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US$5.22 Million Project To Boost Saint Lucia Health Care

The Caribbean Development Bank, (CBD) in collaboration with the InterAmerican Bank, (IDB) on Thursday, February 8, 2024, launched a US$5.22 million project aimed at increasing the capacity of the public health care system in Saint Lucia to respond to current and emergent health security threats.
The initiative was devised to address gaps in Saint Lucia’s health service capacity which became apparent as the country tackled the COVID-19 pandemic.
The interventions are focused on improving surveillance, case detection, and monitoring capabilities within the health system which will reduce the transmission of illnesses.
The project will also facilitate procurement of protective equipment and other health resources for medical personnel which will improve health service delivery.
CDB’s Director of Projects, Mrs Therese Turner-Jones commended the Government and People of Saint Lucia for efforts to bolster the country’s health sector post-COVID-19.
“We look forward to collaborative efforts to ensure that these projects are delivered effectively and efficiently, and we will work with stakeholders to ensure that we are on the same page. In this way, we will achieve development outcomes that will bolster Saint Lucia’s resilience,” Mrs Turner-Jones said.
The project financing was provided under the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) COVID-19 Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Line of Credit.
Inter-American Development Bank, Chief of Operations, Country Department – Barbados, Mr. Jean-Eric Steinhardt, expressed pleasure at the partnership.
“Congratulations to the Government of Saint Lucia for embarking on this project. We at the IDB, now more than ever, are pleased to partner with you to finance initiatives that deliver more effective results for the communities that are meant to benefit. This is the essence of our mission to improve lives,” said Mr. Steinhardt.
Saint Lucia’s Minister for Health, Wellness & Elderly Affairs, the Hon. Moses Jn. Baptiste said the project activities would contribute to health sector reform in Saint Lucia.
“Health sector reform in Saint Lucia will focus on continuing to increase the quality of health care on every level and doing it in a way that benefits those who benefit. We know that because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s going to be even more challenging and whatever we do we must be ready for the next pandemic,” said Mr Jn. Baptiste.
The CDB launched several youth and health-related projects in Saint Lucia last week aimed at building resilience in the country’s social sector.
SOURCE: Caribbean Development Bank

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  1. Well we all know how this is going to be spent, with nothing competed and politicians belly growing bigger and the party hacks braying.

  2. I hope they focus on mental health as a priority in St Lucia. This means a mass education program to inform people (both everyday people and health practitioners too) about what is happening to people with these (complex) health issues. The superstition surrounding mental health on the island is incredibly ignorant, and has led to the unnecessary deaths of many (mostly) young and older men, and women to a lesser extent. I wonder though will an injection of funds really change any of the health priorities here – never seems to be the capacity at any level to get things going properly with long-term effects. Having said that, I really hope that there will be good outcomes for the communities where health service are needed most. All health programs need to provide an educational element for the public not just media announcements!

  3. It makes no sense pumping money on primary health care with skeleton staff. Human resources is very important. The Cuban nurses who come to st Licua Bd hardly speak English that is not good enough for the people of st Lucia. Please try to keep your nurses and devise plan to attract nurses to come back home. Have these Ciban nurses do ILETS

  4. So whats the sense of the health and security levy?? Boy I tell you walking around lucia and in the city everything slow, everybody looks brainwashed or there’s is some black cloud over lucia . The atmosphere here feels sick. All colors aside people look like they are numb, struggling and just letting it be.

  5. If the 863 million dollars Chas had borrow was put into good use, today St. Lucia will never be in that state. Up to now we don’t know the number of passports sold.

  6. A good thing I went thru the comments, before setting out MY 0.02 cents.
    @Perspective – you took the words right out of my tapping fingers!! Mental health in SLU is waaayyy out there on the back burner!! Over 100 years overdue – SLU does not even have the human capacity in the health department to deal with this scourge, which is a generational health issue.

  7. To ALL the other comments posted … (up to @Bolo Byron) … I am in total agreement with all your comments. Well said, and very intelligent and articulate arguments here. I sincerely hope THEY are reading and listening. While SLU’s health system sucks, this “injection of funds” leaves a little to be desired: for “COVID-19”?? When there are more pressing issues; e.g. mental health, teen health issues in both sexes.

  8. @ bolo it all went at degloo dump go get it nuh! Chas probably walking around with it in this azzcrack so check see if it is there. Did pay for the covid returnees did you give any money? You’ll sound more intelligent asking what the expense on civil servant is, quarterly then multiply it.

  9. Anonymous, I am not surprised at your comments. I can see for sure you are a coward
    You failed to identify yourself properly, I don’t know if it is because you are calling a white man uncle. You are ashamed of your color and culture. Where is the transparency from Chas? You want to hide it. Shame on you . You are a house


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