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SLASPA Undertakes Infrastructural Upgrades At HIA


The Saint  Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA) continues its objective of ongoing facilitation and improvement in the customer/passenger experience at the Hewanorra International Airport (HIA).

To this end, SLASPA is currently undertaking some infrastructural upgrades to the facility, aimed at optimizing arriving and departing passenger flows within the terminal.

This upgrade will alleviate the existing space constraints thereby resulting in a more efficient travel experience while SLASPA awaits the construction of its new terminal.

One of the key deliverables of this initiative is a revamped immigration process.

The Authority is installing upgraded immigration booths that will significantly augment capacity and efficiency in the Arrivals immigration area.

This effort also involves the reorientation of queuing to ensure more efficient processing of passengers. Complimenting this change will be the introduction of an automated passenger queuing management system.

In the Customs Baggage Hall, additional restrooms are being installed for passenger comfort. This development is part of SLASPA’s commitment to providing a more accommodating environment for travelers, against the backdrop of increased passenger flows within the space.

Queuing areas for departing passengers are also undergoing expansion at various checkpoints and security screening areas. Additionally, the passport control and departure document processes have been segregated from the public space, addressing security concerns and ensuring a smoother journey through the airport.

Kendell Peter, Acting Director of Airports, expressed his enthusiasm for the interim upgrades, stating, “The upgrade demonstrates SLASPA’s partnership with industry stakeholders and airport partners and our ongoing efforts to create an airport experience that will satisfy the expectations of our valued passengers. While we await a new terminal, we understand that it is necessary to improve our current facility, its systems and processes to alleviate the existing challenges within the terminal.” 

SLASPA extends gratitude to the airport community and passengers for their cooperation and patience thus far and will continue to provide updates to the public as they become available.

SOURCE: Saint  Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority

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  1. Instead of cosmetic repairs that you refer to as upgrades, we have a new airport that was started by the last administration. Why not finish it. Sorry I forgot the PM said he never saw an airport with an upstairs and downstairs.
    It is ridiculous that in 2024, five planes have to remain on the tarmac for close to an hour before disembarking can begin because it is raining. While another one is just circling cause there is no space for it on the tarmac.
    A country which is dependent on tourism for about 80% of its GDP, cannot get it right where an airport is concerned. Maybe it’s just the Vieux Fort blight at work. This airport was supposed to have started in 2008 by the King’s administration, just like the rebuilding of St Jude’s in 2009. To date non of them are better off than they were before 2008 and 2009 respectively.
    Please I beg of this advice to stop the petty politics and continue work on the two new facilities that the previous government started. Stop making us suffer.

  2. @saying well said and WE CAN ALSO ADD SMALL MINDED GORVERMENT it’s sad we are in 2024 but we seems to be living in the 1700s

  3. Keep patching up the sores…while others expand and go for state of the art facilities, your Muppets are covering round holes with square boards….carry on. Goes to show that the government is as tunnel visioned as they come. A bunch of visionless pillocks…I once saw a grand plan to rebuild Castries and other communities in Saint Lucia over a period of time…the plan was so grande, Castries would have been like some of the great cities of Europe…. If that plan was followed, Saint Lucia would be the talk of the Caribbean….but petty ridiculous politicians scuppered the plans …. furious at useless, can hardly express themselves politicians….

  4. Time will tell I think you are right about the Vieux Fort blight. No mew airport, no new hospital instead patched up relics that may soon not qualify as an airport or hospital.
    Vieux Fort Pearl of the Caribbean that was fought tooth and nail by the SLP administration while in opposition, the same concept is now the greatest thing that could ever happen to St Lucia now that it is earmarked for Gros Islet.


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