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‘Aggressive’ BCF Inmate Injured, Subdued After Use Of Force


On Saturday, January13, 2024, about 6:30 p.m., Officers at the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) employed a continuum of force to subdue a resident who was being persistently uncooperative to receive medical care.

Adelburt Daniel, a resident on the remand block at the Bordelais Correctional Facility was displaying disruptive and unruly behavior to the extent that his behavior created a disturbance within the entire facility.

As a result of his behavior, he was referred to the Medical Doctor at the Facility.

Upon examination, the said resident was referred to the Mental Wellness Center for further care. As customary, the resident was restrained and placed on escort vehicle for conveyance to the medical institution.

However, prior to leaving the facility, his aggressive behavior began again. His aggression was transferred to the vehicle to the extent that he managed to destroy the metal security bars inside the vehicle and breaking the back windscreen.

The Doctor was informed of the resident’s behavior and he requested to see the resident again. The resident was secured in a cell to compose himself.

Subsequently, a team of officers proceeded to the cell and attempted to gain the cooperation of Adelburt Daniel through a continuum of force.

He failed to comply with verbal commands and negotiation techniques; as a result, less-lethal force was used.

In an effort to stop the escalation of the resident’s behavior and prevent injury to himself it was necessary to subdue him.

As a result, one round of less-lethal munition was discharged in the direction of the said resident, but did not hit the him. However, he failed to cooperate.

A second and third round of munition was discharged which hit the resident who continued to behave aggressively. A fourth round of munition was discharged and officers gained the resident’s compliance.

He was immediately subdued and escorted to the Medical Unit where was treated for injuries sustained from the munitions. He was further treated for his initial condition by the doctor and conveyed to the Mental Wellness Center where he received care and was discharged.

The Director of Corrections commends the staff who attended to Adelburt Daniel for working closely and within a continuum of force.

The situation could have resulted in death; however, they used a continuum of force that would avert the situation and avoid self-harm, injury to staff, other residents and further damage to government property.

SOURCE: Bordelais Correctional Facility. Headline photo: Screen grab from social media video.

Meanwhile, Daniel posted the following video on social media:

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  1. d prisoner lying. he being aggressive to d officers. do not believe him. was a criminal,is a criminal, always a criminal. neva changing his ways in BCF. THEY DO NOT LEARN

    I have always maintained, a good cut-ass initially after conviction, on the spot where the crime took place, by a hooded Cop preferably from a neighboring Island, so that revenge not be undertaken; at first conviction – 10 to 15 lashes with the Lolo-Beff, for one with more than one conviction, more and severe LoLo-Beff – 15 – 25 lashes by a hooded Matiniquen or other. What do you think?

  3. And this is how aggressive people with Mental Illness should be dealt with – ‘a continuum of force’ NOT shoot to kill as the police did recently to the man in custody for attacking his partner. Again I will say, that man was not armed and there was more than one officer. Why did they have to kill him? They should ALL be trained like those at BCC. Well done officers. This training should be implemented throughout St Lucia for dealing with ALL UNARMED mentally unwell people, and there are so many of them, and not always aggressive either. Many people (including the Police, and even staff at the Mental “Wellness” Centre and other medical practitioners) just don’t understand, or don’t want to understand this terrible illness… I hope there is more of this kind of restraint used on the island, and afterwards proper care and programs for patients in the general community and in prisons with menta health conditions. A lot of people are in prison, in part, due to mental illness of some kind, but I fear little ‘ol St Lucia will continue in ignorance for a long time due to very poor Governance by those who have this responsibility. It’s not Party specific either but seems to be put into the too hard basket by everyone who could change the situation – both medical and political ‘leaders’.

  4. They have become too accustomed to the leniency @ BCF. It’s now or never to take charge of the facility before inmates begin to set the rules. Was he tested for drugs / alcohol ?

  5. A lot of truth is spoken above but don’t wait too long, before the Inmates take over the Asylum. A very necessary solution is to SOAK & SATURATE everyone taken in irrespective
    with deep Christian Prayers Morning & Evening with singing Praises to the Lord.
    There’s nothing that drives the wicked devilish Spirits away more than Praises.


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