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UK Vacationers Downplay Their Lifesaving Role In Saint Lucia


United Kingdom nationals who saved a French cruise ship passenger from drowning while vacationing in Saint Lucia have downplayed their lifesaving role.

Their action, first reported by St. Lucia Times, attracted international coverage.

Matt Hammond, his wife, their two children, his sister-in-law, Helen Reeson, and her partner visited Rodney Bay Beach on Monday at about 1:30 pm when they spotted some women in the water waving frantically.

Hammond and Reeson, a UK firefighter, soon realised that one of the women was in danger and went to her rescue.

The duo swam out to the French visitor and brought her ashore.

Once ashore, Hammond’s sister-in-law and his wife administered first aid.

The wife has first-aid training.

” “I definitely don’t see myself as a hero, no,”” Hammond’s sister-in-law told the BBC.

For his part, Hammond declared that he would like to think that most people would do what he and his family did.

“I don’t think you think about anything really, you see somebody in trouble and your natural instinct is that you want to help,” he told the BBC.

The UK Mirror quoted Reduit residents praising the rescue performed by the British visitors to Saint Lucia, with one individual declaring that Hammond is a hero deserving of a medal.

Matt Hammond (Left) and Helen Reeson (right) with their family. Image courtesy Helen Reeson.


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  1. I hope the ministry of tourism or government will give this family a free holiday to st lucia to say thank you. Well done 👏

  2. I read this family got stuck with their vehicle on Gyasbois road the day before, if that had happened a day later that poor French lady may not be alive today. Fix the road and give them a free vacation back to the south.

  3. Just thinking what lexilou put and I would have to agree with everything. Give them a free holiday fix this damed road and Tourism office get hold of the mystery French lady so she can thank the rescuers properly.

  4. Y’all quick to honor the foreigners with free vacation but the local heroes get kicked in the buttocks SMFH

  5. @RealFireman, it is not that you are left out if you are indeed a fireman. Unlike us those people most often will work 2-3 years paying loans, bills etc plus save some will uses a loan from there CC to come here for a Vacation. Great right? They make up the numbers that politicians uses to beef up there revelance to rape the tax payer. This is what they does year round, but look at the flip side, those people had to endure a horrifying experience and mostly so on our roads? I mean by all recognition it would have done great for the island by giving them something rather having them leave empty handed. All public servant esp. the police and medical workers needs an increase in there salaries. You working for the Police or Paramedics did any of you ever got a voucher for Lucelec?

  6. @fireman.
    Firstly I understand your frustration BUT the young lady who saved that french woman was a firefighter on a low wage in the uk.
    I was luckily enough to meet her in our local bar (in the south) after her and the other quests got stuck on that dreadful road. She was a lovely girl and has spent all her savings to come and have a vacation here.
    If it wasnt for the tourists where would our island be now. Fight for YOUR right to better wages and conditions, dont blame these people as they are just the same as you and I.

  7. They don’t need a medal or a free holiday. Some of us help and give assistance to anyone found wanting or in distress, where is the medal for them. Who will provide the medal or free holiday? The Prime Minster? They were just doing what us as human beings are suppose to do, give help and assistance to someone in distress. They down played it because you Islanders are fussing over them too much and they just did what should come naturally to all you. But some of you would not have moved a foot to help, you would just watch from a distance. Phone out and film, next upload on Facebook. So please stop with the let’s give them a free holiday. It’s no business of anyone how they paid for their holiday. Everyone work to enjoy some sort of holiday or break, whether its saved up, credit card, loan, thats their business. You don’t know them. They smile and tell you what you want to hear.
    They will just show the Island up for how terrible the roads are when they get back. Show friends and family how terrible and hazardous the roads are. They will sympathise for a few minutes and do like you. Upload on Facebook for all to view.
    Look how the roads were in St Lucia, I know where I going next time….Spain, Portugal, Italy, Seychelles, Mauritius, Costa Rica, Cuba, Cape Verde. The list is endless. I am not heartless
    It’s brilliant what they did coming to the aid of someone in distress. You said thank you, you showed your appreciation and gratitude.
    I tell you what they should get. The Government especially the department of road services., should compensate them by paying their car hirer bill. Yes for the damn state of the road they had trouble navigating. That would be lovely , what say you. A perfect gift of gratitude.


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