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UWP Officials Criticise Government Over Sugar Shortages


Two opposition United Workers Party (UWP) officials have criticised the government over sugar shortages since the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) took office after the general elections on July 26, 2021.

UWP Mobilisation Officer Nancy Charles noted that, under Emma Hippolyte as Commerce Minister, Saint Lucia had experienced continuous sugar shortages, although the commodity was available elsewhere in the Caribbean.

Charles said regarding the most recent sugar shortage, she discovered that the item was available in Dominica, Barbados, St Kitts, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada and Jamaica.

The UWP Mobilisation Officer spoke during an appearance on Rev-Up SLU 97.1 FM.

Former Soufriere MP Herod Stanislas appeared with her.

He said the sugar shortages demonstrated the incompetence of the Prime Minister, the Commerce Minister, and the Cabinet.

He recalled former Commerce Minister Bradley Felix saying that when he headed the Ministry, his Permanent Secretary would present a document indicating how much sugar and flour were in the Government warehouse and when the country expected the next shipment.

Stanislas wondered whether the current Commerce Minister, Emma Hippolyte, receives that information and knows when supplies are running low.

“Again, it is the pattern of blaming and excuses. The first time, she said we were consuming too much sugar,” the former MP recalled.

Stanislas said now, the blame lies with climate change and crop yields.

Nevertheless, he declared that all the other Islands have sugar.

Last week, Saint Lucia’s Director of Consumer Affairs announced that the island was taking steps to avert future sugar shortages.

Wendy Frederick said Saint Lucia was sourcing the commodity from ‘alternative suppliers’.

In addition, Frederick said the country was expecting supplies this week.



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  1. You’ll have a problem with everything . There are sugar and other commodity shortages the world over,and we all know why.
    Stop politizing everything to try and stay relevant, there’s still two and a half years to go,and you’ll will still watch from the outside.

  2. @senoir it doesn’t matter which side of the aisle you are on however can you please explain to me how is it possible to keep on making the same mistakes over and over again????

  3. The facts are the facts, from the time the present government came into power there has been a continual shortage of this commodity and others.
    This shortage has only been continuous in st Lucia.
    Where I presently reside, not for once has there be a shortage of this commodity and I leave in the Caribbean. So it is hard to defend this lack of competence from the government.
    This is just a small part of the lack of competence, hance the reason why St Lucia is where it is at present. The politician have abuse and misuse the power given to them by the people.
    I fear that the truth will not be adhere to as the spin doctors will do all they can to hide this government incompetence and it’s failure to govern for the people of St Lucia. The present group of minister have no interest in serving the people of St Lucia but rather is consume in getting themselves and friends all they can get from the hard working population.
    Unfortunately because the truth is hard to accept these same people will be reelected again next time around.

  4. The government should be celebrating this. This country needs to break its sugar addiction. The nurses and doctors at OKEU should give an account of what they saw after the last sugar shortage and then restocking.

  5. Like Emma said. All u consuming too much sugar. But seriously, every 2 weeks we hv a sugar shortage. Aa in 2024. Mwen meme,

  6. At one time Saint lucia had one of the biggest sugar cane plantations in the Caribbean. Sugar was being exported from Saint Lucia to England and the United States. When we look around we can still see the sugar plantations and the sugar mills. Bannana are dead. Bring back sugar cane (sweet gold) so the farmers, producers, exporters can create employment for all. It made England and America got rich on sugar why we cannot make it build our economy. Sugar is a commodity the world cannot get enough and so do we. The Leaders of Saint Lucia make it happen.

  7. Yeah it be short…. It killing people but yull want plenty of it. I bet they want it in the schools plenty too right yeah syrups and cornstarch yull want it plenty and then turn around and complain about the health levy. I bet is the white one they bitching about too, yeah they miss it only them UWPS want more sugar oh we are so worthy, what will our lives be without them.

  8. Buy coke boil it down to syrup. You get sweeten caramel. Emma is using a ploy to starve the nation

  9. People, I just see a dog shitting in my yard. UWP’s response – “blame the government 😑. PIP should higher dog catchers. If he did, that will never have happened”.


  10. Not even in the time of Covid-19 we had a shortage of sugar incompetent ministers and government shambles people steal election

  11. So a 2.5% levy was imposed to babble to stop the importation of sugar? Geniuses alone in Saint Lucia

  12. Sugar is a much needed commodity, especially for bakers and “businesses” who produce confectionery and culinary goods – not just for household consumption. Think about that.

    As one of commenters summised, SLU seems to be the only island undergoing a sugar shortage which should not be. Thank about that tool

    Guyana is deparately trying to be the “breadbasket” of the Caribbean islands … and they HAVE sugar!! WHY can’t this government buy from them as well? Does the “Demerara Gold” brand resonate with any of the readers? I much prefer to use this sugar, as it is clean and healthy and much better in a lot of ways, than the filth imported from another Caribbean nation.

  13. @JahGuide and @Lexieloo … you are ON POINT!!
    Not only households use sugar … but certain businesses as well; and they are just as important.
    Next thing you know, prices of juices, breads, confectionery and other culinary goods will escalate.

  14. I am not sure many people are looking to decode what the government is doing. They are exposing themselves fellow St. Lucian’s, they always never judge a book by its cover but you can certainly make an affirm conclusion that the governance of this country is simply to drive you into poverty. I’ll take up so much space but I will makey contribution publicly soon.


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