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Chastanet Concerned Over Police Morale


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has expressed concern over what he described as a reversal in progress in the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF), including morale.

“I am very concerned now where we are because we seem to be going right back and repeating the same mistakes. The progress we have made in strengthening the police force and building back morale has reversed itself,” the former Prime Minister stated.

Chastanet spoke during an opposition United Workers Party (UWP) round-table discussion Thursday night.

He reiterated concern over Housing Minister Richard Frederick’s remarks during his television talk show.

“When you have a Minister of Government making the statement that he is getting information from the police officers and that the Prime Minister does not fire him immediately, it raises alarm bells,” the UWP leader declared.

He asserted that the development further deteriorates confidence in the police.

Chastanet also expressed concern over legislation facilitating Vieux Fort South’s designation as an escalated crime zone.

The designation followed a surge in deadly gun violence in Vieux Fort earlier this year.

The Suppression of Escalated Crime (Police Powers) Act grants expanded powers to the police to fight crime in designated communities.

However, despite the measure the gun violence has continued in Vieux Fort.

Chastanet declared that ‘the suppression act’ breaches the Constitution.

He explained that the Constitution calls for a state of emergency, requiring reporting on the measure.

But the former Prime Minister questioned whether anyone knows how many homes the police have searched or the people they have detained under the Suppression of Escalated Crime (Police Powers) Act.

“And now, what does the government want to do? The government wants to expand the Suppression Act territory,” Chastanet told the round-table discussion.

In this regard, he said Saint Lucia would become a police state.

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  1. The same powers of which you bitching about now. How many vehicles drones and equipment were given to the police under your tenure ??? Did you give them a raise ?? Did you even give a thought of bringing in the RSS to help them in their duties ??? Oh course not, the first time you ever mention the word crime EVER was a month after your dismissal from office. If the PM follows thru (and he will) solve IMPC that will be another nail in your yellow coffin. Man go sit down and shut up Black People tired of you.

  2. Once RF is in politics regardless in ruling or opposition the police will always have to bear the blunt of it. Because that person is just poisonous in general for politics. Look at his career, police-lawyer-minister and building house and scheme launderer

  3. Ummm … Mr Chastanet: I don’t think so!
    Next time you have something to say about “police morale”? Choose your words, very carefully.

  4. Chastnet the police moral was so high in 2021 and that’s why they voted your administration out in the 2021 general election .

  5. The ignorance of the people is amazing!
    I don’t think those commenters live in St.Lucia for the past 15 years.

  6. Why dont this ass-wipe just disappear? The same old crap! The same old playbook! UWP get this man away from the spotlight, away from the leadership of your party. He is a disgrace with no substance. Period.

  7. He is the opposition leader and that’s how they operate,..
    He is currently looking for a job and that’s his resume..
    If he is smart enough he would talk about the fair living wage system of $10+ per hour based on hours worked to everyone and then he will get the job he is complaining about..
    I endorse my thoughts and observations.

  8. Stinger I totally agree with you. When someone wanted to see the level of ignorance we have here in St.Lucia one just Needs to come to the comments here, especially when it pertains to the opposition. Pjp clearly knows nothing about anything. Please you idiots tell me what exactly has pjp done to boost morale. Our crime rate is higher that ever recorded before. Police hands are tied behind their backs because of the SLP. Kenny caused all the unres and low morale in the police force and now his constituency is the worst for crime and has been for a while. It sickens me whenever pjp opens his mouth because it’s pure lies and disrespect. Thinks he’s not accountable. Thinks that they elected themselves and don’t owe the people this country information, the truth. The nerves of this man telling a reporter “that’s not your business”, and “I know nothing about that” and you fools commend him like it’s not your country also. Time will tell. One day yall will sing a different tune when all the truth co,es out, when hard times and more oppression takes place.

  9. Onlooker what has Allen done to boost moral. The police voted against him last elections, I can recall one of the officers saying on a news report after he voted the day before 2021 general elections we started it now it’s up to the rest of st lucia to finish the job. The DPP come out with a statement days before 2021 elections stating that none of the officers should be charge for murder reference operation restore confidence. Allen thought that would sway the police to vote for him a man who hosted dinners and fashion shows for the police gave no money for police training as PM. You and Stinger can get a room an review uh notes.


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