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UWP ‘Committed’ To Working With Government On Crime


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has said that his United Workers Party (UWP) remains committed to working with the Government in addressing crime.

Chastanet took to Facebook on Wednesday to express the UWP’s position.

“Although Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre refuses our help, the United Workers Party remains committed to working with the Government regarding the crime situation,” the Micoud South MP wrote.

Chastanet observed that the Island’s murder toll, which stood at eight when he delivered his New Year’s address on Sunday, had climbed at the time of his post to eleven after three additional fatal shootings.

The Island has since recorded a twelfth homicide – a fatal stabbing in Dennery on Wednesday night.

Hours before Chastanet’s Facebook post, Prime Minister Pierre’s office had issued a release on the crime situation.

The release said Pierre vehemently condemns the ‘spate of callous shootings’ resulting in loss of life and injury.

According to the release, as Minister for National Security, the Prime Minister continues to facilitate allocating crime-fighting resources and tools to the police at every possible opportunity.

In addition, it said the police high command had assured the Prime Minister that known gang members, those who enable them, and the ‘nefarious people’ leading them will be ‘adamantly pursued until they are caught and expelled from our communities.’

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  1. Why would you be so “committed” in your efforts? The UWP and it’s surrogates have stated openly that government ministers are criminals and that crime is being purpetrated by SLP followers. Why would you want to sit in discussion with “criminals”? The answer is political optics. It’s all in an effort to make Allen and his crew relevant.

    So, Allen, stay in y’all corner.

  2. Looks like the opposition has been sitting on this game changer for 8 years. Seems what’s his name will be the wonder boy in his amazing come back. Just give it up with this new deception, Chas. The security job is for someone who is seasoned, qualified and tough. The job is graduate level+. There are St. Lucian’s who can fill that position. I know of two; plus another one getting a doctorate. Just do us a favor, leave the job to the professionals. This myopic vision is partially what got us into this mess in the first place.

  3. Uwp had the worst minister of security ever . They even took the then former commissioner,after failing miserably and gave him a promotion to consult on crime within the prime minister’s office(monchery). To add salt to the wound they decided to hire the laziest, clearly puppet commissioner in desir. Now in opposition you all start politicizing crime just like how you all did the health sector before 2016 . The results of the health sector and giving people their hospital was a failed mission. Uwp needs to regroup because the most dangerous thing a country can go through is when the opposition is useless to the betterment of country. This allows the government to do as they please and puts more pressure on voters knowing the evil on the other side .

  4. We need to put away all the BS called politics. The objective is to make SLU safe so the citizens can live and safe so visitors can visit. It will take a joint effort from all the stake holders to make this happen. I have lots of good ideas from various people on social media. It means nothing if it is only going to be discussed on Social media. We need to get all the bright ideas into a room and then lock the door until a verdict to move ahead to fight against crime. The criminals are all united and they listen to their leaders. They never appear to show any sign of politics in their effort to cripple the livelihood of the law a bidden citizens. Why can’t we have a leader to follow and put our ideas together. We can be victorious but the politics must take a back seat.
    For the sake of the country, Pierre, please put aside your pride and everything else which may hinder you. Please work with the opposition and members of the public both locally and in the diaspora to put a plan together. We as one can win this fight.

  5. Why did they not enact a minimum wage so the young people would be motivated to go and do the odd jobs in the private sector for example hotels, gas stations, supermarket workers security guards bank tellers , construction work care givers give the people a wage rate of 7 EC dollars an hour ….

  6. @Anonymus Clown “We should put away all the BS politics “ “ the criminals are all united and they listen to their leaders “ Man let me tell you something you have your head far up your a…. You are nothing but a BIG JOKE I am not even going to bother with you, because your paid objective 7 days per wk 365 days per year is to politicized crime along with anything else thats deemed progressive by this government . What role can the UWP play that’s not been done done right now ?? Allen Chastanet knows little about the word Crime. You can’t give profound advice on an issues of which you had a dismal track record. I don’t blame The Prime Minister, thanks but no thanks, save your poppyshow for your Yellow jackasses.

  7. As former PM of this Island in my administration there were many cockroaches and I was happy in a way to be in opposite because it is just a matter of time to see their true colors when they were all crooked and never speak the truth when ask. So here you go the putting you first concept is at work now. As I lead my party into the next election it will be a brand new St. Lucia, the benefits will be at the people’s pocket. You need to believe there will be changed, if the cockroaches regain their seat they will be alone in a canoe. But I would not neglect the people who voted for them.

  8. I cannot believe anything UWP will say they have professed to be professional Liars. Juke bois is rejoicing over the murders in St. Lucia, hence he is calling for elections.
    Allen speak the truth to us just for once.

    Parents, Let’s pay attention to our children’s behaviors and attitudes. Let’s teach them to be kind and caring towards others.
    Teach them not to take anything that doesn’t belong to them. Let them know that’s stealing.
    Let’s be a model of good behavior and integrity to them.
    Let’s put away abuse of our children.
    Let’s not correct them in anger.
    Let’s try to see things from a child’s perspective. A 2-3 yr old doesn’t know the danger of a speeding car until we teach him/her. Don’t beat him/her if they walk in the road. Worse yet, stop walking on the street holding your child on the traffic side.
    Stop expecting and telling them to behave like adults…. don’t talk loud, don’t ask questions, don’t run or play etc. ITS A CHILD
    Let’s teach them to respect others especially teachers and those in authority.
    Let’s not go to schools to challenge teachers or beat up children on behalf of ours. That’s dangerous for the child. We’re teaching them that they’re always right and agression is the way to solve conflict.
    We must teach them to express themselves calmly and not be aggressive.
    We must talk calmly to the children. Tell them why they shouldn’t do something, tell them the consequences of and punishment for doing it. If they do it, remind them of the punishment you had stated, then you can implement the punishment, showing them that they had the choice but they chose the punishment instead of choosing to do what was right. In that way you’re teaching them to be responsible for their actions.
    Teach them right from wrong.
    Parents, let’s work on ourselves, our behavior, the way we interact with others. Let’s be calm, respectful and responsible.
    Our children are not the responsibility of the school, government, society, neighbours or church. We brought them into the world and we are their primary care givers and they are our responsibility.
    If we are overwhelmed, let’s look to the LORD for assistance. Inevitably, only HE can help.

  10. Folks! It’s silly season again and again..AC is the opposition and that’s a fact,..St.lucia and St Lucians will benefit from the his efforts to eradicate crime on the island and let’s see how will he do his part.. Every help is always welcome without lies.
    The minimum wage must be the focal point currently not less than $10+ per hour based on hours worked and that will boost our economy and give the workers a spending and purchasing power..
    We must share the wealth to move forward..
    I noticed the power of sharing the WEALTH within the Two years of the COVID era I delivered groceries and cash to the people of Ontario Canada..
    Everyone told me the same… Thank you All..
    Folks, without spending power… We are SOL..

  11. Wonders never cease to amaze me with some Lucians. There is currently a plague of crimes on every level and instead of you the residents on island collaborative work with each other to fight this fight which will impact everyone sooner or later ……you let your high minded egos prevail, bourgeoisie etc. etc. …guns and bullets are neither SLP nor UWP ..sooner or later if this crime issue is not addressed the government will need to rethink tourism as an economic booster.

  12. I have never heard or those before the generations has never complain,though was poor but never lacks nothing !!
    Understand this :
    Before, there was No Wages for man neither beast..


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