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NGP Urges Peace, Condemns Both Sides In The Israel-Hamas War


We at the National Green Party (NGP) support the decision of the SLP administration to vote for an immediate cease-fire in the war between Israel and Palestine that is taking place in Gaza.

We also condemn, in the strongest manner, the brutal, murderous, barbaric, and inhumane actions of Hamas on October 7th when they committed horrendous war crimes against innocent women, children, and noncombatants in Israel during their raid on that day.

Having stated that, we also condemn, in an even stronger manner, the indiscriminate massacre of the people of Gaza, with over 8,000 already killed, 3,500 being children, and nearly 2,000 women. 90% of these people not being members of Hamas.

We condemn the destruction of vital infrastructure such as hospitals, schools, places of worship and the cutting off of essential utilities of electricity and water.

This collective punishment is totally unacceptable. How many more Palestinians must die for Israel to call it even?

These are war crimes being boldly perpetrated right in front of the eyes of the world, and Israel has promised to escalate the situation.

This, too, is barbaric, but on a completely different level—a blood lust of great magnitude.

We would like to also state that every Jew is not a Zionist, and to condemn all Jews for the actions of the extreme right-wing, racist Zionist administration of Netanyahu is wrong.

Tens of thousands of Israelis have been demonstrating against the Netanyahu administration for months because of their government’s extreme right-wing policies.

The continued breaking of international law by the Israeli government has gone too far. The violence must stop.

This is an extremely complex situation that has been festering for decades, with no one being able to solve it.

A two-state solution seems to be the only feasible answer. We need peace in the world.

Let us all support peace.

SOURCE: National Green Party

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  1. all you people do is giving your mouth air, you condemn this and that my foot is that going to make any headway? are the people going to listen to who says this? so many countries condemn the war between Russia and Ukraine has it stopped? these people have been fighting for years if this is bible prophecy what is your condemnation going to do? chewps

  2. @ma malay … we ALL live on a planet, and not in a bubble.
    If the NGP wish to voice their concern on an “INTERNATIONAL” event – they have every right, and are free to do so.
    In this global “village” on which a lot of people reside … who knows … someone from the other side of the world just might, could, take the NGP’s words, and use it to make peace.
    Take heart, and bear with them.

  3. It is known for years that the Hamas who controls Gaza gives a higher numbers of casualties than they actually have.

    500 people died from a rocket that the Islamic jihad misfire in their territory. (Brother organization to Hamas).

    There is no doubt that it is sad to see innocent people getting hurt, but what do you want them to do? Wait for another massacre on Israeli civilians?

    It is time to free the palatine people in Gaza, free them from #Hamasisisis

  4. The history of this conflict is known to me I read but war by those two combatants is none of my business but I don’t support it. I support negotiation and peace. Stop the war stop the brutality now.

  5. Everyone knows who is in the right and who is in the wrong every country knows who is in the right and who is in the wrong but because of the united states and the might us dollar the country either goes with what united states is saying or takes a nuetral stance just remember USA is the world mos5 hipocritical country in the world and is the main cause of this problems that has going on for more than 60yrs
    Apartheid is wrong or illegal everywhere in this world every nation of people deserves freedom and to live in peace and American is trying to bring freedom to everyone in this world but the Palestinian people is not included in that as a matter of fact America is paying isreal American tax payers dollars to hold and continue to enslave this people and that makes perfect sense to them and one more thing if Israel was interested in peace there would have been peace a long time ago but there is no reason to make peace with these people when you can get enslaving them while collecting money from America great Britain Germany and france and that makes perfect sense to them but again if America says its ok its ok no country wants to go against what’s America says so America is a double edge sword but I says is wrong is universal so what is wrong is wrong regardless what America might say and that is what isreal is using to continue to oppressi these people

  6. Let the bible speak for it self. This war is both physical and spiritual, so when it comes to Israël jews and Israélites, the Land belongs to them. God gave them the deed to that Land through Abraham Issac and Jacob. Read your bibles in Exodus 12 . Also read the story of Esau and Jacob. The so called Palestinians have no Land,.. as à matter of dact they are not even arabe,they are a mixed set of people. History.
    Emperor Hedrian in 155 AD changed the name Israel to Palestine in honor of the Philistins ennemies of the jews.
    I stand for Israel and God will have His say, God said in the bible Who ever touche the jews touches the Apple of His eye.
    If you cannt say good say nothing

  7. The equation is simple. the manufacturing of war ships, planes, jets, artilleries, bullets etc is not for lizards or monkeys. It is manufactured to disintegrate human being. Currently there are so many wars, war on drugs, war for land space, war for trade, war for religions, war for ethnicity, etc – JUST WAR. So, to condemn any war presently is just like fueling another one.

  8. @ Behave yoursleves what your saying there is exactly what Israel united states and their allies od wickedness is using to continue to destroyed these people so in the end those not killed will be force to seek refuge in other lands and once your leave you have no right to return and then Israel will just grab the land and case close
    so this nonsense this guy taking about the land deed was given to Abraham or issac or jacob or David is what the wicked men and blood thirsty enslavers like isreal and united states and this good4nothing genius that post that comment will use to justify their evil on these people
    just to make myself clear I am not advocating for anything for Palestine people or isreal people because I know either side don’t like people of my complection but that been said a wrong is a wrong regardless who make think its right full stop

  9. Lima you should do more research.
    You need to understand that Hamas position is not to get the land but kill all the Jews.
    Prime minister ehud olmert was about to give them everything they asked for at the time in terms of land and territory.
    And they turned it down.

    At 1947 the UN decided that Israel will be a home to both Israelis and Arabs (the was not “Palestinians people” at that time ) .
    Israel agreed , and the next day ,7 Arabs armies lunched an attack on Israel.

    And actually it was the Arab countries who told the Arabs in. The land of Israel to leave their homes, and that in a short while they will get it back with more after they kill all Jews I’m Israel .

    also to remind you , Israel left the Gaza strip to the Palestinians without and negotiation and in good faith so they can build their life.
    Instead Hamas took over and miserable for everyone.

    We can only wish that one day , peace will come up on this area . And the conflict will be long forgotten.


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