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Shots Fired At Men In Camouflage Clothing Near BCF


Special Operations Response Team (SORT) officers at the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) opened fire at two men in camouflage clothing near the prison on Saturday.

The men, said to have been armed, escaped arrest.

However, BCF officials believe the suspects may have been hit and have alerted medical facilities to be on the lookout for men seeking treatment for gunshot injuries.

According to reports, at about 12:30 pm on Saturday, SORT officers spotted the men throwing items over the BCF’s fence.

A confrontation ensued and the officers shot at the men who fled.

The officers later recovered six plastic bottles containing alcohol and several packages of cannabis the duo had thrown over the perimeter fence.

Saturday’s incident was the third in about a week.

At about 2:00 pm on New Year’s Eve, SORT officers shot a Dennery resident in the process of arresting him after they caught him attempting to throw a bag with alcohol, mobile telephones and cannabis over the BCF fence.

After the OKEU Hospital released him, the man, identified as Jamal Serieux, appeared in court.

He received bail on charges related to attempting to introduce cannabis, mobile telephones, and alcohol into the BCF.

The court granted him $ 3,500 bail on a charge of introducing prohibited articles, $ 2,500 for drug possession, and $ 2000 in cash or suitable surety for intent to supply.

Serieux is due to reappear in court later this month.

Hours later, on New Year’s Eve, another man attempted to throw contraband over the BCF fence.

But the suspect evaded arrest, leaving a haversack containing mobile telephones, cannabis, and alcohol behind.





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  1. o ok so that’s what been going on . well a boss must be In there to have boys risking their lives like that.

  2. I am adding SORT to my list of action figures. I am impressed. It’s time to equip the team with a grenade launcher. Apparently, they are just discovering the scale of the problem. For all we know, the facility could be more compromised than we suspect.

  3. Men arrested & some got away, throwing bags of Cannabis, Alcohol, Cell Phones and what else over the fence at Bordelais (BCF) while some got away, others were given Bail as usual – and I suppose back on the road; I think that the Authorities should have a complete ‘Lock down’ and let no one out of their Cells till they’ve searched every inch of their Cells for ‘Illegal Items’ those caught should be made to confess names, phone # and addresses of the outside suppliers; failure to comply then further charges would be laid on the convict. I’m disgusted with the Magistrate for low Bail out.

  4. It appears the swell of criminals are on the rise and quickly getting out of control. This miscreants have no regard for the law these days. The blatant act of supplying contraband to the BCF, a place that is monitored with armed guards , tells you all you need to know…these criminals are numb to the consequences of there actions. I fear Saint Lucia and the Caribbean is heading in a direction that will continue to get worse. And these are usually caused by socioeconomic factors that paralyse our society. The government must move quick to combine economic progress with educational attainment. THE SOCIETY IS TOO IGNORANT. It has long been known that educational achievements makes society more progressive…. implement a law that states all citizens should have at least a college level education and implement policies and institutions to make that happen. I watch in anger at what Saint Lucia is becoming and the no clue government just sit on their boney derriere doing sweet nothing, paying lip service to the people, and are just not moving quick enough to get an upper hand on the issues society are confronted with. 2024 will be a painful year ..

  5. Given that prohibited items are thrown over the fence by bandits at the BCF. How in hell are the inmates able to retrieve them undetected ? I would expect that the whereabouts of inmates would be known every minute of every hour, twenty hours a day, seven days a week. What protocols are in place at the BCF to make it have ? How are prisoners as well as the perimeter fence monitored ? Anyone one caught throwing anything across the fence, should automatically be placed inside the fence.

  6. This is nothing new this have been happening for years now this the first it been made public.


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