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‘Chastanet Says, ‘Join Us In Saving Saint Lucia’


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has appealed to citizens to join his United Workers Party (UWP) in saving Saint Lucia, warning that the country was in peril.

“I am asking you to join us in saving Saint Lucia because Saint Lucia is in serious, serious trouble,” he stated.

Chastanet spoke during an opposition round table discussion last week.

The activity addressed several challenges facing Saint Lucia.

They included crime and violence, health care, the economy, and the performance of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), which swept to power after a landslide election win on July 26, 2021.

The opposition leader disclosed that the UWP was recruiting people and would have town hall meetings and conversations with everybody.

“We want you to get involved and we have set up a structure in our party where the constituency branches will have a significant part to play in the policies of our country, not only leading up to the elections but also in making sure that we are doing the right thing,” he said.

“I am proud of the fact that persons like Richard Frederick were expelled from our party, and other persons who did not meet the standards of our party,” Chastanet told the round table event.

In this regard, he explained that the UWP would not make decisions merely to win an election, but  would do what is right for Saint Lucia.

Chastanet said his former administration had the plan to grow the national economy and create affordable health through its insurance programme.

In addition, he said the UWP government planned to create a globally competitive education system and a better security system.

He declared that there was evidence around Saint Lucia of his administration’s numerous investments in strengthening security and justice and growing the economy.

The former Prime Minister asserted that the objective was to enable Saint Lucians to ‘do for themselves’ and have an international standard of living.

He said it was important for everyone to play a part in holding every government accountable.

“Let’s take the emotions out of this and just deal with the hard choices we have to make. We have very hard choices to make in this country because we cannot supply everything for ourselves,” Chastanet warned.

“Nobody else in the world cares about us. There is no magic wand to be waved. The magic wand is us,” the opposition leader explained.

“It is not until we all demand better, that we all participate and educate ourselves as to what the issues are and the choices are and participate in our election process that we are going to succeed,” the Micoud South MP stated.

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  1. Garcon u got a chance u fail byeeeeeeee , next leader and don’t forget to hold guy hands when u leaving .

  2. Chastanet, I just can’t continue hearing you spue, your rubbish. You continue to talk about crime, you were the one who asked the young people of this,Island to get angry.
    Peter Josie was the one who told them to shoot the politicians. Wayne Harrow,told them to burn houses. Spider told them to get angry and was involved in Lapo kidnapping.
    Do you all expect us to forget these things. Guy Joseph,Eziekel Joseph,Dominic Fedee,Herod with the soufriere foundation.
    Estee,down played the situation under his house,the list goes on and on.
    Don’t think you’ll use crime as a political tool and get away with it, flambeau may win again,but not under your watch.

  3. It sux to have to salvage a wreck and it hurts to slavage our could have been state of the art hospital airport development sabotaged by this gorgorment, we will never be great again cuz of the garbage hospital these slp vomited onto the sidewalks of our degraded country

  4. Chast. When is your next match planned for. Lucians donot was you and your deputy.
    Just like they did not want Kenny.
    So understand this man.

    The people who spoke. Accept it.
    Please give the party a chance for new leadership

  5. Colonialism had a conscience … So chas you did not have a plan to enact a minimum wage , when you are aware that thousands of educated people are earning 3 EC dollars an hour…

  6. Chas I support you, let’s save St. LUCIA from you and Guy. How many passports did you sell during your reign? Can you explain why the foundation of St. Jude was estimated for 3 million dollars and you paid 9 million? When are we going to get the balance of the vaccine money?
    When you clear the air on these , then I will support you.

  7. And much of the problem began under your leadership Chas! You don’t want to save Lucia, you want your power back and chances to take more from the country. Nah!

  8. Lol lol ok captain st Lucia / Canada . Not with that soft avengers side you all can win or get support. Is best we stay with Thanos lol . Mate really hungry for power smh

  9. Chastenet, if by joining you to save Saint Lucia, you mean more of the same old backward thinking and politicking then I am not interested….we need visionaries, forward thinkers and people who have the interest of the nation at heart, not their own political legacy….and by the way, please state how you propose to save Saint Lucia because as it stands I don’t think we have many options between you and the incumbent…

  10. Commendable sentiments , however Chas you are part of the problem not the solution.
    St.Lucia is in good hands under the stewardship of Primeminister Philip JPiere .

  11. St. Lucia needs to be saved from both SLPee and UWpwee. We need to be saved from the low IQ tribal political constituents. We need fresh blood. We screwed all how.

  12. @ Not a Hack – lets call on the minister for security to resign. In deed both parties lost their moral compass and sense of direction. The ministry of education is one, giving laptops to school kids and give campaign speech as their presentation. Talk about IQ? idk if these people have any. We have blood suckers on both sides. Our integrity department is just a white elephant, they need to setup a system like what UK has. Speaking of that, do you realized some of the resign PM’s from Great Britian still works and collect a salary? When will we see any of these guys resign and say… I prefer someone else to do this job because it is not going well for me… Hell no! they will sit there idle, collect money and thief as much as they can get, and yet come and begged you for your vote to abuse you again.

  13. Saved means Healed !!
    Certainally your heart is close to GOD !
    God is watching over 🇱🇨 St Lucia,
    God :
    I will bless and protect St Lucia 🇱🇨, because,I have many people in it)
    Understand this message !
    St Lucia 🇱🇨
    LORD ! Let us see your Glory and Grant us Your Salvation !!


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