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Chastanet Advocates Tax Cuts, Especially In Crisis Times


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet took to Facebook on Tuesday to promote tax cuts rather than increases in times of crisis.

The United Workers Party (UWP) leader has consistently called on Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre to suspend the 2.5 percent Health and Citizen Security tax.

He said that the new measure makes life more difficult for all Saint Lucians, especially the most vulnerable.

In addition, Chastanet recently said that if the UWP were in office today, the party would be reducing taxes, not increasing them.

“I am a genuine believer that Saint Lucians are better managers of their own money than any Government. That is why the United Workers Party believes in tax cuts and not tax increases, especially in times of crisis,” the former Prime Minister wrote Tuesday on Facebook.

Last month, the UWP staged a protest march in Castries against what Chastanet described as the Philip J. Pierre administration’s ‘inflationary policies’.

“Axe the tax,” the opposition leader declared at the time, referencing the 2.5 percent Health and Citizen Security levy.

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  1. Take away the 15yrs freedom from the hotels and let the citizens pay all necessary taxes, because when they travel abroad they find the money to pay all sorts of taxes. Constitution must be recose , remove impunity and let the system send some leaders to jail.

  2. Another round in the tax game. Both parties are guilty of criticizing each other about tax increases when in opposition. Upon assumption of power they never fully repeal the tax.

    Both “leaders” are trained in money but they lack the confidence to apply the principles they have learned. Why is it so expensive to clear goods from Customs? Strangulation of the economy starts right there. Because of huge taxes at entry, it reduces money that could be used in business investment. It also takes considerably more to start a business. Further, the chances of neighboring Islanders coming here to shop is limited. Think for a minute if we had thousands of visitors coming here just to shop. It’s happening in a couple of countries up north.
    Headlines like this one should be taken with a grain of salt…all part of the food fight.

  3. Chastanet, you’ve failed to realise people will no longer but into your rhetoric. For over two years now, since you and your cabals were kicked out of Office, cannot come to terms with your defeat.
    Please allow the Prime Minister and his team to manage the island until we decide again. Not for once you’ve said to us what you’ll do better the Island,but only preaching hate and name call

  4. HAHahahahahaAAA!!! You are barking at the moon padna! As far as I am concerned, you are a waste of time! Period!! Tell me one thing you did for the poor man in this place! You said you would get rid of VAT only to say “well it’s not the entire thing, we meant cutting 2.5%”. As y’all did that, y’all placed a 2.5% tax on petrol which y’all said was for roads. You said you would lower the cost of fuel (you had the document on your desk to sign . . . you said) but that NEVA happen. You demolished the Vieux-Fort abattoir without even thinking about the livestock farmers. Why? For your stupid horse track! You displaced and destroyed the livelihood of livestock farmers when you took the Beausejour lands to build your DSH fanatasy. You got rid of the NICE and STEP programmes. Mister man, I can go on and on! Now you talking SHATE about caring for the poor! Man GO AWAY and NEVA show your face because you are the biggest disgrace this country ever had and you will NEVA lead this country EVER again.

  5. St. Lucians please lets not forget how prejudiced that the last adminstration was. This guy took away the jazz festival and brought to the hotels. NO VENDORS ALOOWED!!! He also had a political ball to raise funds for the police – a budgetary allocation was just too damn much and now you talking about the poor? really dude? The distress fund was $400,000 he cancelled that. The SLP admin not only reinstated it but increased it to $1,000,000. WHat exactly did chasnet do for the poor again? GET OUT!!!! GET OUT of our politics!!!!

  6. We are coming to the Christmas and that man just keep talking nonsense . When you were in power what did you do for the development of the people you have Cabot our NIC money , you gave T O Ah King our land , you let Sandal get away with over 25 million, you globetrote all over the world stay in expensive hotels , you had concreto to bulldoze the old prison , you close down radio st Lucia, you stop the step programme , you victimized many people …

  7. It’s amazing to read the foolishness some Hacks type. They there busy depending on STEP SMBH. So all u al worth is a few hundred dollars to cut grass. All u feel Chas hv any problems to feed himself and his family? Check and see how well off u are after paying the extra 2.5%. Then check and see if your healthcare or security is better, the next time u pay the 2.5%. If u really believe those u support are or were genuine check and count how many court cases they hv lost. Look Richard and his lies and MBC hv to pay the former Chair of SLHTA 69,000 for his lies,
    Chas> Hilaire
    Chas? Claudius
    Guy > MBC and Miguel
    Agnes > MBC and Richard
    Chas > Richard
    Good thing I don’t vote and educated enough to think for myself and hv a job that affords me to feed myself and my family.
    Watching from the outside. The decisions and vision of Chas is way better economically than that of PJP. Whiles the hospital has no meds he just came from Dubai with his secretary and Hilaire brother with his secretary at tax payers expense of nearly or over $50,000.
    I support neither Chas nor PJP. Do like me ppl Think with an open mind.

  8. The ignorance of the Labor hacks is baffling! I’m not even going to waste my time to rebut all the nonsense I see there.

  9. Stinger, not to rebuke all but rebuke this one. How many passports did Chas sell during his reign?
    What did he do with the 863 million dollars he borrowed?
    Did he give Sandals 24 million dollars tax break?

  10. Hacks calling hacks … Wait for it. Hacks. 😂😂😂. I’m a proud SLP hack but don’t know about those calling others hacks. Shame anyone?


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