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Saint Lucia Police Seize Illegal Guns With The Help Of A Sniffer Dog


A joint operation involving the police and the Customs and Excise Department resulted in the seizure of illegal handguns on Friday with the help of a sniffer dog.

According to reports, the dog, received from French law enforcement authorities, sniffed out the 9 mm handguns at a business establishment in the North of the Island, but no arrests have been made as police continue their investigation.

A photo on social media showed three handguns and magazines.

The dog’s black paw is also visible.

The importation of illegal items, including drugs and firearms, amid a spike in gun violence in Saint Lucia, has long been a concern for government and law enforcement officials.

In an address to parliament in October this year, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre warned that the practice by a ‘few selfish people’ who wanted to fill their pockets by flouting the law was spoiling Saint Lucia’s reputation.

During a debate on the annual barrel concessions, Pierre spoke, warning citizens not to abuse the measure.

He recalled several times the authorities had found items that were not food, care packages, or toys in imported barrels.



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  1. Only now the authorities are putting dogs to use to help with this situation…smh , St. Lucia will always be behind when it comes to addressing urgent matters in the country.

  2. The last administration spent too much money on sniffer dogs, day ban hypocrites. Now you’ll talking about sniffer dogs getting guns. Too much with you’ll .

  3. Please keep the dog from FF, there probably have been 50 to 100 barrels just like that already cleared!,,,Also focus on WASCO, this is ridiculous in over 2 weeks 2 day of water in Cap estate!!! SmPH
    Great job Thanks for assisting Martinique, an especially in the sea rescues!

  4. I don’t think our officers are the brightest on island honestly you found guns great job wrap it up back and just allow the people to come collect it and I’m sure ur gonna find who it was going to gosh man this always been happening investigations self taking years

  5. @105smph so what you think cap estate not part of st Lucia. some parts Lucia don’t have portable water for months a little two weeks you crying. and by the way the business in the north don’t have name if it.was a little man on the street his face would be on social media. am not for anyone possessing illegal firearm but too many times ammunition, guns, drugs being found at business places, supposedly law enforcement officers in st Lucia and it goes under the table. why is that. and you all expect the man on the streets to abide by the law. you need to start cleaning from the top

  6. Too much secrecy in these matters!!! What is the name of the business establishment? Who are the proprietors? This is a very corrupt society –with some very corrupt leaders! Further, there might never be any arrests –and even if there is any arrest, bail will immediately be granted, criminals will not be held accountable, and the illegal trafficking of guns will continue! Is there any hope for this crime-infested nation?

  7. Lol..the same dogs we had that PJP administration said was too costly to maintain. Now Martinique has to loan as dogs. $41 million for consultants to reward party hacks isn’t too expensive?

  8. Here we go again another “business” in the north they found guns…… another time it was a container fill with drugs , WHAT EVER BECAME OF THEE INDIVIDUALS ?? NOTHING ! Now they found guns what will become of these individuals again. ??? NOTHING ! God forbid if this was Frederick or the Doc, it would have been front page forever. The Range Rover never kill anyone, but day in and day out the senseless shootings in St Lucia but when it comes to these Big Businesses People zip your lips not a word not word not a word the stupid press would not Dare Ask. Wait this week coming up you will hear who got shot AND WHAT WILL BE THE Utterances from these fools the Minister of national security is this and that VF is the worst Hell hole in St Lucia you name it they will say it but the BIG BUSINESS PEOPLE who selling guns in their shops to commit murder and mayhem in the island is shhhhhhhhhhhh keep quiet. Those people in their criss BMW and homes in the Heights they are upstanding people you don’t see how stiff the upper lips are on those people, the crease in the man’s jeans it’s so sharp you could shave with it. These are the REAL CRIMINALS of St Lucia. Those guns that they found can you imagine what’s the real numbers were ?? They sold how many already, RSPF just finding the crumbs that’s left over. The absolute shame of it . Stay tuned NOTHING WILL COME OF THIS

  9. Let’s start with the obvious. The people shipping guns in the barrel are a greater threat than the people receiving them. If guns are not shipped, then no one can receive them. Try as I might, I can’t seem to fathom why the senders are never requested. The government simply needs to make an example of a couple of them. The deterrence value of racheting up actions should never be underestimated. Additionally, prosecuting a sender is much easier than a receiver. The receiver is creating evidence as he enters the shipper’s facility which most times has video surveillance. Their fingerprints on documents etc. The receiver on the other hand can claim ignorance, unless there is irrefutable evidence to the contrary. We have seen receivers walk away in the past; both guilty and not guilty.

    I don’t expect the head of security to change course in his approach. It’s like expecting a dramatic change from King in his approach to roadworks. They will persist because it’s their comfort zone.

  10. That entire story is a lie and just highlights the incompetence of our security agencies. Dogs found nothing! Simple. This was in effect a failed operation as the firearms should have been left in place until someone came to pick them up. The authorities had prior knowledge of the existence of the firearms, yet botched what was meant to be a simple operation.


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