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Ferdinand Responds To Joseph: ‘We Are Not Playing Politics!’


The President of the National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT), Godfrey Ferdinand, has denied suggestions that the organisation is ‘playing politics’.

“We are not playing politics. We work with any administration that is there is to ensure the public and the bus operators are satisfied,” Ferdinand stated.

Former Transport Minister Guy Joseph, himself a former NCOPT President, recently called out the Council.

Joseph did so at last week’s opposition United Workers Party (UWP) news conference.

The former Minister noted the NCOPT’s inaction regarding the deplorable state of Saint Lucia’s roads and wanted to know whether the organisation was ‘playing politics’.

Joseph recalled that bus drivers went on strike over potholes on less than a mile of road in Belair.

However, Council President Godfrey Ferdinand explained that the Belair strike involved an individual bus association.

Ferdinand told St. Lucia Times that an individual association also went on strike in Soufriere-Fond St. Jacques over poor road conditions on Monday.

The one-day protest ended after assurances from the Ministry of Infrastructure.

But the protestors have warned they would resume the strike if the Ministry does not address the road conditions.

The NCOPT President declared that his organisation works with whichever administration is in power for the good of commuters and minibus operators.

Ferdinand noted that the NCOPT had intervened in the bus strike involving Soufriere-Fond St. Jacques operators.

He recalled that the NCOPT had also intervened in the Belair strike to which Guy Joseph referred.

“The NCOPT of itself has never really gone on strike under any of the administrations, whether Labour or Flambeau, and we always work with government officials,” Ferdinand asserted.

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  1. Mr Ferdinand know very well guy Joseph is stating facts All of them take Moo moo pills. The roads are terrible all over the island. Why’s is everyone scared to talk now No more strikes. No more beating pans but we suffering in silence. Shame on you Godfrey Ferdinand.

  2. Ferdinand you are not being truthful in your assessment of the former minister comment. The association has supported individual associations who had gone on strike in the past when the UWP was in office. What had happened to Kentry? He now has government bus subsidy contracts for several schools so he is now mute or has he left the NCOPT. You were quick to intervene in the last strike because your boys are in power. Stop trying to put a veil over our eyes, the truth is glearing.

  3. 2 men same area, same community, shared same position, even stick their heads in each other windows at youths, party together, play games and other things together. They both grown watch what they reduce themselves to. Gutter quality!

  4. These guys are all up in each other’s rear.from one too the next the country is sinking no one gives a rat ass what a mess lucians you all are getting what you deserve

  5. St. Lucia has always been and will continue to be governed by politics until dooms day. I was denied a job in St. Lucia many years ago because of my grand mother’s political affiliation. At that time I had never voted in St. Lucia and I never have. .However, I heard the supervisor say we can not give her the job her grandmother is a ….party supporter…HOW IGNORANT because of grand mother.

    Keep up the nonsense and class distinction and see where it will get you all. Let me tell you I left St. Lucia shortly thereafter and to be honest what the supervisor meant for evil turned out for my goo. I have acquired several credentials in the country where I currently reside and I am making contributing to the health care industry. I am thankful that St. Lucia’s disappointment was for me A BLESSING..Amen

  6. Christian and Politrician !
    So then,I thought in my mind I am a slave of God’s law, but in the sinful nature a slave to the law of man,possese and wandered from the truth and faith…

  7. Don’t blame him, cause everybody is scared to speak out against this government because they know what happens to dissenting voices. Ask Bowers, a man once considered to be in the running for Castries under a Labour ticket because he dared to speak out is now labelled a drunk by the very same people who once extolled his virtues. Nvm academically these same people cannot hold a candle to him.

    The Rasta man has now taken aim at Stephenson King. I guess King is serving as a standalone minister and not under an SLP administration and ultimately PJP is responsible. One would think that the buck stops there. But nooo! Too scared to call out the SLP government, so he singles out the softest target to voice his displeasure so he can avoid the wrath and victimisation that comes with daring to stand out against this government.

    And if the hacks dont get you with their manufactured truths about you, your family, and your dead parents, grand parents and great grandparents, then you will for sure be the topic of discussion on Can I help Me or Zafe Moun..

    But yes democracy alive and well in sweet St Lucia.

  8. @anon, I know what you mean party politics + ignorance present a disaster in the end. Count your lucky stars perhaps if you was given the job probably you might have become blind sighted as well and get draft into the realm of deception. My advise to you stay right where you are I know we call longing to be back home but it doesn’t do us any good.

  9. Stop …trying to not have my opinion decided solely by politics here but honestly our roads are so terrible and we are not making enough of a fuss to be heard at all…..
    Other very important point why are we allowing the government to manipulate and control us like goats ie needing a Shepard ???


    They are our employees and so we do have a say in how all things should run.
    Have we forgotten we elected them and so we too can shut down the system and call for new people to be elected to carry on the jobs of managing our country for our better future and we’ll being.


  10. The roads in slu belongs only to bus operators. where are the taxi guys where are the private vehicles doesn’t everyone of them pays road taxi why is it Godfrey Ferdinand then he ask his members to strike how many of you taxi private will park your vehicles and support chuuuupppsss


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