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Youth Accused Of Robbing Gros Islet Female With Fake Gun Arrested


A young man accused of using a fake gun to rob a female in Gros Islet is in police custody.

The incident occurred on Friday.

Residents of the area alleged that in addition to robbing the young female of some money, the suspect also indecently assaulted her.

Social media videos showed a young male with a backpack surrounded by a small, agitated crowd.

He sustains several blows from the angry residents, and, at one point, a member of the crowd displays the imitation firearm the residents accused him of carrying.

“As you start smoking you doing that?” A voice off-camera in one of the videos asks while a woman shouts, “Look – a gun. A fake gun!”

The young man appears to protest his innocence, declaring in one of the social media videos, “Is not me that do that!”

One of the videos showed him being led away.

Police are investigating the matter.

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  1. This young fella should loose his freedom for a minimum of 15 years behind bar and another 10 years of supervised probation when he gets off any problems within the probation period 10yrs back in the slammer

    He is a young criminal in the making and needs to be dealt with to send the message across loud and very clear

  2. here it is, you think kids are innocent, change the effing law there is nothing related to juvenile

  3. It is so sad that some young people have gone morally astray. Hopefully, this can be an opportunity for him to turn his life around.

  4. What a sad situation only 13 years old somewhat unstable in mind bullied mercilessly at school lose his mom tragically plus sudden death of the evil uncaring father .being the younger of 4 siblings all struggling. I hope the man brutalizing him is charged and the young lad gets all the help he can get …..our young men are suffering something of the unknown

  5. Reading @Devil in disguise … who seems to know about the “life” of the young juvenile. Unfortunately, our law and gender systems have no avenue for the “shiftless” young men who fall in the cracks of our “archaic” educational, law, justice systems. Apparently, from what Devil in disguise stated, this young man is in dire need of compassionate (?) rehabilitation. Yes, what he did was very wrong, but WHO does he have to guide him? Apparently, no-one, which is unfortunate.

    And … there are many others in his same predicament, who are overlooked, cast aside, with no tools to take them off the streets, with guidance. Is there a government ministry/department WORKING to deal with these miscreants? Does not seem so. We have to deal with what we spawn.

  6. This happens when kids have zero guidance by either parents/guardian, church or society in general. We don’t seem to be doing great at this, eventually we will become worst than Haiti at the rate we’re going. Do you know why terrorist was develop, look at the core issue and you can easily define and solve it. We want to be check list to all countries, tribunals, treaties etc. Don’t you think our unsolved problems will be quickly exposed? Don’t you think we will be used as an example to justify another country plight or problems? Look at it to resolve an issue these days its either one dead or one go to jail. Easily ready to pick up a stone or wood or bottle, perhaps we need to change legislation to say those items can equally attract the charges similar to live rounds in a gun.

  7. @ Devil in Disguise (not a nice name though, lol) thanks for your perpective on the issue. Its always so easy to take positions like @ Lima bravo 1492, @Anonymous, @JDorn, @ Fast more knees and @#The Fox.
    While I will no way condone unlawful behaviour by the young or anyone else it is absolutely wrong for any citizen to beat up on a young person in the way that the grown man in the video did. Now, will the police act against that grown man or it they by not charging him encourage vigilante “justice”? Human Services Department, will you all get involved (there is a minor in the situation) or will you all continue to ignore the matter while encouraging the public to report abuse?

  8. Since you have the details concerning this individual perhaps you could reach out to the relevant powers that be to assist him

    “Devil in disguise October 28, 2023 At 8:41 pm
    What a sad situation only 13 years old somewhat unstable in mind bullied mercilessly at school lose his mom tragically plus sudden death of the evil uncaring father .being the younger of 4 siblings all struggling. I hope the man brutalizing him is charged and the young lad gets all the help he can get …..our young men are suffering something of the unknown”

  9. A father’s son was drinking his dad’s liqueur, when his dad ask him,he say, ‘not me”,his dad say :
    If is not,not me,then who ????
    But one day, the father caught him by supprisingly..
    Dad :
    But after you drinking my liqueur, you not even drinking water…
    Son response :
    Of course dad,I does drink water behind it..

  10. This is a very sad case,this young man must be dealt with to the full extent of the law because a strong message must be sent to would be robbers. But I must also add that as a society we cannot afford to give up on him too quickly. Does he have a mother? Is there a father figure in his life? If not and no one takes a personal interest in his development, then this is an easy route to take. The state must implement programs to help rehabilite our youth and the BTC will not provide this rehabilitation. Both this administration and the opposition have shown no interest in the well-being of our youth and we still claim that they are our future. Please put measures in place to keep our future on the right track.

  11. The mothers of them young boys, encourage them to steal most of them useless women are not educated and do not have any skills

  12. Devil in disguise, thanks for that important information about the youth. He needs some help. Sometimes we see things as they are and say why, but people like you see things as they can be; better of course, and say why not.

  13. Without a vision the people perish. The war in the Middle-East and in Ukraine will not only cause in the shortage of imported foods and well desired medicine, but less and less shortage in Tourists, your Hotel workers will take a blow. That young man shows something that others much younger may attempt to unleash on you. What are the Churches doing and saying?

  14. @jdorn. When Lucian’s can unite work together in unity and don’t back stab each other or wash their dirty laundry in your ear drum. There will be hope and change


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