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CARICOM Group Ends Third Visit To Haiti, Says The Country ‘Continues To Hurt’


The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Eminent Persons Group (EPG) recently ended its third visit to crisis-ridden Haiti, declaring that the country ‘continues to hurt’, and pledging to provide a draft framework of accord for consideration by the country’s stakeholders.

The EPG, led by former Saint Lucia Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony, also includes former Bahamas and Jamaica Prime Ministers Perry Christie and Bruce Golding.

CARICOM appointed the EPG to ‘ initiate and oversee the Community’s provision of Good Offices support in designated priority areas.’

Those areas included security, governance, the electoral process, and long-term development planning and advocacy.

The EPG would also liaise with key international partners and agencies.

A statement on the Group’s third visit to Haiti appears below:

Haiti continues to hurt. The cycle of depredations and violence of the armed gangs continues, expanding to new areas and adding to the already high number of victims.

The political actors, fully aware of this dire reality, continue their zero-sum approach to the efforts to reach an agreement that would bring an end to the protracted political deadlock, opening the way to address the other facets of the crisis.

The Eminent Persons Group (EPG) of CARICOM carried out their third visit to Haiti on 8-14 November 2023.

They were buoyed initially by the prospects raised by information that tentative agreement had been reached on some critical areas of convergence following concessions made by Prime Minister Henry during informal discussions, led by a facilitator, which had taken place during their absence.

The EPG sought to build on these points of agreement with regard to transitional governance arrangements for free and fair elections.

These points included the widening and strengthening of the attributes of the High Transition Council to bring about a better balance of executive power, the composition of the Provisional Electoral Council, the designation of a body to oversee government action, and the establishment of an inclusive goverment of national unity.

It was immediately apparent in the course of the EPG’s discussions that the earlier intransigent position of some sections of the opposition group insisting on the resignation of the Prime Minister as a pre-condition for meaningful discussions still prevailed.

The governance concessions the Prime Minister was willing to make were brushed aside, perceived as an effort to prolong his tenure.

Based on the encouraging responses of stakeholders to a proposal made by the EPG in the course of the engagements, the Group will provide a draft framework of accord for their consideration and discussion that takes into account the points the stakeholders have raised in the course of these engagements.

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  1. Some of these folks went to reload their voodoo powers. Remove that evil statue in Vieux Fort square and maybe things will change down there.

  2. The headline for this article, CARICOM Group Ends Third Visit To Haiti, Says The Country ‘Continues To Hurt’, could very easily & accurately be changed to, CARICOM Group Ends Third Visit To Haiti, Says ‘Water Is Wet’!

    No matter how many times these 3 stooges are labeled an “Eminent Group”, they will still be nothing but “house n1gg@$” to their master, Uncle Sam, who has continuously hurt Haitian people for more than 100 years! Every word uttered by these “house boys” is ‘quid pro quo’ for the legal (Anthony & Christie) & consultancy services (Golding) rendered to the Clinton Foundation (Clinton being the viceroy of Haiti). No bigger sell-outs exist in the struggle against neo-colonialism in the Caribbean!

    Let’s unpack the key points in their statement:
    -The armed gangs are funded by the CIA to create chaos in Haiti, and provide a pretext for another US invasion of Haiti (led by black faces from Kenya), this time to extract Haiti’s newly-discovered natural resources for US oligarchs. The origins and funding of these armed gangs is a well-known fact by Haitian nationals, who see through this diabolical ruse; after all, they know the history of the Duvaliers & the ‘ton-ton macoutes’ who existed only to do the direct bidding of their US masters.

    -The protracted political deadlock cited by the 3 stooges (Kenny, Perry & Bruce) is a direct result of the usurpation of Haitian sovereignty via the installation of the un-elected Prime Minister. The persistent resistance to US machinations, was born out of the 13-year revolution against France, is described as intransigence by these “educated fools”!

    -Of what consequence are any concessions from the US-installed usurper, Henry, which do not include his immediate removal? The US is world-renown as completely agreement-incapable! Haitians have a century-long, first-hand history of US perfidy in their nation.

    -And what of these stakeholders who provided encouraging responses to proposals from the US via their 3 errand boys? Clearly, they did not include any Haitian nationals who refuse to sell their patrimony for a “pottage of stew.”

    This whole charade in Haiti is but a small part of the US empire’s desperate attempt to retain hegemony in the region, now that it is being exposed as a paper tiger around the rest of the world. It is quite shameful that CARICOM officials who profess to be eminent intellectuals, continue to be devious agents of a country ruled by reptilian, demented oligarchs.

  3. Lots of food for thought @Nudge. HItting hard!
    But why KDA from St Lucia? Where the populace is also “hurting”?
    I cannot for the life of me, fathom the logic ….

  4. As a professional mendicant, the only hurt Kenny wants to ameliorate is the hurt to his pockets…as any other politician who belongs to the duopoly which participates in the game of electoral musical chairs (what passes for democracy) every 5 years.

    The hurt suffered by the electorate in the preceding 5 years is temporarily eased by consuming a free shot of white rum & a chicken leg, generally on offer as incentive to vote for the party official offering the palliative!


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