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Dr. Keith Mondesir: ‘I Have No Gun!’


Former Saint Lucia Government Minister Dr. Keith Mondesir, on Tuesday declared that he has never owned a gun, amid reports police arrested him after complaints regarding a firearm.

He disclosed that the police searched his home and did not find a weapon.

Mondesir, a former Anse La Raye-Canaries MP in a United Workers Party (UWP) administration, said he owns a property in Beausejour, Gros Islet.

He said Rayneau Gajadhar’s construction company washes vehicles that carry cement, and the water flows into the drain on his property, settles, and becomes a concrete mass.

“It blocks the drain and blocks the pipe that runs onto my property,” Mondesir told St. Lucia Times.

He said he went to Rayneau Construction and Industrial Products Limited to report the matter, the company cleaned the drain and invited him to contact them should the problem occur again.

According to the former MP, when the problem persisted, he contacted a company employee and received a reprimand and an order to leave.

“I left, went to my vehicle, then they reported I went in my vehicle to take a gun,” Mondesir told St. Lucia Times.

However, he declared that he had never owned a gun and had never applied for a firearm licence.

“Up to this day, I have no gun,” Mondesir declared.

He recalled that four months ago the police searched his home and found no weapon.

The former MP said on Monday, the police returned and searched twice but did not find a firearm.

“They are harassing me because four months ago, all that was gone but lately it is coming back again,” Mondesir lamented.

The former MP asserted that he could have obtained a legal firearm when he served as National Security Minister but did not.

Mondesir told St. Lucia Times that he qualifies to own one even now.

“I told them fifteen years later I am so ignorant and so against the law for me to go, knowing I can have a legal firearm with no problem, that I would get a gun without a licence? I told the officer that doesn’t make sense,” the former Minister stated.

He said he spent about two hours at the Gros Islet Police Station and intends to seek legal advice regarding his spat with the construction company over its activities near his property.


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  1. I guess all your holes closed now why slnol don’t put now present slp friend member of ntrc you all to bias hypocrite

  2. If your information and report is accurate you need to persue the matter to the fullest. From what I am reading and incline to believe is that the money menac are speaking and the stupidity if officers are just bringing themselves to a level where public trust will be disintegrated more. You see a proper office who is properly train would have question both parties and from his training he would have known what would have been the next approach. This construction company it’s workers are notorious for carrying out this practice and the company in itself needs to conduct a sting operation a out there ready mix personnel because it becomes a habit to see how they operate, some steal from the company selling the ready-mix, you know how many people yards get backfilled and the company loosing. Those who might say different, just operate a business and let your workers do same, see who will get forkup and furious. These practices are rampant, perhaps modestire unlock a secret but being targeted wrongfully.

  3. Heyyyyyyy Doc, when SLP is in power Rayneau gets his way. When UWP is in power Rayneau gets his way. I thought you knew.

  4. Next to my AirBnB townhomes, there is a cement processing plant operated by Mr. Rayneau. Despite his claims of developing a housing complex, the reality on the ground paints a different picture. On numerous occasions, I have observed cement delivery trucks lined up at the site, indicating ongoing operations.

    What’s particularly alarming is that all the necessary materials for cement production, including ready mix, sand, and cement, are consistently present on-site and ready for the next order. Additionally, there is a significant hose installed, presumably for washing the cement trucks upon their return.

    Given the nature of our neighborhood as a residential area, the presence of such industrial activities raises concerns about safety, environmental impact, and the overall quality of life for residents. I strongly believe that Mr. Rayneau’s cement processing plant is not suitable for this location and should be relocated to a designated construction zone. Steve $ealy

  5. Agreed highgrade they should search as per your request, book it down at the relevant station diary the purpose and findings of the search warrant. The police are often breaking the law because 99% of the you will never find in a police station diary a search warrant documented, unless it is something significant. Some JP’s are dishonest, they too needed to be taken before the district court. So back to your request highgrade, when the SLP get kicked out the same should be done. They must be removed from the impunity factor, and you will see the difference. Trump is currently sh@itting himself as we speak.

  6. Does the company have DCA approval to operate a concrete plant in this residential area? DCA should do their due deligence. The situation may be similar to what happened several years ago in Corinth when a Stop Order was issued.

  7. Rayneau did not suceed in labourie ….near WillRock.
    Praise God…. AA have he compensated the injured employees in the dynavmite blast .
    Poor jab …

  8. @ CARBAY educate Highgrade when he comes and spew his defenseless statement and share pure bias propaganda information. Here goes a typical example the head of the company getting the fire not the sloppy employees… so when we asking the minister for security to resign, that’s a valid call because he is just unfit to hold that post. Rayneau is the head he getting blast why not the Minister for Security who segmentally was giving the PM/leadership because of his stone age political affiliation. Remember he was tourism minister nonsense happen, he was minister for communication and works, he was a headless snake, now he is minister for security. oh dammm how people so lucky?

  9. Why did the report not also establish that he is currently a member of the ruling SLP administration with a chairmanship position!

  10. For years now I have been complaining about a Furniture manufacturing company next to my dwelling. The owner has indicated to me that there is nothing that I can do. The smell of the paint, the piercing sounds of the machines cutting wood rings my ears even when this place is closed, the blasting of the air compressors are a recent way that the employees use to persecute because I constantly complain of the activities. I have gone to the authorities but have been greeted with all stumbling blocks. DCA saying it is out of their purview. Planning is saying that there are no set allocations for the area even after tests were conducted by Occupational Health and Safety which proved that the activities are indeed causing discomfort to my household. But also it is out of their purview as they only have authority over workplaces. The police say they have hit a brick wall and are not getting the assistance from Planning. All this is happening whilst on a daily basis I have to endure the discomfort. It’s just sad.


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