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Motorcyclist Rushed To Hospital After Collision With SUV


Emergency personnel from the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) rushed a motorcyclist to the hospital Saturday after his bike collided with a Honda CR-V.

The accident occurred in Roseau at about 3:00 p.m.

The SLFS responded with a fire truck and an ambulance and reported that the patient was in critical condition en route to the hospital.

The two occupants of the Honda CR-V were not injured.

According to reports, the motorcyclist and the SUV were traveling in the same direction towards Anse La Raye when the accident occurred.

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  1. Meanwhile the heavy minister who can probably slow down the motorcycle carnage is probably sipping on cognac and not giving a f. I will say again, recall and revoke all motorcycle licenses and stop the issuance of all motorcycle permits….and start again. Motorcyclists are not understanding that car drivers may not know how to maneuver when they are speeding around them. Be safe young men!

  2. Vision…

    Respectfully…the average commuter does not have a motorcyclist in mind….with that being said….a good rider….will…and should expect… anticipate…. stupidity on the road.
    Turning into a busy junction without looking into mirror is the main problem we riders have…it’s up to us to expect people turning on us….but at the same time… commuters need to drive with us in mind..

  3. As far as I know…blaming people doesn’t really solve the problem. …even when there are the necessary laws in place many people will still break them and others basically have no common sense on the road. Persons just need to be less distracted check for others as well as themselves. Peace

  4. @ Odd….right on! Also our roadways are not designed up to par in any areas. Think bikers need to be more on the defensive than the offensive on our roads. Car drivers need to be more alert as well…I myself have had close encounters with bikers…some are too fast to be able to see and anticipate.

  5. Can someone please clarify if there is lane for hikers between the northbound and southbound ? Does putting on your hazards create that space if it exist? I ask police insights and they keep shying away. Can someone help?

  6. Say the news properly so that others can understand. The suv was coming from a minor road and drove onto the major road in front of the on coming motorcyclist causing the motor cyclist to hit the suv.

  7. Take note for all you so called bike man that like to cut across people recklessly and want to always ride with hazard lights on and people don’t even know if you going to turn left or right and like to rev your engine like you own the road just keep in mind its still a bike yall have you are not invincible

  8. @Gw….i understand your perspective here but always remember that the 60km/hr speed limit also applies to bikes. How can motorist possible see sthing moving at the speed of light. The solution is clear, bikers need to be 100 times more cautious than car drivers.

  9. @Nooks
    tell them that cause it seems that they are fearless when they on these death machines and have no common sense. Have you seen them lately? and they will complain people dont have respect for bikers. The last time i was driving up the morne a guy on a scooter with his pillion passenger ready to burst his engine just to overtake me just before a corner so he could cut across me. A small scoter you have that so slow and you doing that crap with your life.


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