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Julien Alfred Inspires In 60M Dash At Millrose Games


Saint Lucia sprint sensation Julien Alfred ran a blistering 60M race at the Millrose Games in New York on Sunday.

Alfred finished the heat in 6.99 seconds, breaking the 7.01 run by Ewa Swoboda in Poland on February 6.

The Saint Lucian athlete’s performance set a meet record at the Millrose Games in her second season as a professional.

Shashalee Forbes of Jamaica was the runner-up in 7.14, Destiny Smith-Barnett of the USA finished third in 7.16, and Briana Williams was fourth in 7.25.

Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre and opposition leader Allen Chastanet hailed Julien Alfred’s performance.

“As we countdown to Independence 45, Julien Alfred continues to inspire us as Saint Lucians. Join me in congratulating Ms. Alfred on her latest win, 6.99 seconds in the 60M at Millrose Games, breaking the record of 7.00 seconds set in 1994,” Pierre wrote on Facebook.

Chastanet also lauded the achievement in a Facebook post.

“Congratulations to @ julien.alfred on her latest win in the 60M at the Millrose Games with a time of 6.99 seconds. The first sub 7 time for the season,” he wrote.

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  1. Look this girl is a genius by nature. She is super smart, talented and above all intellectually incline. I am assuming her parents wanted what was best for her and to see their child move into greener pasture. She still carried the St. Lucian flag while doing intense training. Compare to St. Lucia who is investing about 200$ per month with zero facilities, you think this super star would have survived in st. Lucia? Girl your choice is your choice please visit only it is your land of birth. Don’t come back here to live. Our Nobel laureates dead and gone policians don’t give a shit. Please be self motivated and I encourage you to go the distance all out full blown. Continue to strive you are alone fight with might, power and strength. Bless you girl. Bless you.

  2. Congratulations fellow compatriot. You bring good news in a time of desperation for our nation. Carry on the good work.

  3. Congratulation my dearest niece. Politician will want to weaponized my niece to gain brownie points. When, sammy got WI captaincy he got diplomatic passport or something to that effect, johnson charles also Rep, along with akeem, chicot etc. The latter names mentioned are young cricketers who goes across the island and play 2 days test matches, do you know what the ministry of sports offer to these young cricketers for meals? I’ll throw it out there and correct me if I am wrong or asked any young youth cricketers. They are being served bread and cheese with a soft drink, left to fend for themselves, while struggling to gain national pride. When these guys get accomplished, you think these things will encourage them to stay here. Derek didn’t choose to live on his home soil because corruption was and still in the atmosphere. My niece awesome work my girl! What happen to our miss OECS winner they dump her on the roadside already? Our ministry of culture just sucks! disgusting to speak of it in the 1st case. Sorry we have to use on achievement to expose others who bleed our tax system to pay their salary who have apartments renting, don’t care shit about others.

  4. I saw the race, she was spectacular, she is awesome. I hope she is rewarded with land, house and a good job. The days of just praising people who excel for their country are over. These young people who are exhibiting excellent talent, should be rewarded in a way that they are stable, at least for a long time. I don’t care if my comment is not printed. This is the 21st century, not the past days of the 20th century, when praise, alcohol, and food were the main prizes.

  5. All I can say is this – God bless you, your parents/family members who will always have your back. One thing, I know for certain – they did their due diligence by sending you off to greener pastures in order to accomplish your dream. Godspeed.

  6. All I can say is this – God bless you, your parents/family members who will always have your back. One thing, I know for certain – your parents did their due diligence by sending you off to greener pastures in order to accomplish your dream. Godspeed.


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