the chicken came home to roost, with all the fancy technology and fencing the oppressors were invaded and attacked it’s JAH WORKS BABYLON MUST FALL and one day the US will suffer the same fate. You can’t expect to oppress a body of people forever one day they are going to rise up, you have been seen it taking place in other African Countries these days THE OPPRESS IS RAISING UP AND PUSHING BACK JAH WORKS it’s clearly written in the book of Revelation. War is ugly and sometimes you have to fight for your freedom

  6. Oh really this has nothing to do with what you claim. Palestinians and Jews lived peacefully alongside each other in Palestine for thousands of years. This hatred started in 1911 with the death of the Ottoman empire and the British partitioning lands that do not belong to them in ways that destroyed much of the world. This was further exacerbated after WWII when white Europeans essentially took over the land of the Palestinians. Millions were driven away when their lands were seized and millions more are now imprisoned in the open air prison called Gaza. Blatant apartheid and downright crimes against humanity and the world says nothing. If you suffer enough you will eventually take up arms against your oppressor.

    Politicians be warned.

  7. We cannot stop it. Prophecy been fulfilled. The book of revelation spoke about what will happen in the last days. Yet people are not uniting and showing love but rather discord and having people hate each other. So call politicians blocking people/constituents on wattsapp. Oh what a web we weave. For those of us who love and fear the wrath of God do not be dismay continue to trust and have faith in him for only he can fight our battles. Let those who feareth nor love the Lord continue to destroy themselves and promote hatred for one day when they least expect their world will come crumbling down. My people of god lets keep the faith and continue to build a greater personal relationship with God especially during these times. Peace and love

  8. @History Lesson, I am aware of the underhanded deals between the English and French to give the land to the Jews instead of the Arabs. Keep in mind the UN also did a split and the Palestinians did not agree either. It is also true that the Jews and Arabs lived in peace a very long time ago but this is not in the last two centuries. But my point still stands, these two factions hold sacred claim to this land and no simple feat will bring them to a deal. Every time the countries around Israel get into a war with them they keep beating them back and also “taking more of the land around them”. I bet they are going to deploy a huge army again and take the rest of it, this might also spark a greater war with the countries around them.

    Also I am tired of the British Empire BS. History is longer than the last 300 years. The Japanese Empire, The Ottomans Empire, The Mongolian Empire, The Roman Empire etc they all conquered and killed.

  9. Bipolar, you have Jews living in Soufriere in the bush too my man. These are good people, and they have a small homeland in Israel. Ive been there it’s about the size of New Jersey. They were attacked by their neighbors, why you have to call them out? If St Vincent attacked St Lucia I should say something about so called St Lucians?

  10. This is the end result of holding a nation against the will for more than half a century and financed by the good ole usa the same usa that’s defending Human rights around the world paid for by the American tax payers like me and you when you mistreat people like a cage animals you force them to become animals

  11. Looks like the fascists of Occupied Palestine, together with their pit-bull, USA, have run another successful false flag operation (like 9/11) on the gullible people of western countries!

    For what reason, you ask?

    To finally present a plausible reason to the captive audience, for the ethnic cleansing of every Palestinian in the Gaza strip (the West Bank resistance having already been neutered politically); which will free up access to the oil & gas fields off the Gazan coast, for the forces which have violently occupied Palestine for the last 75 years! The Israel 2.0 project in Ukraine is failing miserably. The Arabs (with the help of the Chinese & Russians) have awoken from their induced trance of enmity, brought on by their fixed gaze on the chimerical US dollar, and are becoming fast friends again. Occupied Palestine is going through some serious internal strife, and is now very vulnerable to becoming politically, economically & militarily insignificant in the region; quite appropriately. Something had to be done! A reason had to be found to bring in their pit-bull, whose only tool is massive chaos (essential for a thriving capitalist hegemony)!

    * Hamas have never really represented Palestinians. They were created by the Zionists as a countervailing entity to the Palestinian Liberation Organization. They do not make a move unless it was first planned & sanctioned by the Zionists.

    Knowing this, you can get a clearer picture of how the false flag was engineered:

    * We are told that Hamas stocked up on long-range missiles & anti-tank weapons, but did not have anti-aircraft missiles (MANPADS), with which to deter the carpet bombing currently leveling Gaza to the ground. Fishy, isn’t it? By all indications, this Hamas operation was very well planned; but they forgot anti-aircraft missiles that would protect Palestinian citizens from retaliatory Israeli air-strikes? Who would really plan the operation this way? Why won’t they have even acquired (like the Yemenis) a thousand cheap drones, with which to attack Israeli aircraft while they were still grounded?

    * We are told that vaunted western intelligence agencies (who could discern Putin’s grave illnesses by monitoring his farts – joking, of course) did not have a clue about the impending Hamas attack. Fishy, isn’t it? And even after the attack commenced, the Zionists did not react, or stood down for too long a time (much like Cheney ordered the US Air Force to do, while the airplanes which finally struck the twin towers, flew off their designated courses for 2 whole hours).

    * Egypt also warned the Israelis of the impending attack, at least 10 days before it occurred; and were completely ignored.

    The US is being very consistent in their messaging, via the complicit Jewish-controlled western media. US involvement is being portrayed as “humanitarian” – ethnic cleansing of Gaza is being done to protect civilian Palestinians. Yeah…right!

  12. I have read all of the above and sad to say, I’m disappointed. Most of you have read a bit and some came close enough, but found lacking and faded away.
    That which we are discussing here is too great & too long a subject to arrive at a desired conclusion here so I will be short. (History Vs. Prophesy) Men disposed and then proposed but failed – both the end and the beginning is right now. The History and Prophesy is written in the Books of each of the Three Great Religions; none have/will fully understand before it happens. In a couple years yet, the last Pope will scend the throne – Chaos – the poor in Spirit or rather the Spiritually blind will fall from the TRUTH & LOVE of the ALMIGHTY GOD; for they rather prayed to & trusted in False Religious teaching, same with Moslems & Jews. The war in the Middle East today is inching toward a much greater, devastating, nastier thing to come, and much as I wish I should not be here to see this, but what of my children & grand children? (Matthew 24: 21,22) but before all of this, the wiping away of Maowi, Hawaii & the Capital City of Libya in one night also the Quake in Morocco, the drying up of the great River Euphrates (must read: Revelation ch.16: 12 – 14) I could go on but I must stop here. I wish very much that you find a true Church to Pray with others.

  13. Shorter #THE FOX:

    “When the facts assail the ignorance of my xenophobia and racism, I always repel them with the Jesuit fantasies of my mind buggerers!”


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