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COVID-19: Decreased Hospitalisations, Deaths Noted


Saint Lucia’s Health Ministry has noted decreased hospitalisations and deaths due to COVID-19 over the past fourteen days.

The disclosure came from Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. Sharon Belmar-George.

In a statement on Monday, she explained that health officials continue to monitor respiratory cases and manage individuals with flu-like symptoms due to new COVID-19 variants, Influenza A and B, and Respiratory Syncytial Virus.

The CMO also advised the public regarding measures to reduce the impact of respiratory illnesses.

Her complete statement appears below:

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  1. Woman you still beating that horse? The sky was supposed to fall when covid restrictions were lifted. No such thing happened. In fact covid disappeared. Stop the nonsense will you.

  2. Chief medical officer you need to investigate the BS that’s going on at the OKEU with these nurses. All they do throughout the day is gossip. They’re veryLAZY, DISRESPECTFUL, DON’T CARE A HECK ABOUT PATIENTS CARE. THE CUBAN NURSES HAVE A BETTER LOVE. ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS THE SALARY. THIS BEHAVIOR I’M EHEN THEY MIGRATE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY SURE THEY DON’T BEHAVE THAT WAY

  3. What’s going on in this country? A few weeks ago, during a wave of Saharan dust, the CMO told us that the cause of the ailments (flu-like symptoms) being observed, was the onset of new COVID-19 variants, Influenza A and B, and Respiratory Syncytial Virus.

    Day before yesterday, we got an alert from CARPHA warning about the harmful effects of Saharan dust. Following on that announcement, the very next day, we get a new Health & Safety announcement that decreased hospitalizations were noted in regards to Covid-19.

    Is this CMO compos mentis? Is she still shilling for the Covid “vaccine” pushers? Is she scared that she will be found out, at last?

    Or, is she, as we say in St. Lucia, “ka pwen devant, avant devant pwen-lee,” in anticipation of the next medical disaster to befall St. Lucians, “vaccine” deaths?

    I think she is in panic mode (that’s what it looks like in the photo), because she already knows what is coming down the pike.

    New disease(?) discovered by morticians in the UK, who are being stone-walled, gaslighted by British coroners:

    Watch it and weep!


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