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Edward Says Desperate Opposition On A Smear Campaign – Urges SLP Vigilance


Dennery North MP Shawn Edward has told ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) supporters to be vigilant as a desperate opposition United Workers Party (UWP) was on a smear campaign.

“They are prepared to do anything, anything whatsoever just to regain government,” Edward declared.

Acting as Prime Minister while Philip J. Pierre was away on official business, the Dennery North MP spoke at a recent annual general meeting of the SLP’s Gros Islet constituency.

He told the audience they would hear all sorts of things about the Labour Party.

Edward also said there would be attacks on individual Cabinet members.

“They will attack us collectively at times,” the Minister for Education, Sustainable Development, Innovation, Science, Technology and Vocational Training stated.

However, he urged AGM attendees to remain focused and vigilant.

“Don’t leave it just to a handful of supporters to defend the government,” he asserted.

He outlined several measures the SLP administration had put in place to assist people and develop the country since getting into after the July 26, 2021, general election.

“Ours is one of the best-performing governments in the entire region, and you have to safeguard that. You have to protect the victory. You have to ensure that we stay on that path where we deliver to the people of Saint Lucia,” Edward said.

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  1. A child is left alone in the house while a parent rushes out. He is going through the parents stuff like protecting the victory.

    UWP is spreading vicious rumors like the roads are bad. Imagine them even saying that things are too expensive. Vicious lies. Another round of food fights. Sigh!

  2. Criticisms in the political sphere are expected and go with the territory. But when the leader of opposition thinks he has the right to defy objective reality and engages in unpersuasive explanations of corruption it shows how morally and intellectually bankrupt he has become. Chastanet’s desperation for power has revealed his relentless and insatiable greed. So if you are getting information from the UWP website, you should stop; they are notorious for sloppy literature and deliberate misinformation.

  3. Although I am an independent. I find the opposition is desperate to get back in power. Chastanet is hungry to get back in power just to be the minister of finance. He is worst than the Jews who occupy the Holy Land

  4. Since 1997, our country has faced serious challenges under the SLP leadership. In 1996, the homicide rate was just around 8 per year, but by 2002, it had surged to 40 per year, a staggering 400% increase. The Debt to GDP Ratio also skyrocketed during this time, with little benefit to the country. The SLP government has been in power for 4 out of the last 6 terms and shares responsibility for these issues due to their failed policies. You can verify these facts with a quick online search for “macrotrends Saint Lucia murder rate chart.” It’s time to get informed and take action. Let’s rally and urge our government representatives to do better, embracing proven strategies that can steer us toward a brighter future.

  5. Oh yes we have to protect the victory for you and Reyneau. Staying on the path to deliver, is that an illusion? You are approaching the midway of your term in office and all I hear from you and the other MP’s is we have to protect the victory. When you tell us about road development. About the completion of the numerous projects started under the past government.

  6. Edward, you should just be quiet about this topic. Your PM is so good at it that he forgets how to lead the country. He has been peddling half truths about the Panama Account, he lied about Covid money paid for vaccines- he wants the people to believe the money was misspent. If that was not enough he lied about the hospital and the IMPACs report. The guy is a disgrace to the nation. When will he start to create jobs and every one can decide their destiny. When will stop a dependency on the Government? After two years we want him to be the PM

  7. @ Worse in the OECS, Assuming the stats in the “St. Vincent Times” are correct, we must understand the political economy’s nuances. You would agree that during COVID-19 there was a contraction in the economy, and, as a result, most countries experienced negative growth. But as COVID-19 subsided and people returned to work in droves the economy had a growth spur and recorded significant gains. This was not due to any economic magic performed by the UWP; it was all coincidental.
    Similarly, most of the inflation surge that began in 2021 was the result of prices given wages, including sharp increases in commodity prices, aggregate demand, and sectoral shortages. St. Lucia’s inflation came primarily from too strong aggregate demand and exorbitant shipping costs, oil production, and supply chain problems. Some of those factors have nothing to do with economic conditions, such as limited oil production and supply chain problems.
    Whereas, the stats may reflect St. Lucia’s sluggish economic forecast, it doesn’t make mention of our strong and vibrant economy. As a matter of fact, St. Lucia has the strongest economy in the OECS. Ordinarily, reality does not change depending on whether you believe in it or not.

  8. Man just keel it…prices of goods has never been so high at the supermarkets but this arse of a whole is coming and shoot s#!+ about the best amongst OECS….Hawarsaw use to be like 5someting know is all 15something for same amount right in front our cultural creole festival month where such items should be affordable for the ordinary ppl…..pitbull/mongrel richie blastpheme and spread rumours for the entire time leading up to election,even then you never saw desperation…….you see the thing about the electorate is that majority of dem are see and blind,hear and deaf and all they support is colour….I think this guy should just shut his faece whole and enjoy his tenure

  9. Poor jab shawn protect your victory in peace uwp in opposition..check Richard Fredrick that bringing your party down

  10. …… Edward you should add they will use their loyalist and operatives in their paid media houses to control the narrative but it’s a good thing half of St Lucians get their news from social media this generation is different so those yellow fools have a uphill battle. When they were in power economic conditions were different then compared to now so those statistics would not be the same if they were in power today it would be lowered or worse given the global instability and raising economic costs. When you borrow eventually the bills needs to be payed and we are definitely paying now for their mismanagement.

  11. Our inflation has risen locally because of the increase in gas, bus fares, bread, the killer 2.5 levy, we pay almost four times the cost for a passport which is only valid for five years and list goes on. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that once this happens the poor and the middle class in just over a year from now will have zero spending power and mind you they are the majority. This country is failing fast, there are more persons living on the edge that are not complaining and are afraid to speak up. Alot of persons are hurting because the wells have dried up. Lots of people are on the brink of starvation. This hss nothing to do with politics, this is the reality on the ground. Show some empathy please and stop talking about protecting the victory. Or else failure to listen, election day, like Allen and cabinet, you will be shocked.

  12. SLP not concerned about corruption again. Hypocrites!
    The only thing UWP is desperate for is to save St.Lucia. I don’t think SLPs are St.Lucian.

  13. Do these politicians think that we are stupid or that we have forgotten? When SLP was in opposition they didn’t call their attacks “desperation”. They used all the machinery available to them to discredit the sitting government.

    I think SLP aren’t accustomed to having a strong opposition. So now they want to play the victim, everything offends them, everything is a threat.
    The last time UWP was in opposition, they were weak and divided, but we have seen a change.

    To the person that said Allen Chastenent is hungry for power. I say no, I see a man hungry to see his country progress. A man frustrated that our country is being stagnated instead of growing to become the absolute best.

  14. @Sumo he is more than hungry for power HE IS DESPERATE FOR IT. He cut deal with DHS, he sold St Lucia for this and that now he is feeling the pinch of his creditors he NEVER thought he would be out of office. As granny would say whatever sweet the nanny goat will sure to run it’s belly.

  15. But, but, but … That is their role: “opposing!”
    SLP did the same thing when they were in opposition.
    Do you think we are stupid Mr Edwards?
    Should the SLP lose the next election – you all will be in “opposition” – again!!
    Suck it up …

  16. Mr Edwards … that is the real world; opposition!! It is just like the air you breath, and the water you drink. Inevitable! And a must! The SLP cannot go sailing into the sunset without opposition – you all need it.

  17. The most Dishonourable Lucian low-grade!!!
    Sing fie ur supper too ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿคฃ yes SLP is very much afraid ad the Opposition is hot on them and just Only 2 seats. Pjp was in Chas’ tail Nonstop kor tik๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ˜ซ So Stop ur noise n excuse for Edward damn it!! Chad has Every right to be desperate to take back his country so pwuy

  18. Gasu go and free my goons from the prison it’s been over 2 years allu can’t keep yall promises

  19. What about the barrel concessions to relieve our people from some of this home induced inflation? When you do, how will customs calcjulate that cost? Do they calculate the 2.5 levy before anything else? I rest my case! Open your eyes LUCIA and watch your bread because perilous times are lurking over the horizon.
    Pray my people and LET GO AND LET GOD


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