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Saint Lucia Taking Steps To Avert Future Sugar Shortages


Saint Lucia’s Director of Consumer Affairs has disclosed that the island is taking steps to avert future sugar shortages.

Wendy Frederick said the Ministry of Commerce, Manufacturing, Business Development, Cooperatives, and Consumer Affairs was sourcing the commodity from ‘alternative suppliers’.

Frederick disclosed that the Ministry expected a shipment as early as next week.

“Rest assured that measures have already been put in place to avoid any future shortages,” the Director of Consumer Affairs stated.

In the meantime, Frederick encouraged consumers to manage their ‘personal stock’ carefully.

She acknowledged difficulty meeting the usual demand for sugar, pointing to unfavourable weather patterns resulting in poor crop yield.

Frederick also cited lower production quality, resulting in generally low stock levels of sugar within the region.

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  1. How about taking steps to reduce this nation’s addiction to sugar? High sugar consumption is bad.

  2. How about steps to avoid Iceberg lettuce shortages??? Stores didn’t have any for over a week. Sometimes it’s more than two weeks! And local lettuce isn’t available as much as it should be. Some of us eat salad very often, like every day!

  3. Why should governments be responsible for what goes into the citizenry’s mouth? Just asking for a friend.

  4. Ha ha day ban failure Erma go into Retirement and stay right there you all stole an election put st Lucian’s in misery that is putting the people last not first

  5. @asking for a friend – I will advise you not to follow or get yourself trap with the narrative of sugar addiction, that’s plural. Pilot more define terms like abusive use of sugar can be bad, similarly to alcohol. The stew which is a daily diet to St. Lucians what is it made from? The Chinese food, churches, kfc, dominos, subways do you know these products uses sugar as part of their flavor enhancement which St. Lucian enjoys? The Government of the day and on the other side are horrible in Negotiation with countries that produces the staple products hence the short fall, because you know why, they want to be the most respectful country with the WTO trade agreement. Now if they source staple produce from countries the USA sanction our OECS trade are at risk along with foreign transactions. So in essence when a government elect will tell you we putting you 1st think of it what is real and what is nansystory.

  6. I am thinking that we as a nation could go back into growing sugar cane and producing our own sugar

  7. When is bad news send the minions. Where’s Aunty Emma to explain what’s going on. Before today had never heard of a Director of Consumer Affairs or Miss Frederick.

    No sugar shortage anywhere else but Saint Lucia but it’s global! Screwing up something so basic. Incompetence at it’s finest.

  8. Some people complaining about not having lettuce I have to laugh pure laziness. The easiest vegetable to grow in 3 weeks. The younger the lettuce the better it taste the older the more bitter it taste that’s why it’s best at 3 and half weeks 4 tops and it grows in containers anywhere the sun shines pure laziness I tell you St Lucian’s God help yull but I know for sure I will never starve

  9. cpj deh ppl still shopping at massy??? i mean i expect those in vicinity to do so but i still seeing massy have long lines i self saying aa……..some of the prices may jus b the same but wen i coming out of massy with one bag i coming out now of cpj with three bags…thank God for dattt….my massy days have been over..

  10. Guyana seems to have a healthy sugar industry – cane sugar too.
    Sometimes Massy carries “Demerara Sugar” from Guyana – what happen to that supplier/


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