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Hilaire Urges Fedee Apology Over ‘Malicious’ Remarks


Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Ernest Hilaire has said that former Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee needs to apologise for claiming at a news conference on Tuesday that many perpetrators of crime are Saint Labour Party (SLP) supporters.

“You look at who supported them in the last election. They can’t bark because many of the perpetrators of crime are their supporters. I am not saying that all SLP supporters are criminals, but there seems to be a pandering to lawless behaviour by the SLP administration,” Fedee stated.

Dr. Hilaire told reporters the former Anse La Raye – Canaries MP owes an apology.

“I think first of all Senator Fedee, former Minister, needs to apologise to Saint Lucians and to apologise to the supporters of the Saint Lucia Labour Party,” Hilaire stated.

He recalled that the former Minister had equated occurrences in the Bahamas with Saint Lucia, suggesting that this country might soon be the target of a travel advisory.

Hilaire observed that rather than appealing to perpetrators of crime to desist and express support for the police, Fedee knew that his statement would reach an international audience.

“People would hear it. People start equating Saint Lucia with an advisory and start to get very worried about Saint Lucia. He is deliberate in what he is doing and is malicious in what he did,” the Castries South MP and Tourism Minister declared.

“And then it is worsened by a statement which suggests that supporters of the Labour Party are also criminals and also suggesting that most of the people who are criminals support the Saint Lucia Labour Party,” Hilaire stated.

“How can anyone who wants to be taken as somebody who cares about this country and cares about Saint Lucia make such a statement?” He asserted.

“I think it is insulting and offensive to the Saint Lucia Labour Party, to supporters of the Saint Lucia Labour Party, and I think he should do the decent thing and withdraw that statement and apologise,” Hilaire told reporters.

“It is one of the most offensive, malicious statements ever made by a political figure in Saint Lucia,” he said about Fedee’s remarks.


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  1. Politics in St.Lucia is just a real “commess” these politicians continuously get at each other’s throats with cheap insults and accusations, no wonder the people adopt the same attitude. Politicians set an example for the people, focus on the growth of the country, address the crime together it is everybody’s business. There is a time to politic and it is not now. Lets get ourselves ready for the increased inflation to come, the wars that may escalate affecting our food supply and construction materials. Stop the cheap insults you are wasting the tax payers money focusing on majee that bears no consequence. Everybody knows is shyate de cocolorum talking no need to waste time you could put towards something more important or value added to our country…..we put you in there spend your time wisely!…….tonneh!

  2. Fedee, please do not apologize to Hilaire. Out of all persons, Hilaire should be the last person to request an apology. I think he should go find ways to recover the dying Tourism sector

  3. Dominic Fedee,is sane and is suffering from amnesia.
    Any right thinking political figure wouldn’t stoop so low and associate or tie crime to his/ her opposition.
    It was Allen Chastanet and Spider,who called on all st.lucians to be angry. Wayne Harrow, on the UWP platform who called for the burning down of houses.
    At their own Match,they called to burn down st judes. Peter Josie, was the one who called on the young men in Vieux Fort, to turn the guns on the SLP politicians. If Dom,Dom,Fedee,had St Lucia at heart,he wouldn’t urge the world to Red flag,St Lucia. He knows that; by making those deliberate statements,the world will hear him.
    Is it because of political power, you’re deliberately destroying our Country.
    If you want to go back to your native land, Guyana,feel free to do so,but not at the expense of destroying,St.lucia.
    Your corrupt practices,is already known the World over, likewise Guyana so they don’t want you in their politics.
    Even if you were to apologise,it won’t mean anything, it’s mere words. Your untold damage has been done.

  4. I so agree with Hilaire on a number appoints… we are owed an apology….that statement is not conducive with some who cares about or respects St Lucisns.
    I go a step further than Hilaire as to suggest the police should visit the statement to see if there is an element of inciting hatred in it…


  6. Even if he apologizes, he will not mean it. What he said is coming from the heart and he is not the only one positing this nonsense. Look up CAPS on Facebook. So, he can kiss my @$$ with his apology.

  7. Fedee is longing for the ministry he once held. He has not yet come to terms that he was fired by his employer…the people. In his turmoil, he lashed out with a statement that is truth-challenged. What can make a grown man plunge to such depths? Where is his evidence that the criminals are Labour supporters? This tactic is commonly used by a gentleman who once held the highest office in the US and was also fired. The big idea behind this tactic, is that some of the crap will stick.
    On Fedee’s warning about the danger of being placed on the US travel advisory list. He is right. If Pierre is not losing sleep about the present security situation, then he is more lost than I imagine. It’s just a matter of time before the island get there. With General Pierre leading the battle, what could go wrong?

  8. I believe Allen chastanet should distance himself from the comments which was made by mr fedee

  9. Fedee needs to speak in double sword language, he is the master of it and you know to not fall into Hilaire trap. Hilaire don’t not represent all of St. Lucia, even though he believe so. If you feel you should apologies after rethinking your vocals then you can man up to it. Now they going to make a comess of it diverting attention from Crime, think crust roads. Talking about that I wonder if the cost for impendence was in last year budget as expense, I am tempted to believe so but they probably filled t heir pocket with that money hence accepting the hard working Taiwanese Tax Payer Dollars.

  10. First, let me state I am neither SLP nor UWP. However, statements made by Mr. Fedee are seriously reckless and insulting. In my opinion, politics is like a deadly game in St. Lucia – I am not sure why folk go at each other with such venom in the name of politics. You guys need to learn to agree to disagree and move on with life. In our household, we hold different political values and we vote accordingly for our respective party – and we are ok with it as we respect individual opinion.

    It would do both parties justice to collaboratively fight the current crime climate in St. Lucia for yourself, your family and your community at large. When crime is prevalent in any area – there are ultimately no winners. Put egos aside, pride aside, have and have nots aside, varied class distinctions aside and see what you can do for your country asap.

  11. Doc the only thing you should be asking him to do is to ask The Big Yellow Head Clown to follow suit AND DOUBLE DOWN, I am literally rubbing my hands with glee. I cut paste and save already now only if can get a pre recording…….i am working on it yeah baby a little digital and human virtual will make a nice commercial.

  12. Ernest get a life Richard Fredrick insulting every one his all mouth zip don’t make as though you all saint hypocrite you not no rool model in my eyes..get a life man go take care of the country business ask your boss take care of the criminals

  13. Politics aside, with the amount of and the frequency of genocide all around the Island, the break ins, the traffic accidents, racial abuse on others, none of this go unnoticed by the ‘ U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT’ and I wonder how much more of this will go on before a U.S. travel advisory list is issued. The P.M. is walking on thin ice, having taken on himself the Ministry of Security etc; this can blow up in his face any time. The year have hardly begone see how many shootings we’ve had and out of that, a min 7 dead. The ones doing this hardly have politics as a motive, they couldn’t care less; a criminal is a criminal, lately they’ve been coming out of the woodwork. All elected members need to show the Tax payer value for being in office. The nakedness of Carnival dancers wont do it; week-ends at Gros Islet worse; a shocker will soon happen Globally sorry to say that’ll put an end to all of this crap. The shortsightedness of today’s politics on both sides is shocking. Your only viable economy, Tourism can only last one more season before W.W. 111. you may laugh if you wish.


  14. Meme baton ya qui bat chien blanc ya ca bat chien nwer ya. When you live in a glass house don’t throw stones. If you cant take blows brother dont throw stones.

  15. So RF calling uwp supporters all kind of names insulting citizens on his show no apology now you want fedee to apologize

  16. The biggest set of fools are st lucians.we hear politicians insulting each other all the time and nothing for it but today the man needs to apologize for something that is happening and not being address he just did not say it the right way .people are killing each other and the clown is doing and saying nothing about it.the slp clowns calling kettle black. We are in serious lucians wake up and do it fast we are in trouble.i am not blaming the prime Minister for crime but what is he doing nothing .he is not even speaking on crime at all.right now crime is like a sports and they are now waiting to score their goals. So I feel there is no need to apologize to this man

  17. Anybody else except Hilaire and Richard asking Fedee to apologize for the statement, I would probably agree with them. By the way has Hilaire forgotten that Kenny indicated that the IMPACS Report indicated that politicians and businesspeople were behind the crime.
    Now Hilaire the statement is that most of the criminals support SLP. Can you dispute that? Do you really believe that saying most of a particular group support a party means that all supporters belong to that group. For example, if I say that most black people support the Democratic Party in the US, does that mean that all supporters of the Democratic Party are black? If not, then what is the apology owed to the supporters of SLP?
    Politicians must stop believing that everybody is stupid.

  18. These people are there to divide and destroy St Lucia for personal gain they don’t care about us.


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