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UWP Accuses House Speaker Of Attempting To Suppress Parliamentary Transparency


Press Release:- To the surprise and disgust of many Saint Lucians, Speaker Claudius Francis has announced intentions to potentially cease live coverage of the sessions of Parliament.

In this modern age, live coverage gives the public the opportunity to engage in the democratic process and to hear robust debate on the issues and the thinking behind decisions made on their behalf.

This regressive move by the Speaker is a blatant attack on transparency and democracy.

Such a decision raises serious concerns about the government’s commitment to an open and accountable democratic process.

Live coverage of parliamentary proceedings, a standard practice throughout the democracies of the Commonwealth and other legislative bodies around the world, serves as a vital channel for citizens to hear and understand the complexities of the issues and the rationale behind the legislative decisions that shape our nation.

Speaker Francis’ attempt to restrict this access undermines the very principles upon which our democracy stands.

This move is perceived by many as an effort to shield government members and to stifle the voice of the Opposition Leader whose duty it is to raise questions and offer opinions on the legislation at hand.

Transparency is the cornerstone of a healthy democracy and any attempt to manipulate or control the flow of information compromises the public’s right to know.

We, as advocates for a robust and transparent democracy, strongly condemn Speaker Claudius Francis’ proposed restriction on live coverage of Parliament sessions.

The citizens of Saint Lucia deserve an open and accountable government that respects the democratic values we hold dear.

Furthermore, the loud, disturbing, cross- talk emanating from the government side and clearly heard throughout the sessions is cause for concern.

The government members are clearly heard shouting across the Parliamentary divide with little admonition from the Speaker. It leaves the public to wonder whether the Speaker is able to effectively control the House.

Rather than contemplating the curtailment of Parliamentary broadcast, the Speaker should instead focus on his duty of maintaining order in the House.

SOURCE: United Workers Party

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  1. Where were all those transparency from 2016 to 2021. Have we forgotten we couldn’t pass by the,House of Parliament. Have we forgotten the Horns/Speaker’s were removed from the building .How about the presence of the, Police Special Services Unit with the long gun. The speaker has not abuse any authority,all he said is that he will make a decision on Friday.
    We all saw what manifested in the, Parliament on Tuesday. What example is the leader of opposition setting for our young children who are watching. Is he a god above us all.
    The leader of the opposition continues to abuse people and his authority.We all saw what he did to; Theodore John,Andy Daniel and now Mr.Francis,can we all this to continue. Many media personnel were insulted and abuse in the like manner,he needs to stop.

  2. A short commentary on quotes in this press release:

    “In this modern age, live coverage gives the public the opportunity to engage in the democratic process and to hear robust debate on the issues and the thinking behind decisions made on their behalf”

    Indeed what the public is ROBUST DEBATE ON ISSUES. However this is NOT what the LOO engages in when he comes to the house.

    “The citizens of Saint Lucia deserve an open and accountable government that respects the democratic values we hold dear.”

    St Lucians agree 100%, that’s why SLP is now in office. Too many instances of DISRESPECT OF THE CONSTITUTION by the last Government.

    “The government members are clearly heard shouting across the Parliamentary divide”

    On Wednesday’s NML, Rick just said that’s what is expected in Parliament.

    “We, as advocates for a robust and transparent democracy…”

    That’s NOT a description of your party. The electorate came to that conclusion at the 2021 election.

    “Furthermore, the loud, disturbing, cross- talk”

    I watched Dominic Fedee and Guy Joseph as champions of this activity in the 2016-2021 Parliament.

    “Rather than contemplating the curtailment of Parliamentary broadcast,”

    This is exactly what Speaker Francis did when he removed the barriers and restored the loud speakers outside the house.

    There are too many quotes to challenge…. I give up

  3. Chas, you are having Lucians to turn against UWP. You are a poor person in thinking, you seem to have forgotten how you dealt with St. Lucians during your term in office. Your advisors are doing a bad job fire them.
    Another thing we need TRUTHS not lies.

  4. @John Cepal. Tell me, how did Chastenent deal with St.lucians? People like you just repeat what they hear, you are not capable of thinking for yourself. Keep your uninformed opinions for the cabaway.

  5. You know there is an old saying when you are unfit to fill a position and you were giving it regardless of whether you are capable or not or trying to attempt to play your part. This house speaker is a define character of such person. Whether qualified or not he is just incapable in every degree of angle you look at it. Being an SLP or UWP or father to this gentleman I’ll confess and say that is not for you, leave it regardless of how much you get… It’s just not for you.. that position eff ehhh! Nada, no, panipess likkle blk boy.

  6. Re Article, Silly season for both parties and also the St Lucian people, currently, the speaker needs an advisor before he spits out verbal excrement..
    The camera must STAY… and the speaker should resign.. He is too high on POWER..

  7. @Observer … You took the words right out of my fingertips. The speaker was showing his red panties and dismally so (he fell further down the hole in my eyes). He should be “objective” and not “a corrections officer”! He needs to be properly schooled in SOTH duties.

    Further I am always of the opinion that Mr Chastanet is NOT a politician and really should be put in another position in the party and not have to face the citizenry. He is not credible and is extremely arrogant (Mr “Island Man” mentality).

    All in all, the display in the last house sitting was appalling and uncomfortable. Mr Francis has to go, as the SOTH does not suit his personality. And further – the opposition is there to OPPOSE; that is their job! But oppose objectively and come with the solutions – constructive criticisms!!

  8. @IS if you think Chastanet is arrogant how would you describe the guy in the PM office who goes by the name of Richard Frederick ?

  9. of all my life i dont think I have ever seen any speaker with so much roro, every time he wants to stifle the voice of the Opposition Leader smh why?

  10. @ John Cepal
    well go up for elections uh since you might be more rich in thinking, and tell your rep to come out and fix the holes in the road properly in morne dor and stop hiding in holes cause people not seeing him or you can if you win your seat. Oh just la ka bat two fess ou. Mr know it all

  11. The speaker may just have justifiable reasons to suggest that. One reason may be to protect the younger audience from the unmannerly behavior exhibited by some of these so called parliamentarians past and present. This is in no way suggesting that the information from debates would not be publicized. Some just have no respect for those both in and out of the House. No wonder criminality is so rampant. What do we leave for the youths to emulate?

  12. Mr Chas has a mixed attendence at house meetings and his record sitting through entire sessions is even worse. I get the impression that house attendance is optional and when it fits his schedule. I also get the impression that he tries to score points in the house (as all politicans do), but for Chas they are very personal in nature. He seldomly speaks about the people he represents during his presentations. He often laments about his opinion, having the last word, his feelings, his ideas and his legacy as former prime minister. His theory of change reads like a comic book with a sole super hero – himself.

    If I didn’t know better, I would think that he is a visiting member of parliament.

    On Tuesday, I notice him saying to the speaker “I am not going to sit unless you apoligize”. That is after being asked repeatedly to take his seat. In that context he was lamenting a statement made – ‘about 100 acres’. Had he not made the noise few would have paid attention to the statement.

    I wish one day, he would lament equally about the people he represents. I get the impression that his people have no issues (crime, roads, schools, cost of living and so on).

    I am getting tired of the game – he plays rough, he play selfish and play silly, gets shut down, runs to Tim & Newspin (friendly media) to play martyred. It is all about how he felt, how he was silenced, how his legacy was challenged. Once I saw the man crying on Tim, ironically his entire contribution had little to do with the issue at and – joining the Caribbean Court of Justice.

    Oh Chas… Do you ever think about anyone else? Dude you would be more impressive if you showed that you are connected with your constituents.

  13. Lucian Traveler are you certain that what you said there is what happened in parliament. Our Mathematically challenged PM was misleading the house by saying most of 1000 acres of land was leased to DSH. Chastenet stood on a point of order because the acreage that was leased was 190. All he was asking was for the Speaker to have the PM correct this statement because 190 is not most of 1000.
    Have we become so blind or reddy red that we feel errors should not be corrected. Half of 1000 is 500, so how can 190 be most of. The same way he told an audience at Harbour Club that 40% is half. An audience which included students.

  14. People stop regurgitate the same vomit SLP is serving you.How you people cannot think for yourselves.
    Just because you are backing a colour doesn’t mean you cannot exercise your lazy brain cells.

  15. Down with pjp and his oppressive government…pjp god knows you will go down as st.lucia worst PM…History will judge you just like all the fail PMs on the slp side Kenny and king all failed… my god what have we done st.lucia why do we hate ourselves…but the lord help those who help themselves march on Sunday for freedom…long live Allen mighty chas sir John is proud of you chas you enspire a hold generation of freedom fighters

  16. John Sour Pal… instead of John Cepal, your comments makes no sense ; all is says is that you are a died hard SLP.


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