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New Saint Lucia Noise Pollution Legislation Coming


Gros Islet MP Kenson Casimir expects new Saint Lucia noise pollution legislation to go before parliament soon for the first reading.

Casimir spoke to reporters during Monday’s regular pre-cabinet briefing.

“We are certainly hoping that very soon, we will have the final legislation, and of course, we will take it to parliament for first reading,” the Minister of Youth Development and Sports disclosed.

Some residents in Casimir’s constituency have persistently complained about noise pollution from bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues in Rodney Bay, thrusting the issue into the national spotlight.

The MP told reporters that decibel levels, which did not exist before, are the key part of the proposed new legislation.

“This is a new method of measuring, an objective method of measuring noise,” Casimir noted.

“Once you get the different decibel levels, that should provide some level of comfort for people to enjoy themselves while at the end of the day not really infringing on the right of others to have some level of peace,” he stated.

Casimir observed that some parts of Saint Lucia are dual residence and entertainment areas.

As a result, he asserted that there would not always be common ground.

Nevertheless, the Minister observed that the Government had worked hard to give the police something to work with.

” I mean, I am still relatively young. You don’t want to go to a nightclub, and it’s quiet. You want to feel the music,” Casimir told reporters.

However, he asserted that people must enjoy themselves responsibly and considerately.

Regarding mitigating noise pollution from entertainment venues, Casimir said the Government had given thought to partnering with entertainment venue operators to address the noise level from their establishments.

“I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag as yet, but we’re definitely, as a government, looking at modern ways of doing that, and we are certainly hoping that everybody could come on board,” the Gros Islet MP told reporters.

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  1. Its time, decibel meters are not expensive get them too. Constant loud music and noise can cause hypertension and other chronic diseases.

  2. Now we are talking…… No one wants to be a kill joy but do we need to listen to someone else’s music from a mile away! Enjoy your music at a reasonable level and not have it blasting out in the wee small hours.

  3. SLU should also include a cut off time – After 2am all parties must come to a halt. Also 2 hours prior to the cut off time, the sale of all alcohol must be stopped. This approach will not stop all those accidents but will mitigate the root cause.

  4. Make sure you have it outline in detail not no rush hush sh@it. Yesterday a typical jackazz apparently live in the neighborhood, playing music so effing loud, 20ft west ward an elderly couple lived there and thats about 8pm going 9. The numbskull mother ain say nothing!!!

  5. Lol. If existing noise laws were enforced it would never have been a problem. As with everything else in this sh!thole, the authorities don’t do their jobs. Legislation is nothing without enforcement.

  6. You visit any civilised country and you don’t get this nonsense. You walk past a nightclub in NYC and you would never know it is there. In Sh!t Lucia you miles away from a dance and the music so loud you can’t sleep.

  7. Hope this law extends to the residents of non as wealthy communities. Y’all know y’all have a way of selectively enforcing laws.

  8. Hope you make provision for the a..holes that have those loud speakers in their vehicles disturbing persons in the wee hours of the morning.

  9. @NS. Indeed the laws are there but it needs updating, it was abit too ambiguous, since it doesn’t involve define term like decibels, zone areas such as school, church, parliament, courts etc. mostly in those aforementioned areas uses to carry signs but even then ppl don’t recognize it. Like anonymous said it needs to be outline and define so it becomes a win win for the law enforcement and courts while the drum skull don’t have avenue to getaway with because the perpetrator brain cells will still be all over the place.

  10. @Solutions Oriented. Must be partly why there is so much hypertension in St. Lucia. This nonsense happens across the entire country. This is a serious health issue killing the nation ( increases the risk of heart attack, stroke and other serious health problems) and the CMO has yet to say a word about it. Meanwhile she still shilling on that covid con. Shows how much they care about the “health of the nation”. We hear is all the time. Diabetes and high blood pressure is taking a toll on the health care system. Here is one of the sources right there. People can’t sleep at night. People have no peace in the day. Yet NADA!

  11. Casimir is young and deaf already.
    Noise pollution legislature was put in place since the mid 90’s, because of loud music coming out of moving vehicles, especially the mini-buses.
    As stated earlier, he is young and deaf.

  12. After posting my 0.02 cents – i read the readers’ comments.
    i 100% AGREE with all the comments!
    Again – Casimir is young, and he deaf!

  13. Hope the public get to hold discussions on it before it is taken to parliament. This is what the PM reminded us must be done with all bills. That is why he is waiting on inland revenue. Let’s do it right.


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