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WATCH: Pierre Announces SLP ‘March Of Marches’ To Support The Government


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has announced plans for a ‘people’s march’ in Castries for the government of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

“I am calling on the troops of the Saint Lucia Labour Party to take to the streets to support the government of the Saint Lucia Labour Party,” Pierre declared to applause.

He spoke at an SLP event in Laborie on Sunday.

“Let us run the country in peace and quiet,” the Castries East MP told the Labour Party faithful.

Section of audience at Laborie meeting.

“Because if they want to see demonstration, next year – next year, we are going to have a people’s march for the government of the Saint Lucia Labour Party. You agree with me?” He said to a vocal audience.

Pierre said it would be a ‘march of marches’.

“You know, we have remained quiet. We have remained silent. They continue to abuse us. They continue to lie on us. They continue to denigrate us. They continue to say the worse things about us,” the SLP leader stated, in reference to the opposition.

“But I will tell you something. We are going to show them that the people of Saint Lucia are labour and the people of Saint Lucia are happy with the government of the Saint Lucia Labour Party,” Pierre revealed.

He said next year, before independence, the SLP will have a march in Castries.

“We have to protect the victory because if we do not protect the victory we are going to go back, back, back to where we were when the United Wreckers of the Poor were in power,” Pierre stated.

He told SLP supporters they have nothing to be ashamed of in the current administration.

Pierre said it was the hardest time ever to govern a country in recent world history, as circumstances in the outside world negatively impacted Saint Lucia.

The SLP leader explained that the situation required fortitude, strength, and thinking to take Saint Lucia out of the waters in which it found itself.

Pierre noted that the world was now on the brink of disaster due to the Hamas-Israel conflict.

He warned that should that situation escalate, added to the Panama Canal drought affecting the passage of ships, the supply chain would experience more problems.

“You know what will happen to us? The cost of goods will increase in a way that we have never seen it before. And what control do we in Saint Lucia have on that?” Pierre asked.

Nevertheless, he observed that ‘these destabilisers’ and jealous, angry people cannot understand that they have lost the general election and speak ‘so much nonsense’.

Pierre, responsible for Finance, outlined several measures his administration had implemented to cushion the cost of living increase, including removing VAT on sanitary products.

However, he said the opposition complained when the government implemented the measures.

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  1. To have to go through this shows a high level of insecurity. SLPee is garbage. UWPwee is zordi. We’re doomed either way.

  2. Pierre, are you trying to maximize the little brain power that you have in your head. You can only fool some people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all time. I suggest you sit your ass and try to lead the country. We are tired of your games – this time we will say NO.
    In case you are not aware, here are the sad situations in SLU. The drivers are complaining about the roads, the 2.5% tax has not found a home in SLU. The people are vex about it. There is price gouging and you want to disguise yourself and trying to get the people to blame – Massy. There are no jobs – you have been promoting youth economy with no results. Shortage of foods are on the horizon which will eventually end up in starvation. Security is at its lowest. Everyone is at the mercy of the criminals. I wonder who is the minister of security. Corruption is a word used everyday to describe your cabinet. You have Richard Frederick who continues to insult and degrade women on his show while he works with you from your office. Pierre, please I am finding it so difficult to use the word “ honourable” to describe your cabinet. These are just dudes who do not act honourably.

  3. Are you governing or campaigning? I have never seen this happen in the history of St. Lucia. You won the elections 15-2 and you guys are marching because of………
    Please do not insult our intelligence!

  4. Yes all our goods pass through the Panama Canal. Wowwww!
    In this age where information is at our finger tips. Mwen

  5. That’s all you have done since July 2021. PROTECT THE VICTORY. When will you begin to put people back at work? When will you help cushion the impact of high cost of living on those who gave you the victory? When will you put your negotiating team in place to give your supporters a salary increase? When will you develop strategies to fight crime, so that we who voted for you could stop living in fear? These and many other things you should be doing instead of PROTECTING THE VICTORY FOR A FEW

  6. Yes I voted for that fool of a PM but it’s time he is forced out of office. Imagine after two years in government, the man has not realized that his political party is the one governing. Once that man opens his mouth is Shhhhhit alone that’s coming out. What a disgrace to Saint Lucia.

  7. I think there should be term limits and age limits for politicians.
    I think power has gotten to PJP head or
    He delusional.
    I don’t think he sees past Marchand Boulevard. As a PM u thinking of hvn a march to prove that ppl support the govt. I think the Labour Hacks ALL support their party. Not sure if they support the policies u implementing etc. ANYWAYS. U are the PM DO as u please. Btw if u all pay me like election day ill come with my boys and march. Just saying

  8. So it is everyone’s problem but not the SLP government of St Lucia.
    Inflation killing us. Food prices, gas prices, doctors bills, lawyers fees, bus fares school fees and books propane gas- salaries cannot stretch to cover all these bills.
    You so incompetent you reach out now to Hamas and Panama Canal to cover your mismanagement. You a likkle boy playing in a big man world.
    Nothing you said there is aboul we the people. Everything is about ‘protecting the victory’ and taking care of yourselves.
    You have not mentioned the suffering people. Everything you said is about how hard things going to be in the future, but you have no answers.
    But you will find $200,000 to pay for buses and food and drinks and posters and banners and sound systems for a big march. The people should kick you out as soon as possible!

  9. I was born and raised in laborie never heard laborie was a country..Pierre going and demonstrate I don’t know why Pierre is a pm..I’m so ashamed I’m a st.lucian under that jocker

  10. That fool of a PM would do well to focus his energy of sorting out the mess the country is currently in rather than organising marches. Pierre what are you marching for? Do you not know that you are the one in government?
    How is marching going alleviate the plight of St. Lucian’s?

  11. Richard says on his show last Thursday, he will call a march to support the policies of the government. Threatened to just announce the march if they did not agree to it. Two days later, PJP says he will have a march. It’s not an easy road when you make deals with the devil!

  12. This is how the kids in politics behave, he want to compete with the uwpee as well. If you say you doing good why begged people to go to the streets to praise you, that’s a sign of weakness already. From inside information there are log ahead already with certain minister. When the rotten eggs were in UWP they jump ship, the party that becomes a safe heaven for Criminals, jumping ship to hide the impact report and fostering unprecedent crime to distort the focus on the impact report. I felt let down by voting for them, Car-sin already digging a hole for himself.

  13. Continue to patronize the voters of saint Lucia. All you ever do Pierre is quarelling. You have no idea what you are doing. You are grossly incapable of running an office far less a country.
    The clueless PM . I regret 100% I voted for you but will never make that mistake again. In fact I want you to be forced out of office. You incompetent as well as your ministers especially King the Lazy roller. Get out get out dammit

  14. @Arron Arrogance and the Rest of you YELLOW FOOLS this is NOT A MARCH OF PROTEST; to protest what ??? This is a MARCH OF SUPPORT and rightfully so. Against all odds that’s facing the world since Covid 19 and the many downturns and FISCAL MISMANAGEMENT by the WHITE GOD of the UWP this PM has been able to keep St Lucia in the Black and NOT in the Red and he should be commended for it. We are a tick tack in a whale’s mouth the White God of the UWP thinks he could “cushion” the blow of inflation with what when our dependency on foreign goods are so high. I often wonder is St Lucians pay attention to the external forces outside of St Lucia that’s influencing our food security and day to day living ?? Based on most of the comments here most have their heads up their ass and have no idea about as the world turns. I am just hoping the way things are going NOW next year this time flights will still be landing with the hope they are not a occupying force. Touch choices has to be made, and I don’t see 200.000 for bus ride rallies not under this PM. December 1st USD$ 5000000 INTEREST ONLY payment is due on that USD$ 100.000000 the WHITE GOD took out on our heads, no chat about that. USD$70000000 million for vaccine purchase 7+5 and we are talking US not EC. This PM has been able to take 3 fish 5 loafs and has been feeling the multitude while balancing the books and running this country and this is worth marching for.

  15. Mr.Pierre is that a way to validate if the electorates are still with you. Let me remind you there is an easier way to get this done. First, look at the Sunday meetings your party has been hosting. There is enough evidence to show that you have chased your supporters away. They are no longer interested in listening to what you have to say anymore.

    You need to lead the country and not campaign. This is actually for the opposition to do. At this point come host an address to the nation. Tell us about the economic status of the country and what are the expectation for the upcoming months. Instead, you seem to be in a campaigning mode. Is that a sign that election is next year as some other Caribbean nations did before you.
    The people are tired, hungry, disappointed, crying and you do not seem to really care about those signs. All you are concern about is the “Victory.” You are given a mandate of 15-2 and yet you are still fighting the opposition. This is such a big mistake to put you in charge of the country. Even your supporters cannot defend you anymore

  16. This is really an unfortunate development that can in the long run spell disaster for St. Lucia. I have always known in democracies; opposition parties use things like marches to score points while the governing party work to score points. Opposition parties have always organized marches. Even during covid, the SLP under the leadership of Mr. Pierre organized marches. I have noticed that the SLP organizes counter marches every time the UWPs are by parliament taking their stand. Now the governing party wants to organize a march in response to the opposition march.
    We all know that these marches and counter marches eventually will lead to clashes and create more division and indiscipline in the country. I hope Mr. Pierre will be ready to take responsibility.
    This stupidity tells me that it is a waste of time voting and after 2021, i should not do that again.

  17. Anytime a leader/manager/supervisor has to remind those he/she leads who is ‘in charge,’ that is a sign a very weak leader.

    The little respect that individual gets it’s only because of the title and not the person/individual him/herself.

    It is wise for the man/woman to know, he/she that is given much, awhole lot more is expected.

    Everything or everyone else is/are always the problem when our incompetences are exposed.

    So Adam blamed Eve, naturally Eve blamed the devil and the devil blamed God…

    On Faire Helen, it’s covid, inflation, the wars, canals, rainy season, dry season, politics, UWPs, Opposition Leader, contractors, supply chain issues, and on and on…

    ‘Stupid is, what stupid is,’ Forest Gump.


  19. The hardest time to have to govern the country was during Covid .ed.. and UWP achieved an A+ for this.

    Go fixed our roads and reduce the economic pressure on the citizens of this country.

    The mini bus drivers , consumes, commuters, nurses and doctors of the south and auxiliary staff should be the ones matching. SLP is SHIT.

  20. What is the match for when people are dying of respiratory issues plus other issues such as abolishing the Slave wages Systems and enact the living wage system..
    Sir please stop and examine the prioties of the St Lucian people and stop ignoring your voters and the people of St Lucia…I understand your motives, but, have some empathy towards the people of St Lucia…
    I endorse my thoughts and observations

  21. As much as I am a supporter of the UWP, I am a St.Lucian first; and I wish prosperity for my country regardless of which party is governing. But PJP is clueless and he is leading our countries St.lucia and Laborie down the path of destruction.
    I still hold Alva Baptist and Shawn Edward in high regards ( they seem to be the only level headed ones left); I call on them to keep their boss in check. Let him know that the elections have been won. Get out of campaign mode and start letting your work speak for itself.

  22. @ Anonymous you told “@Arron Arrogance and the Rest of you YELLOW FOOLS this is NOT A MARCH OF PROTEST” but “This is a MARCH OF SUPPORT”. Wow!!!! When a ruling party must call for a march of support, it suggests to me that things are really bad and the government is unsure about its support.

  23. When will this little boy of a PM realize that he’s in government. You and your cabal are only good in opposition and that’s where you belong. We have the worst road network in history
    , the highest price of food and gas and everything else. No/very little tourists coming to sustain the economy, no St Jude’s hospital, the most corrupt government in history in spite of what they told us in opposition, education is a mess, healthcare is a non issue, crime is rampant with no help in sight , have t created no jobs for the people among the many issues and you want to talk about demonstrating. I suggest, if you can’t govern please call election for us to put you back in opposition where you belong.

  24. Idiocy at its most genuine. The election and re-election of temporary governments every five years stifles growth and development while reinforcing the appointment to office of visionless nincompoops. St.Lucia is too small, too poor and too backward to be led by clueless idiots who are unable to put together a cohesive development plan for the future of the country and its people. Our Prime Minister should step down. This guy is a genuine disaster.


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