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Delays Likely As Millennium Highway Roadworks Continue


C.O. Williams Construction Ltd wishes to inform the general and motoring public of the continuation of road works on the Millennium Highway to Cul de Sac Roundabout Project.

The work activities will be carried out between the hours of 7:00 am and 7:00 pm and will focus on the following areas for the period Monday January 8th, 2024, to Sunday January 21st, 2024.

Presently our focus of works shall be the completion of all utility, ancillary and pavement works at the Cul de Sac junction and to advance the pavement, sidewalks and drainage works along the Millennium Highway in preparation for asphalt works.

Pothole repairs will also be carried out along the route in preparation for surfacing works.

Millennium Highway:

  • Road Works. Single lane traffic (Millennium Highway)
  • Drain Construction (Between Sol Gas Station and OKEU Roundabout)
  • Surveying Activities (OKEU Roundabout to Cul De Sac Intersection) Cul de Sac Intersection:
  • Utility Works. (LUCELEC, FLOW, WASCO)
  • Earthworks (Between Arm #3 and JICA Bridge)
  • Road works. Single lane traffic. (Morne Road, East Coast Road and West Coast Road)
  • Sidewalk & Drain Construction (Arms 1,2, 3 and 4)

Work activities are subject to change depending on weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances.

Temporary accommodations have been made for the safe movement of pedestrians and vehicular traffic within the work zones – traffic lights may be in operation.

All road users and pedestrians are asked to observe the cautionary traffic signage along the road and exercise due care and consideration when traversing the Cul de Sac Intersection and the various sections along the Millennium Highway during the execution of the works.

C.O. Williams Construction Ltd regrets any inconvenience likely to be experienced as a result of the ongoing works and encourages motorists to utilize alternative routes in order to avoid delays.



Complaints and Grievances from the general public can be submitted to the following.

WhatsApp Number: 716-0439                      Email:

SOURCE: C.O. Williams Construction Ltd 

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  1. I urger the ministry to send pressure and i urge the contractor to come clean to let the public know if the government haven’t disbursed payments on a timely manner. government is notorious for payment delays and to insult you more they don’t care a fork. We need to hold the engineers responsible for this project and further more apply pressure. this thing dragging on too long and politics is getting deeply involved

  2. I practically died of laughter as I came to the end of the article. There is contact information to lodge your complaints. As if they would actually read complaints sent by email. Whatsapp calls would be an exercise in bs. Those guys are just not serious about the job. What makes anyone think that they are concerned about things on the periphery. Still laughing. Somehow, I love their cojones.

  3. Sad that a communique on a critical road project that has been anything but nice includes all type of internal jargon like Arm 1, Arm 2. 3 –like the public knows exactly what that is!! Signs of trouble because you cannot tell me that the content of this was not vetted by some senior people…maybe even in government! Why cant they get it right?

  4. I would really like the ignorant public to stop blaming the contractor for this fiasco and look deeply into the matter- after all we are reasonably educated people. I say this because the contractor has a boss aka some highly paid project manager maybe hired by the Ministry of Works, and that Ministry has a boss aka a head..aka…a permanent secretary…..and this PS has another big boss aka the Minister aka heavy roller! Blaming the contractor is like blaming a cashier for massy’s exorbitant prices!!!! The contractor is at the bottom, he can be fired, he can be pressured to speed up work, he can be punished for not performing–there are so many things that the Ministry of Works can do to avoid delays but the common folk only see the contractor on ground! Be smart my people


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