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Stanislas Says ‘Deplorable’ Roads A Danger To Students


Former Soufriere MP Herod Stanislas has called out the government over ‘deplorable’ roads in Soufriere and Fond St. Jacques, declaring they are a danger to road users, including students.

Writing on Facebook, Stanislas recalled calling attention to the problem at a news conference last week, specifically referencing the road leading to the Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary School.

“Not only is this section of road riddled with craters which cause severe and costly damage to vehicles, but equally so, the road is a hazard for the students and other pedestrians,” the former Minister asserted.

He declared that motor vehicles swerving to avoid numerous potholes are dangerous to other road users.

The former MP complained about the ‘appalling’ Fond St. Jacques road, asserting that the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration had not touched it in two and a half years.

“It is heart-wrenching to see the section of road near the Fond St. Jacques Pre School. This government does not care about the well-being of the young ones in our society,” Stanislas lamented.

He said it was no surprise that minibus drivers on the Fond St. Jacques to Soufriere route had withdrawn their service in protest, negatively impacting the public, including students.

The ‘sickout’ by the drivers on Monday ended after assurances from Infrastructure Ministry officials.

However, Stanislas called on the current Soufriere-Fond St. Jacques MP Emma Hippolyte, Infrastructure Minister Stephenson King and Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre to immediately rehabilitate roads in the constituency.

“Approximately three years ago, the members of this administration, while in opposition, campaigned on the slogan ‘People don’t eat roads’. Today, this government is collecting $1.50 for each gallon of gas and diesel sold,” the former MP noted.

“This’ road tax’ is earmarked for the maintenance of our road network yet motorists are faced with navigating the worst road network this country has had in the past four decades. This is not fair,” Stanislas said.

Prime Minister Pierre has declared 2024 the ‘Year for Infrastructure’, which would include allocating ‘significant technical and financial resources’ to road rehabilitation and construction.

Photo courtesy Facebook

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  1. No water in over a week in cap estate, last month it was 6 hours of water distribution in 3 weeks yes 3 weeks… so WASCO cannot distribute water now, yet this govt is just raping st Lucia like UWP and cabot .of land.. An yet you SLP just want to sell sell sell with no water infrastructure improvements so how will all these new job providing sources obtain water if Wasco can’t and hasn’t kept up with daily distribution flow on a daily basis for over a decade now? Smph full disclosure that there is no water on this island to wash and drink daily in every household yet you want to add 1500 new hotel rooms in the next year on the purity of this land , smpph.

  2. This administration is going to let everything fall apart, there interest at this present moment basically is to put their pockets first. The Island is in a total mess. Next election they will loose and from day one they will want to justify there failures at the behest of the voters. I would encourage kids to make movies of journey to school in these areas and even elsewhere post it on all social media, and just say …this is our life going to school awaiting someone to chop or stab us because our government do not care, we are asking for help…

  3. Do not worry, they are following the usual playbook. Gather all your tax money and rush everything 6 months before elections.

  4. Herod, with the 863 million dollars your government borrowed during their reign, did they ever attempt to repair the Fond Dt. Jacques road?
    What did Chas do with the passports money he sold?
    What’s about the gas money in the lock box?
    Herod we have not forgotten.

  5. Good stuff, let’s rebuild and maintain all over the island, we all need the roads due to population our new ways of our current problems, I do support all the visionary leadership skills,.. We must do better in solving our current problems..A minimum living wage system must be the first step.. Let’s give me people better options to achieve financial goals.. Very simple steps to gain commonsense… Avoid hate..


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