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London Court Convicts Man Of Murder After Extradition From Saint Lucia


The Central Criminal Court of England and Wales, Old Bailey has convicted a 22-year-old man of murder after his extradition from Saint Lucia, where he had fled.

The Metropolitan Police website identified the convicted man as Chase Griffith.

A website release said the court found Griffith guilty of the murder of 28-year-old Sam Brown when the trial concluded on Wednesday.

Sam Brown - Deceased
Sam Brown – Deceased (Photo courtesy Metropolitan Police)

It said Old Bailey would sentence Griffith at a later date.

The release quoted lead investigator Detective Chief Inspector Kelly Allen saying the conviction ended a long, painstaking probe.

Allen disclosed that Sam Brown was gunned down in the street by Chase Griffith in an act of perceived revenge following a stabbing that had taken place earlier that night.

“Griffith then fled the country to Saint Lucia while Sam’s family grieved his brutal murder,” the lead investigator stated.

The court heard Griffith and Sam attended a party in Cheney Row Park, Walthamstow, on Saturday, 23 July 2022, where around 150 people were present.

According to the evidence, in the early hours of 24 July, a man received a stab wound and was taken to hospital for treatment.

The Metropolitan Police release said in the aftermath of the stabbing, Griffith produced a firearm and, believing Sam was in some way responsible, shot him in the street.

“Sam staggered into his car and managed to drive a short distance before losing consciousness,” the release stated.

Sam later died in hospital.

But Griffith fled the scene and, on 27 July, boarded a flight to Saint Lucia from Gatwick Airport, the Metropolitan Police said.

The police disclosed that Griffith had changed his appearance when he arrived at the airport, including cutting his distinctive hairstyle.

They said he remained in Saint Lucia until he returned to the same airport on 8 December after his extradition.

Detective Chief Inspector Kelly explained that the investigation was challenging.

He recalled that although numerous people were at the party and many witnessed Griffith shooting Sam, they were reluctant to come forward.

Nevertheless, Kelly said through forensic CCTV analysis and meticulous investigative work using mobile phone data, investigators were able to prove conclusively that Griffith was the person responsible for the ‘callous’ murder.

Headline photo: Chase Griffith (Courtesy Metropolitan Police)

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  1. Good. Murderer you got what you deserved. Now we waiting for extradition of others too face justice there too. You can’t commit crime and escape

  2. Who are we going to blame for this one?
    Crime is not only a national issue. Crime can also be international. Conflict resolution must be taught at schools.

  3. Why do these St. Lucian malvetayes go to other countries and put St. Lucia on the map? A 238 square mile island that some people may have never heard about – is now blasted all over social media in a negative light because of all these malvatayes.

    There’s is no other place like St. Lucia – if you commit crimes any place else outside of St. Lucia you will be hunted down and you will be found and you will ultimately get what you rightly deserve – malvetayees do yourself a favor if you have no self control and proper manners and if you are a gang banger//thug etc. etc. – stay in St. Lucia.

  4. When you got a criminal mind crime will follow you where ever you go its like love and marriage you just can’t have one without the other also like pig and mud the go together so no matter where you go as a criminal either crime will find you or you going to find crime

  5. You know why this will happen to a small country like ours, the education system is preparing this right into our schools, so by the time they kids are like 25yrs they become known criminals, rapist, etc. It starts from school trust me.

  6. anonymous really? u not making sense deh……wat about the homes where it first starts and the kids go to school and you cannot even talk to them? chpz tun…

  7. @blahhhhh you are correct – if you have a good foundation from your home – you will be better equipped to deal with life. I can speak for myself, my siblings and my neighbors even though I left St. Lucia as a teenager. We were always taught to study hard and take our school work very seriously, respect ourselves, teachers and our elders and treat everyone the way you would want to be treated and in addition (STAY AWAY FROM BAD COMPANY) – this has served me very well and I have since passed it on to my kids. My grandma may she RIP -used to always say — “Show me your company and I will tell you who you are” – in St. Lucia when you maintain, respect, integrity and dignity they call you “fresh” – that’s fine and it’s all good.

    Without the shadow of a doubt, even an elementary knowledge of the Christian Life will live with you the rest of your life. I cannot talk about the other religions, while some of them deny the (Holy) Spirit thereof. I judge for myself and other friends I grew up with; In that little Methodist/Wesleyan school I attended – the one immediately next door to the Church, when Teacher Alex Walcott was our School Mistress, we sang different Church Hymns every Morning. A simple but solid knowledge of Christianity was enough for me to live by. I lived in the U. K. for many years. I fought during the Notting Hill Gate riots in the 1950’s, I found myself confronting the Head Quarters of the Facist/Nazi Party alone, and their Head Office at Victoria St., even went in ready for a confrontation, where I could be killed, but I was guided I believe for greater things in the future which I lived and still live for a little time yet. St.John 10 – 10: ….to steal, to kill and to destroy. – that is the work of the devil – and it may follow them void of the Holy Spirit of Christ in their hearts. PjP may boast of no homicide in 25 days but some shame our little Rock at a place where you don’t want that to happen.

  9. Almost everything starts in the home during the early years. Some of the poorest homes can raise the smartest and best citizens. It all depends on the parent(s) who define what is acceptable and what is not…and enforce it. I know that because I was raised in a very poor home. Almost all the boys and girls in my block are doing great things in life. The emphasis was always on education in my area. I’m lucky.

  10. I find the need for st lucians to debate the lack of us being a theocracy leading to our heightened criminal activity. It’s hog wash and Incase you don’t know religion has killed more people than cancer, heart attacks and strokes combined throughout time as a matter of fact the crusades was started by the Catholic Church to take back Jerusalem from the Muslims those were 3 wars in 200 years and million of people dead. Slavery was sanctioned by same said church how many millions of our ppl died. What I’m saying is you guys look at religion as a be all and end all but religion does not equate morality. Neither does the nonsense you guys talk about ppl family up bringing. If you don’t want to do something you will not it is we the general population we sit back and take away ppls free will with that church not involved crap, look right now Israel killing all those defenceless ppl I know God not there right? Grow up St Lucia everyone St has free will and the ability to do or not do and that is it stop the god factor. He not coming to take care of what you ppl refuse to do. Hang the killers and make those ppl who do wrong feed the country it’s prison not a country club. You are award of the country to do as we need to why children in school have to pay for lunch and you have three hot every day these are issues that we must take care of and shut up about what we don’t know. Amen.


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