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Chastanet Criticises Pierre’s Attempts To ‘Appease’ Venezuela In Guyana Border Controversy


Saint Lucia’s opposition leader, Allen Chastanet, has called out Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre and some other unnamed Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders, accusing them of attempting to appease Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro in the current border controversy with Guyana.

Chastanet posted his remarks in the St. Lucia Times comments section.

The remarks responded to Prime Minister Pierre’s call on Monday for a peaceful settlement of the border controversy.

““We are asking for both parties to respect international law,” Pierre said.

“The PM’s clarification on his previous statement is even more concerning,” Chastanet wrote.

“There should be no ambiguity,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader declared.

Chastanet asserted that Venezuela was acting illegally, challenging the sovereignty of Guyana and, by extension, Saint Lucia.

“His (Pierre’s) attempt and some of the other Caricom leaders to appease Maduro because of their “personal relationship” is threatening Caricom’s- our own security by inviting other more powerful countries to challenge our sovereignty,” the Saint Lucia opposition warned.

“Given the aggressive and unprovoked actions of Venezuela and the statements by the President of Guyana, does anyone expect either side to back down?” Chastanet asked.

“Saint Lucia should have made a strong, unequivocal statement to Maduro that we stand with Guyana, and they should stand down until the Court has given its final decision,” he stated.

Chastanet also said Thursday’s meeting between Guyana’s President Irfaan Ali and Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro should be to reinforce waiting for the International Court of Justice’s (ICJ) decision on the border controversy and peacefully accept the outcome.

The UWP leader said it was not too late for the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia to do the right thing and ‘stand strong’ with Guyana and all Guyanese citizens.

“Saint Lucia’s commitment to democracy and the rule of law and our own integrity demands nothing less,” Chastanet said.

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  1. Chas u eh see Pip sell out long. Venezuela promise d mun asphalt to fix the roads, help with housing and flights to SLU u expect him to do different?

  2. Wa .. chastnet really hungry for power… doing so spreads lots of propaganda. You fail to realize you were once a pm ..smh . You have no difference with your supporters

  3. John Mr. Chastanet is doing what he is supposed to do as an Opposition Leader and he seems to be doing a good job at it. Too bad I can’t say the same about our current PM who said he was the most ready to lead. Our roads are in a state. People can’t get medication at the hospitals. St Jude still isn’t finished. Tourism arrivals are declining. The cost of living is unbearable. Record crime 3 years in a row. SLP must go!

  4. Although I understand the position taken by Chastanet as the LOO, I am constrained to ask, “If not a plea for both parties to arrive at a peaceful solution, then is Chastanet proposing a military solution, or the replacement of a Head of Sate as was attempted by Trump and the Three Blind Mice?”
    By the way, the replacement of heads of states is a well known universal US Foreign Policy initiative particularly in the Americas. The irony of US Foreign Policy faux pas in the Americas is starkly manifested in this very situation…today Guyana is seen as a bastion of democracy as opposed to Venezuela who is now perceived to be anti-democracy. But a few years ago it was the very opposite; all the while as seen by the US and presented to Caribbean Heads.
    After the US Invasion of Grenada with the nod of three Caribbean Heads, Reagan had the CBI…What did those three Caribbean States gain from the CBI? No idea, but the Sandanistas had a windfall.

    So Mr. Chastanet tell us, “What EXACTLY is the Foreign Policy Posture you or the UWP would take in this matter, would you declare war on Venezuela, or would you ask for peace in the Americas?”

    Of course, by absolutely no means am I saying that we would not be supportive of Guyana should Venezuela attempt to annex the contested region, but foreign policy does indeed shift, given the changing circumstances of situations, and the current position taken by this administration in tandem with CARICOM, may be amended if and when warranted.

    This world is ablaze with the push by certain ideologies to reject established boundaries and there are a few more to come (North Korea into South Korea; China into Taiwan, etc.). Very soon the American military will be stretched thin as a result of having to deploy assets to quench little fires around the world.

    But the CARICOM region has been a region of peace and we have to encourage those in the Americas to maintain a peaceful posture in conflict resolution, FOR OUR OWN SECURITY. We cannot afford to beat the drums of conflict in the hope that “our friends” will come to our rescue. That time done gone away!!

    The CARICOM nations, one of the most defenseless in the world, should always speak to peace in such matters.

  5. Did they actually confirm that it was The Allen Chastanet that made this comment, or someone using the tagname. Just curious.

  6. We all know PJP will not categorically take a stand in support a fellow Caricom member state, but instead he’ll straddle the fence in support of his comrade Hugo Chavez, the man is an outright sellout. It’s time for him to grow up and take a stand for once.

  7. Venezuela can have and should have what rightfully theirs. I lay off commenting on this dispute UNTIL I HAVE READ ABOUT THIS TERRITORIAL DISPUTE unlike many shooting from the hip because the US says so or the bias press says so if they did not kill Chavez war break out long time Allan Chastanet is just a WAGGONIST, you can tell he never read up on anything either, but they are not in power so WHO CARES HA HA HA. Nelson Mandela once stated “your portrayed villians can be my friends not because they are not your friends”. I am assuming this was a pot shot at Israel when it came to his relationship with then Yasser Arafat. I am not Anti Guyanese, but facts are facts now that oil money is flowing in by US oil companies, the Exxon Mobil’s Shell and other…..need I say more they lost billions when Chavez was around we are not losing anymore of our vested interest. The land really belongs to Venezuela and Venezuela was always good to us. Pierre you are on point just ask for peace amongst friends.

  8. Oh shate, I am so disappointed with these people who supporting Chas because they feel there should be a war.
    Wow, Santa Claus is coming to St. LUCIA soon. Ask him how many passports did Chas sell during his reign.
    I nee6 a lawyer to file a suit against Allen Chastanet so we can know the number of passports he sold.

  9. Long live the Caribbean long live Guyana we stand with Guyana slp government are cowards any part of Guyana Venezuela try to take is a part of the Caribbean state apart of st.lucia we will fight for our very rights as a free people

  10. It is no accident that Chastanet is no longer Prime Minister of St. Lucia. He is mentally effete and lacks the political and diplomatic understanding to resolve the most rudimentary problem. Chastanet, countries protect what is in their best national interest. St. Lucia is no exception and must do its utmost to appease both parties because they are important trading partners. Only a dimwit like you would take sides. This is not the time to choose sides but to appeal to both countries to resolve their dispute peacefully. How would it benefit St. Lucia to take sides at this particular juncture?
    Chastanet, we must be driven by facts, not hyperbole or ideology. Your assertion is meritless to the point of demagoguery.

  11. Troy Francis, I think the issue of passports has been bothering you for far too long. Isn’t PJP selling passports right now! Why won’t you take Chastenet to court so he can tell you how many passports he sold! As private citizen you can. If you won’t challenge him in court you need to stand down.

  12. Chastenet does not know what he is talking about and obviously has not taken the time to study the case. Venezuela has not acted in anyway illegally. In any event, any sane political leader in the region would do all they can to try to prevent the two countries from coming to blows. Chastenet’s statement amounts to irresponsible warmongering


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