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Police Investigate Morne Fortune Homicide


Saint Lucia police have commenced a homicide investigation after the discovery of an unresponsive male at Capital Hill, Morne Fortune.

The Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Castries, received a report regarding the discovery on Saturday, January 13, 2024, at about 8:57 p.m.

The officers found a male lying on a concrete road.

The deceased, identified as Denroy Saltibus alias ‘Bounty’, had an apparent injury to the head.

A medical practitioner at the OKEU Hospital pronounced him dead.

Police have appealed for information regarding Saint Lucia’s third homicide for 2024.

Persons may contact the CID at 4563770 or the nearest police station.

Alternatively, they may contact the police anonymously on the Crime Hotline at 555 or the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) Crime Hotline Application, available from the Google Play Store.

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  1. It’s a sad situation, however, instead of doing all different mathematical equations to arrive at a number by the end of 2024,we should try to encourage the the men of this island to find better ways of resolving their differences.
    One murder is one to many. The question now is;Will it ever stop? No,but as a society we can’t allow it to go unnoticed. I guess our option is continuous Prater’s and hoping that these young men will understand that killing one and other will not solve the problem.
    For the killing to stop they have to put an end to it,by saying they are destroying each other and hurting their families.

  2. It is the PM fault because we sell our UN security council right for green fig money. The PM failing to live up to his promises. He takes advise from vagrants when you do look at his result of Governance. Maybe he should contract the stupid highgrade to hide out in the banana bush…. If your PM can only live up to his three words verse he campaign on that would be a great start. But he knows St. Lucian’s are a bunch of fools so he can do anything. If highgrade ever travel he would have learnt or know about sting operation. I wonder if that person is a deportee.

  3. Yes, let’s encourage hardened criminals to stop killing each other on an online forum. I imagine they are reading my comments right here.

  4. So many Illegal gun related Homicides in St.Lucia .The big Question is how many persons that’s being arrested and Chatged .The Politricktians not Concern about the Increase of illegal gun Violence in St.Lucia.St.Lucia is Deplorable Road Conditions Island wide.prices of everything out of Control and gun Violence

  5. While we look to blame everyone. All the murders can be solved with assistance from citizens in the ghettos. Everyone except the police know the perpetrators
    Get the killers prosecuted and jailed or hanged and there will be less killings. The murderers are a small percentage of the populace. Get them off the streets and our murder rates would be nullified especially when you hang a few.

  6. @The Anonymous Clown,,,,,I yelled forrrre incoming but the ball did not reach that balcony Oh well dam dam dam I really need to perfect that. Of course one can always count on your collective sarcastic narcissism as it pertains to this government. There are/were no probable cause for a “sting” operation. With all your chat I am always at aww you have never choose to run for political office with weird bright ideas. Hmmmm……I becoming more clear why the Honorable KDA vanquish you from his circle there there there,

  7. Stop politicizing crime. This is not something to play with. Be careful what you wish for ! What is happening here is the beginning of something bigger. If you think I am lying, ask Jamaica T&T, and Haiti . Although times have changed and is changing rapidly, our system of governance has remained static. Technology is the new game. We must invest in it to be in par or preferably ahead of the game. It is no more business as usual. Change must be drastic otherwise, it will remain business as usual.

  8. Anonymous, what promise did the PM make, is it Kenny cannot do it but I will? Sorry Pierre is not the one who said it. You have that sla..ry mentality as a result you will always find fault with another black man.
    Anonymous go and confess your sins, you think people don’t know about you. It’s just a matter of time.

  9. If you are still making the crime issue a political issue then definitely you are part of the problem or one of the criminals. We should approach this war as a country and not a political. It is already too late to be talking – we should have real solutions, ideas, plans, processes, tactics in place to execute. SLU is at war and time is against us. Our youths are dying and their deaths are considered normal. This where we are right now in SLU. Homocides are considered normal in slu – this barely makes the news. We should be sharing ideas to win this war and save our future generation.

    @HighGrade – this conversation is for intelligent people and those with ideas to share. Please stay out – Thank You


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