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King Wants NCOPT To Deal With Errant Minibus Operators


Transport Minister Stephenson King has called on the National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT) to deal with non-conforming minibus operators.

King, also responsible for infrastructure, did so while welcoming the NCOPT’s concerns regarding the  state of roads in Saint Lucia.

” I also would like the National Transportation Council to address the issues pertaining to minibus operators who are violating the laws which govern the operation of public transportation in Saint Lucia,” the former Prime Minster stated.

In addition, King called on the NCOPT to deal with minibus operators who violate the rights of others, including young women.

“I would like them to also address those issues because the issues that are before us, notwithstanding the fact that we all know that the road conditions are not good. But they must also be honest and address the issues which are confronting them,” the Castries North MP stated.

King spoke to reporters Wednesday on the margins of the launch of Energy Awareness Month.

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  1. I heard the venom and tone of voice on the news yesterday. Don’t mix curry with stew and think you will have a tastier dish. Fix the roads, do your duty that you were hired to do. If there are ill reports about how bus drivers are dealing with passengers and dating school children then there is a department for that, for instance, if you have a copy of the report made to the NCOPT then as a righteous citizen and your portfolio you can involve the criminal investigation department to investigate the complaint, that is to take a personal report from the individual and then they can decided whether there is a crime being committed or the bus driver can be warned. That collective measure will bring not only the driver but others up to standard. For me I would implement a special training program whoever wanted to serve the public transportation system whether being taxi, commuter bus, captains etc. they all needed to do this course and pass before being hire or served the public. Because we have a high degree how sexual predators driving those vehicles, sugar daddy’s and unmannerly drivers. All they care about is money nothing else. If the NCOPT is not doing its task you can easily disregard them as an entity until they fix their shit. But you as minister try to do your job well before you get kicked out next election. You might then have a person fight by the rum shop with drivers.

  2. Mr.King, as much I agree with what you address concerning the Ill conduct of some mini bus drivers,my question to you is that would you have
    ever mention it if the mini bus president didn’t criticized the road conditions?.just asking.

  3. HONESTLY that’s the best defends he could come up with??? Tit For Tat
    So all along these Ministers knows exactly what’s going on and yet still they don’t act on it this is just unbelievable

  4. Somebody left their home and voted for this man. SMH. Once again a journalist listened to general statements with no facts, data, proof and didn’t question the man. He should hv stated which law the bus drivers are violating. To me law breakers are supposed to dealt with by the police and courts. What laws are the bus drivers breaking? Where is the evidence. This society is based too much on he say she say. Btw as the minister of Transport this should be discussed with the Road Transport Board, Chief Transport Officer not out there throwing pawol. These guys are so childish, ridiculous and political that I feel I gv up. That guy wants to be our orime mininster. SMBH. NO CLASS or PROFESSIONALISM


  6. These guys are brittle. No one is supposed to call them out on their failings. They spend more time turning rocks looking underneath for UWPs. They even look underneath beds…searching. Any legitimate query is viewed with suspicion. The weight of the victory will definitely break their backs. It’s time for those ministers to saddle up, take the public responsibility seriously because they are being paid.

    If King knew that laws were being violated through acquiescence of NCOPT, he should have stood up earlier. If drivers are having illicit relationships with underage students, he is late speaking. This new confrontation is sickening…enough to cause a bowel movement. All the public is asking of King is to fix up duh roads. If he has any knowledge of illegal activities, report them to the police. His silly ransom game is too obvious.

  7. You doh think we should also come up with something to deal with errant and underperforming Ministers…

  8. I remember years ago listening to King give a speech. Was initially impressed then I realized he was regurgitating well worn talking points- but saying absolutely nothing. A lodmouth buffoon.
    We look at the complaints about him from BOTH parties: lazy, accomplishes nothing, just waiting for opportunities to advance himself.
    He has overseen the destruction of road surfaces while in both parties. The only reason road rehabilitation worked under the UWP is that other Ministers FORCED him to fix the roads, even as he was trying to sabotage the UWP efforts. Under the SLP they have no control over him and Fredericks so his incompetence is glaringly obvious and our people suffer even as we pay enormous taxes on gas.

    Recently and as always, when his ineptitude is too much to take he wakes his obese form from its slumber to issue press releases and give speeches, hoping his glib tongue can bail him out of trouble.

    Why oh why is it that the Castries Basin produces and votes for such vulgarity, incompetence, immorality and bottom feeding dregs of humanity? A question I often ask.

  9. @Poule Foo may be we should ask him what was his relation with the group of young girls he used to bring to Club Med for dinner in the early nineties? if he says it was just friendship well I guess the bus drivers can say the same.

  10. He did not accomplished anything after the late Sir John Compton handed him the Prime Minister’s position on a Silver Platter So please don’t expect too much from this guy.

  11. King is a fellow who has gotten away with chatting a good yarn and being able to regurgitate well worn phrases to SOUND like he knows what he is doing.
    The reality is he is a lazy obese self absorbed character always looking for the easy way to make it better for himself while messing up Lucians.
    A co.pkete joje and embarrassment as a Prime Minister, a snake in the last UWP Administeation who worjed against rhat government even during Covid. Treasonous behaviour that we do not understand is horrible!
    Now because of his incompetence in fixibg riads he has to attack the messenge to cover his tracks
    Itvactually is quite amusing and almost laughable when you think that people actually got excited about this clown and went out to vote for him. Where are you now – are things better dir you


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