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Police Probe Fatal Shooting In Marchand


Police are investigating the fatal shooting in Marchand that occurred on Thursday.

According to reports, the victim, identified as Jakim Duncan of Bagatelle, sustained multiple gunshot injuries at about 10:30 pm along the Marchand Road.

The twenty-one-year-old was pronounced dead at the OKEU Hospital at about 11:06 pm.

Saint Lucia has recorded six homicides since the start of the year.

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  1. @time will tell – No leader that alive in St. Lucia will ever be mentioning such. The reason, their hands are already with blood on it and hence it will never happen. We need to make a public call on all social media to have the Minster for security resign with immediate effect. Bring back operation restore and fork the USA whatever they say. Its time we live in peace and freedom of movement not to be bombarding with a set of vagabonds who is just up to good for nothing.

  2. Mr. PM sir, its time to reassign your stooges like Lowgrade Lucian and The Crow to crime watchers instead of paying them to post rubbish online.

  3. The PM lost his handle on Securities last year. With all the criminal activities in Vfort, he did not demand a post mortem of the activities so he can today use the lessons learnt in Vfort to deter, mitigate anything in the future. This guy has no sense of Security and for that reason I join the voices of those who want him to resign the POST of Security Minister. I believe that will do both him and the country a load of good. Please Mr. PM, do us and I mean all of us the favour, resign that portfolio and start the wheel in motion to establish some security processes for the good of the country.

  4. It is utterly disingenuous to place blame on the Prime Minister for these shootings. We need to help the police get the illegal guns out of the hands of these young people. Communities should play greater role in public safety. Young people need to realize commiting violent crimes will potentially destroy their freedom, dreams and aspirations and incarcerated for the rest of their lives. God bless St.Lucia.

  5. Lord St Lucia neefs you now more than ever. 6 in less than a month. Papa Bon Dieu fere sa oou nee poo fere.

  6. I am in total agreement for Operation Restore Confidence. However, police must not abuse the operation. Planting firearms on individuals to justify killing them, just will not cut it. Criminals are always out there committing crime, therefore police must find them and execute them. After the operation, the police must report to the commissioner who must investigate the killing, plan the response to the public, and select policemen who can remember the story for the court.

  7. The Pm Should return to the.of Assembly and

    Upgrade the the Firearms act .too many Illegal. Gun in the Hands of Criminàls

  8. Put the guns down! Don’t politicize crime! Don’t blame the PM! These phrases seem to come from people who are maybe detached from reality.
    Let’s examine the first. Put the guns down! By now, it should be as clear as day, that the state will have to seize those guns from their illegal owners. As if 20+ years of the same hasn’t taught us something. It is just a wish to think that one morning a bunch of guns will be found on the ground. There is too much gain to be had for the combatants to walk away. Too much self-protection needed in this environment.

    Don’t politicize crime! Another absurd saying. Why can’t one politicize education, agriculture, health etc? The politicians have thrown this red herring so they won’t be held responsible for their incompetence. It’s equivalent to giving a crying baby a pacifier. The public has the right to make any issue debatable. It’s a case of how taxpayers money is being expended and general accountability.

    Don’t blame the PM! Hell, he was chosen as manager. It’s his responsibility to put systems in place. Who should be blamed? Me? If he uses weakened strategies to combat crime then whose fault is it? He gets both praises and criticisms. I praise him for the pivot of the jazz festival. I thought the new approach was better than the previous one. We have to be fair with evaluations.

  9. @James Banks I agree with your post. Some of these individuals are a result of children having children, poor parenting/care giver skills/extreme ignorance/ and lack of education. In addition, some folk have already decided in their heart (made up their mind) to do the wrong thing every time. Unless they decide for themselves they want to change their life – no one can help them. BTW — I am neither SLP nor UWP ——the laws on the books in St. Lucia need to be revisited sooner than later.

    You can bring a horse to the water, but you can not make it drink. There are some Lucians who want to live by illegal means only and that’s reality based on their own actions – that is not the prime minister’s fault. “The choices we make dictate the life we lead.” —from Renaissance Man…

  10. Saint Lucia needs a restart! And it must start with the men taking up their rightful position as God-fearing, moral leaders in the family and society! It is sad because we all know that this is the path to social recovery, but few seem motivatrd enough to do what must be done.

  11. Employ me at minister of security, i make all criminals migrated from St. Lucia if they don’t change their habits. One thing don’t come to my office door to discuss nothing i won’t be there. Just gonna make rambally, lazarus and crix rich for a period of time maybe 3-5 months the most.

  12. Violence brings more violence. And by nature we are tribal. So if we, meaning those at the top set the wrong example then the population will copy, especially the young. Then we don’t have any accountability, no enforcement of the many laws we have on our books. And there is also the dilemma of public and police relationship. And a court system that’s dysfunctional. How did we get to this point and how to change is key, not blaming one man. Let’s blame the system and let’s also change what’s broken in the system, we the people have to do that and demand it, not leave it up to politicians.

  13. @Anonymous Clown and your split personality too many to name BUT I KNOW ALL OF THEM you ole’ fool it will be a cold day in hell before I ask you to post my comments, because when you don’t I know they hit the spot which is even more pleasing. You think the PM can put a stop to every gun violence on St Lucia ??? If in your mind set you actually believe it’s the PM fault for every nitty gritty you are even more crazy and deranged than I believe. Where is you boisterous outrage over those that currently selling guns and ammunition and are the ones benefiting from gun violence in this country?? In your delusional mindset this is “ghetto thing” when half the shootings are not ghetto oriented or enclosed. The PM’s post has national security ( I will pretend you don’t know) is to fund the police with the tools and foster capabilities and suggestive strategies with idealistic ideas and ideology to combat crime, however these school of taught are rendered is completely left up to the commissioner of police. So it’s Ludacris to blame the PM for every gun crime or crimes in general; but you knowing this does not stop or impede your sarcastic narcissism it only seems to bolster it. Hey what can I say sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t maestro please play the Main ingredients everyone plays the fool .

  14. Are you serious! That would be over 100 murders at this rate by yearend! Who is our Minister for security? King or Fredericks?
    We cannot be serious. When I was in St Lucia before last elections the SLP said everything would be better. now I am afraid to come back. I hear they kill a white man in a rich area. What are at Luciana saying on the ground?

  15. @mischief, “…resign that portfolio and start the wheel in motion to establish some security processes for the good of the country.”

    How you could ask the man you blaming for the situation to resign but to also start processes for the good of the country.

    Gasson, I’ve read that part of your comment 3 times and am struggling, post another comment to help me understand what you were trying to say. Please and thanks.

  16. The mothers of them young boys are not setting a good example for them . They are accomplice in crime to as well … The mothers of them fellows are even sending their boys to go and steal… Those women are poor and uneducated some of them are smoking crack cocaine, marijuana and drinking alcohol some of them women are criminals just like the young boys dirty thieves

  17. I called on the minister for national security to resign, highgrade your time expire and served no public purpose.

  18. Though you may talk, comment, shout, yell, say & do whatever – the music goes round & round & round the answer will never come; too damn scared to do the right thing.
    O.K. we cannot hang them – but we can whip their Bam-bam; pull out the lolo-Beff whip publicly or privately till it hurts, then jail them, minimum – 50 years.

  19. Anonymous, you are a UWP stooge, as a result you will find fault in every thing Piwrre does. Qe need to look at the root of the gun problem. It is simply the Marijuana and cocaine alongside greed that causing all the shooting. Now Mr. Pierre change the laws, all possession of firearms cases should be heard within 20 days, and if found guilty the penalty should be $60 000.00 and or 25 years in jail. This should be compulsory. Nothing less. Appoint a magistrate just for firearms cases.


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