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Deposits For Medical Services At St. Jude Hospital To Increase

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St. Jude Hospital would like to notify the public that starting on November 1st, 2023, there will be an increase in the required deposit amount for accessing medical services.

This decision has been made to ensure that we can continue to provide high-quality services and maintain adequate cash flow.

Although the initial deposit amount will increase, the overall price for all services will remain unchanged.

Ms. Lydia Atkins, CEO of the St. Jude Hospital, expressed the hospital’s dedication to serving the people of the South despite facing numerous challenges at the George Odlum Stadium for the past 14 years.

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“The hospital eagerly anticipates having its own facility to provide patients with greater comfort while receiving care. However, achieving this goal requires financial decisions to ensure the hospital’s services remain sustainable for the public. To achieve this, the hospital will increase deposit amounts,” she said.

“For instance, minor surgeries like toe amputation cost $1400, and the previous deposit was $875. The new deposit will be $1000, but the cost of the procedure remains the same,” she stated.

The St. Jude Hospital encourages patients to feel free to reach out to its patient billing service representatives at the patient billing offices for more information on payment plans and financing options for medical services.

We at St. Jude thank the general public for its continued cooperation and support for the hospital.

SOURCE: St. Jude Hospital. Headline photo: St. Jude Hospital (File image)

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  1. Regardless of how much more the trade unions negotiate for their members, St. Jude hospital will always have the cash flow problem. St. Lucians generally do not like to pay their bills. and even if St. Jude increases the deposit, the problem will still persist because St. Lucians will not pay the balances that they owe. St. Jude must now take the unpopular stand of refusing to undertake any further medical procedures, until and unless all outstanding balances are settled. The SLP will be faced with no choice but to expunged all debt owed by delinquent labourites in time for the next general elections.

  2. I think that some St. Lucians don’t seem to understand that NOTHING in this world is FREE.

    As an example the following is deducted every 2 weeks from a paycheck:
    – Biweekly payment for medical coverage $195.00 US
    – Biweekly payment for vision coverage $45.00 US
    – Biweekly payment for dental coverage $40.00 US
    This does not include co-pay and extra payments for services etc. etc. etc.
    Where is the world is anything FREE??????

  3. Wow… We need a proper formula, live long Lucian’s.. stop eating imported over process food

  4. Time to build the Modern Hospital, if the environment in that dilapidated Stadium passed as a Hospital don’t kill you, the Bills will. Too many little Huts passed as a hospital.

  5. St Jude’s, you don’t even have a hospital building, you increasing price? Who using vieux fort to make money off poor people health? So many people unalive who could have been saved if doctors and nurses really knew what they were about. Personally know many people who died at that hospital of blood clots. So when they presented, the doctors could not guess blood clot? Concentrate on proper training and a functioning hospital in the south. Your ideas for more money is not welcomed. If the government not giving you all enough, take it up with them. If ministers can take up crown lands and sell for profit through various schemes , steal millions in loan money and passport money sold on the Chinese market, send the money to offshore bank accounts, then they can afford to help the hospital deliver a service.

  6. Either people don’t take the time to read before making comments or they don’t understand what they have read.
    The cost of the service remains the same, so no increase in fees, it’s an increase the amount one needs to deposit.
    The main reason for the action is because some St. Lucians so not honour their commitment to pay the balance after they have received the treatment.


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