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C.O. Williams Continues Millennium Highway Project Works


C.O. Williams Construction Ltd wishes to inform the general and motoring public of the continuation of road works on the Millennium Highway to Cul de Sac Roundabout Project.

The work activities will be carried out between the hours of 7:00 am and 7:00 pm and will focus on the following areas for the period Monday November 27th ,2023, to Sunday December 10th, 2023.

Presently our focus of works shall be the completion of all utility works at the Cul de Sac junction and all sidewalks and drainage works along the Millennium Highway in preparation for asphalt works.

Potholes and repairs will be carried out in the main carriageway in preparation of surfacing works.

Millennium Highway:

  • Road Works. Single lane traffic (Millennium Highway)
  • Drain Construction (Between Sol Gas Station and Monkey Town Junction)
  • Surveying Activities (OKEU Roundabout to Cul De Sac Intersection)
  • Earthworks Activities (Between Arm #3 and Bridge along road edge – LHS &RHS)

Cul de Sac Intersection:

  • Utility Works. (LUCELEC, FLOW, WASCO)
  • Road works. Single lane traffic. (Morne Road, East Coast Road and West Coast Road)
  • Sidewalk Construction (Arms 1,2, 3 and 4)

Work activities are subject to change depending on weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances.

Temporary accommodations have been made for the safe movement of pedestrians and vehicular traffic within the work zones – traffic lights may be in operation.

All road users and pedestrians are asked to observe the cautionary traffic signage along the road and exercise due care and consideration when traversing the Cul de Sac Intersection and the various sections along the Millennium Highway during the execution of the works.

C.O. Williams Construction Ltd regrets any inconvenience likely to be experienced as a result of the ongoing works and encourages motorists to utilize alternative routes in order to avoid delays.



Complaints and Grievances from the general public can be submitted to the following.

WhatsApp Number: 716-0439                     Email:

SOURCE: C.O. Williams Construction Ltd


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  1. Re Article, did you know that Co w pay their workers less than $10 per hour to the St Lucian workers?
    And more to Bajan workers?
    That’s why Barbados is currently #1 in the Caribbean..
    They are using the CAPITALIST systems on the other islands..
    They are following the slave wages system on the other Ones.
    The workers of Co w Should demand a fair living wage of $10+ per hour to their workers in St Lucia.
    They should all share the wealth and pay workers a decent minimum living wage not less than $10+ per hour and share the pie Folks..It happened in Africa.. Fact.. The Capitalist Systems are Alive in the smaller islands… Wake up folks! We deserve better wages.
    I endorse my thoughts and observations of our current situation in St Lucia and the other islands..

  2. You should post my comments..
    Your business in St Lucia is to keep the St Lucians to keep us down and down, peddle your Crap in your native Jamaica..I don’t need your postings anymore..

  3. I am literally fed up driving that cul de sac portion of that road! It’s tiring and frustrating. This project was not planned properly and being executed worse!!!!! The new paved section of the millennium highway has potholes already. Shows great work so far! * roll eyes*

  4. @A Llision
    you know why? cause saint lucian workers are lazy and not ethical just like government workers they alwasy want to take smoke breaks and all kinds of breaks also there is always a soucer in the midst kissing the boss feet but they that produce less work making the most noise for money. Why you think when the Chinese or Taiwanese come that most of their staff is their own kind? because their own kind does what it takes to get the job done but the lucians are not like that.

  5. The level of incompetence from this cow company is at bachelor’s degree, and the incompetence of the one’s who awarded them that project is even worse.


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